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    oh I was just cleaning for you what are you doing here so early morning oh it's only I wanted to do because we've already filmed a lot of stuff in this house and before you start seeing all of the furniture I figured I would just do a furnished house tour shame actually picked out the majority of this furniture but he's sick on the couch over there and I was like I gotta get this video going before everything happens so I'm out of breath I guess let's get started with Barry this is our best friend Barry best friend by his choice what do you mean he's all of our best friend come on Barry did he consent to this they smell like Febreze really sparkly he doesn't really like the cinnamon eat Christmas snow is just like the dining table when we got our Christmas tree I think it was Ralph IRA we got these cute bar stools for like the kitchen looking into the kitchen my favorite yoga dog he's like you know but doing yoga and gold I smashed him but we superglue on accident yeah I was walking out of the store and Betty broken I'm over Christmas watering up the into festive Christmas whoa are you gonna show us the inside of the fridge yeah and the coffee creamers oh my gosh what we do have a lot of coffee creamer oh those are some sick empty box Shane found like this what he calls a pack instead of like unboxing all of them our fridge is a bunch of liquids though there's not much to it so first question can you explain the duo microwave oh I mean you're gonna see that in a different video but this microwave kind of explodes when you turn it on we had time thing but just whatever focus on Pierre in the freezer have some leftover stuff I got for thanks oh my god somebody's open these oh that was definitely not me that's rude if you're gonna open them cook them for everyone I'm a mozzarella sticks who bought those mom is a joke for shame we never actually so it was not sick to bring over here because we didn't want to risk getting rats in this house as well so there's not obviously not much from the old house that's inside this house there's lots of cute do you see our Christmas tree I helped build it well I'm not talking about you I'm talking about you cute bar Stroh's from Target and they're also storage like you can lift up and see inside we've got you with many levels what you should have an apple you're sick that's a mess this is our climb of things that we love and if you look at this table I also love it it's like gold with textures and stuff oh look she doesn't huh oh yeah this is really nice this is my ornament that I picked out specifically everyone has everyone hasn't women andrew has this cute one that actually reminds me of the whiskey mine is this one right here oh why because I just really thought it was really cute tell me that's not the best thing you've ever seen and this like default to Miami or something that's having a bad day is this shame which one's this one I have a couple of the coffee these right here like shower towels yeah I was wondering that because I saw those at world market but we just thought they were cute all Britney Spears except for the book that you actually made for Shane dog toy I feel like exchange to show you this war room he can give you a tour about later on in the year so coming through back into like the living room the fancy room this is actually my favorite picture I bought this for Shane as a gift from this girl of portrait on Instagram she does know best drawings ever and I wanted it as like the focal point of this rooms it's right when you walk inside legitimately is my favorite room in the house because really there's like right here I love the Marley anything like console table lots of fun little knickknacks these are early Christmas and then we have this like actual block of marble and instead of like a cloud cloud we got a leather cloud because they came out with like an actual leather cloud or something and now that hugs like making robes and blankets and stuff this is not like I don't think people know what a cloud is nobody knows what that is so clogs just like the couch that we love and it feels like you're floating on a cloud when you're sitting yeah it's like perfect height to play with the dogs mm-hmm come jump on you and everything you know maybe give an example alright alright oh you're just gonna leave your Apple right there no I'm gonna bring it but I don't want the chewing to annoy people right here we have an orbit that somebody sent to us and the view of our last half so like we have something to remind us we put in the giraffe right here because he's just happy and cute and he's happy and then if you come I into the bathroom we put a for Christmas little like a cheetah bath towels can get anyone show the chandelier I think if you come over into my office where everything gets edited and are reviewed or whatever whoo hang on I spent a lot of time decorating this and I actually got a rug that was too big and I got two of these couches because I thought they're gonna be a lot smaller but I think I'm a few overall it turned out pretty good I have my animals me and Shane and then my play buttons which i think is adorable oh I can't relate very nice across is the guest bedroom or like Morgan Andrew stay the most we're gonna decorate this tree which you'll see in her video this week as well we have this artwork from our last house and then you're not gonna show this bathroom I like this bathroom you do I actually haven't never utilized it yet we brought the popsicle that we really like from our old house there's some nice book towels but it is like a vero and I like you from the last house as well it has very like AI tricking the floors cuz you don't know which shape is more prominent you know I like to stare at the down this hall is like our more elaborate cartoon er I got this really cute rug which I like a lot but it's already dirty because the animals and honey like tears it up it's the only rug in the house issue just like it she just can't help herself so up in the bedroom I actually for shame to keep all of the same stuff because I loved it so much and our bedroom set was actually pretty new we got new like sheets and pillows and stuff but we got the exact same rug kept a little seating area but what's fun is that we that you thought that was like an artistic piece people probably think we forgot about him alright guys I am coming to you from the future because Dollar Shave Club hasn't actually decided to sponsor this video which is honestly the best news ever because furniture is freaking expensive now of course Dollar Shave Club sells razors that I do want you to know that they're not just that they're a full-blown grooming sensation and for everyone that is watching this video right now they are giving you one of their three different kits for just five freaking dollars so I've actually talked about their razors a lot being their shave starter set but they also have an oral care set that comes with this toothbrush right here and toothpaste as well but what I want to talk about today and what I've been using the most is their shower starter set just keeping it real with you after I tried out the small ones I ordered the large ones for myself so the body cleanser is honestly my favorite is smells so good and the face cleanser has honestly made a difference I feel like okay the skin ha now like I mentioned before you can join it at the club with one of their starter sets for just five dollars and then after that you'll get the regular sized items which are the size that I showed you in my shower for the regular price point it's beautiful it's wonderful if you guys want to check them out is slash your island and you can get one of their three starter sets for only $5 that's the biggest matter and there's a little picture wall mount frame with all of my stuff which is kind of insane this entire side is all mine and then this is my very close those are like towels so that shared and he hasn't filled up any of these things I'm gonna say the one like Boosh tastic thing he has are these valencies go one and all the oh no I got I am a goes for like all my toiletries and stuff yeah I didn't see that coming I got a Marvel trash can elf stool look I can help I actually did get a huge thing for like if I ever do you take baths which I probably won't but I like the idea that I don't like watch what you do have to read come on it is he with that flare on the end of the pants what about him like he's cute he is really cute and what about them well now missing like kihon and he said none of your friends are here but here they are you'll see our Barry friends which I don't actually remember their name let him give you a hug one two three smile oh oh oh he shook he moon he said what is she supposed to move back and forth is our would everybody is our furnished house tour Morgan thank you for being here thank you for coming now get out all of you by love sucks I actually look crazy oh my gosh oh my gosh filming the hood and the city quad everyone's unsubscribed berry will always be here for comfort and warmth
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