Exposing Celebrities' Fake Sneakers and the Counterfeit Hype Economy: Yeezy Busta

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    What began as an small Instagram account in high-school spiraled into a full-fledged business and career for Yeezy Busta — a sneakerhead who, after being gifted a pair of fake Yeezys in 2015, trained himself to became a skilled authenticator of real versus fake sneakers.

    His fame grew as he began to expose and call out celebrities wearing fake Yeezys on his YouTube channel and Instagram page, while simultaneously authenticating Yeezys for fans and clients alike.

    Though controversial, Yeezy Busta states that his message is to spread information and education on how to spot fake sneakers to help stop the support of an illegal trade — and how to not get scammed.

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    I do get a lot of hate I have received a lot of backlash am I about to expose goat what's up bunch the fam a lot of people dunno but sneaker YouTube it has a really big following some of us have over like a million subscribers since sneaker hype has gone up so much fakes have also gone up with that actually a very dark blue do you really need to know what you're looking for stitching on the inside is correct a lot of people have their mixed opinions on what I do people think that I bully or I harass people or they think that what I do is paintless what are those but in my opinion you can get scammed and even your favorite celebrities can get scared that's kind of why I've stepped in helped people allege it check their sneakers so they can make sure they're buying something real I really want to use my platform in my influence to help spread sneaker culture and show people that it's just more than just a pair of shoes it's a lifestyle every shoe has a story behind it I am easy Busta and I call out celebrities from wearing fake stuff I'm a youtuber Instagram influencer I guess I don't show my face I don't tell people my real name because of specific legal reasons that I had to deal with in the past now it's just kind of become part of my image what is that Busta fam if you're doing here I'm easy Busta and if you've been around I appreciate you guys busted fam about to be the strongest family on all YouTube don't fall don't fall don't fall there you go this is my first pair of like hype sneakers my first pair Easy's still one of my favorite shoes pirate black v1 and there it is the original the OG these were actually the shoes that I did my research on and saved up a bunch of money from my job at Starbucks to be able to afford them this shoe is a thing that kind of inspired easy Busta and really helped me gain a lot of knowledge about Easy's this is definitely the shoe that started it all I've caught so many different people wearing things it's a long list of celebrities a lot of times I don't know a lot of times they do know but it's been everybody from rich the kid all the way up until like people exactly Efron I've caught Soulja Boy at least 6 times growing up my family had like nothing parents immigrated to the states when I was super young with 200 bucks I didn't have many toys I didn't have much of anything I'm almost 22 now I've been paying for all my own stuff since I was like 18 and a half my car everything you see behind me no it's not mommy and daddy's money even after my parents started you know doing well they didn't really ever give me anything my first pair Easy's was a pair of turtledoves but they were fake my dad bought them for me as a birthday present and I didn't know that they were fake so I course put him straight two feet I actually went to the mall and some little kid was like nice EE Z's dude and I was like thanks that a half egg and I was like what like no I brought the shoe home I was really confused that's when I started like educating myself on like what's real and what's fake the first thing we're gonna look at is the box the authentic box slightly larger than the fake box if you notice any imperfection they're most likely fake I kind of became like a little bit of a Yeezy connoisseur at that point because for every one pair of real ones there's like 20 fakes unfortunately they're fake pretty much everywhere I went whenever I saw anybody wearing a pair of Yeezys the suede patch feels right the Dita's logo is heat printed into the suede patch with the early fakes it was so easy to tell with just the pattern on the Sheen like the actual design the early fakes weren't doing the patterns correctly but to confirm it I want to make sure that I look at the pattern on both I was like checking redhead and bunch of forums and seeing fakes and I bought a lot of fakes at the time to compare them besides from the stitching pattern the outsole would be like the same width throughout the whole shoe whereas on the real ones it was a little bit thinner in the front but a little bit thicker in the back it was on point with every few it has its own telltale sign these are legit 100% legit I always told myself I would not call someone out unless I was 1005 percent sure that they were fake because obviously I wouldn't want to get myself into trouble so now guys with all that said I do have to say that these are 100% musi buster there in order for me to get the confidence it took me a while took a lot of research and I was really into this page called fake watch buster where he called out people like soldier boy who were wearing fake watches so I thought it would be funny to make a page called fake easy busting it started with like people in my school and then it kind of expanded into celebrities and that's when it really took off and it kind of went viral like the first day like within ten hours like complexed or an article about it I kind of started figuring out youtube and then I realized I could monetize this whole thing and now it's like my whole life so I have like a series right there like Yeezy busted let me find the soldier boy one so do you even do their likes pose like six times with a fake watcher fake easy fake house state color speech pregnancy mouse this is the interview where he said easy Buster but that's what easy Buster's you know what folks man with celebrities 9 out of 10 times they're really cool they're just sliding my DM big hey man had no idea there's always that one guy out of every like 10 or so that just gets furious start like threatening me the hate like really got to me but over time I've really developed thick skin and I realized that haters are just a normal part of what I'm doing people think that I bully or harass people or they think that what I do is pointless but a lot of money that's made from fake stuff is circulating in like drugs and sex trafficking and a lot of fake factories use child labor for example because it's illegal a lot of illegal businesses use it to their advantage and it made me realize that fake stuff is so much more than just like some random dude wearing fake pair of shoes it's like a lot deeper than that it's so easy to get the fakes if you go on Google and you're search the word easy some good websites pull up like stadium goods is greatcoat oh like right here like this is like on Google shopping if you click on it it'll take us to like this random website I don't even want to promote these guys but they're selling these for 97 bucks I guarantee what you get in the mail will not look like this they have all these sizes from men's us 10 and they have women's u.s. 9 they Kesey's don't even come in women's sizes things like this whole subculture within sneaker culture that only likes fake stuff this is replica sneakers on reddit essentially just like a forum of like people posting videos saying hey I just bought it from this counterfeit website you guys should buy it too because they're good fakes like look this is like the factory where they produce the fake cactus plant flea markets that's a good $1,000 shoe in my size and you know look at them producing all these fakes by buying a fake you are contributing to an illegal market it is illegal to buy fakes it to own fakes it just not worth it it's like my dream car since I was like a kid I'm really happy that I'm able to be in a position where I can afford it I do get a lot of keyboard warrior comments I realized that there are people out there to get me I really didn't think those people would have been complex because they have been so cool to me for three years and without them I really wouldn't be where I am today if they didn't write that article about me folks welcome back to another episode of full-sized run full-sized run is a show on complex and two of the hosts were supposedly good friends of mine but they decided to be a little bit Shady they invited me on the shoulder like hey we really love have you on the show we don't have a budget we're just starting like would you mind helping us out I was like yeah of course like it's the least I can do because the complex did so much for me I fool myself out with my own money and put myself in a hotel with my own money you know they told me that we were gonna legit track some seekers of these are real they got the best fakes on the market I remember what I was sitting there looking at it I was like this is really tough I mean if you were buying things are they really the Wreckers I truly did not spend enough time looking at the shoe and I got one of them wrong to hate that I was just getting bombarded by was just ridiculous I went off of social media for like two weeks I corrected myself but the way they edited it just made me look so bad and they like clearly had an agenda to make me look bad and my full size one episode has the most views out of all of them so I know why they did it they got their clicks it's really hard to talk about but it's like at the end of the day like I don't want to make an excuse I got it wrong I should have spent more time on it and I've grown a lot since then right now we are headed to project blitz it is a undisclosed location in LA project blitz is started by my really good friend Dre he's like your oh jeez oh gee resellers good yeah good to see you here but stuff here will blow your mind he's got something like the biggest name shopping here like Drake Travis Scott Kylie Jenner Tyga and pretty much any celebrity you can name has probably been here so this is kind of where most of the sneakers are held to actually come here is kind of like a privilege in the sneaker community so now we...
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