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    hey what's up you guys welcome back to my moneyz channel so today I have another cooking video for you guys this is breakfast edition today I'm going to be making chilaquiles for you guys so I have two versions of chilaquiles did you like you guys what I'm doing today they aren't really like your typical chilaquiles how are you these are probably used to eating them but this is like my favorite which is where I'm gonna show you guys this version first I have another version which is the one that you guys are probably used to and your mom probably makes but the version I'm gonna show you today is my favorite so I wanted to show you guys my favorite version of chilaquiles and the chilaquiles you guys when you guys are hung over us but these chilaquiles are gonna help you guys come out of whatever hangover you have just cuz they're so spicy and in my experience of hangovers which I've had a lot spicy food usually helps you bounce back when you're hungover so I hope you guys it taste is hangover cure 101 so let's get into it you are going to need Tomatoes you're going to need any in it doesn't have to be a purple onion but you guys know purple onion is my favorite you're going to need garlic you're going to need egg you're going to need tortillas the my nice corn tortillas you're gonna need queso fresco somebody start us already broke into this one and you guys don't make fun of me but this is my tripod but I'm using the consomme as my tripod but you're gonna need consul man or chicken chicken bullion whatever you call it for this recipe and you're going to need sour cream the first thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna make our both dia chips okay so what we're gonna do is we're gonna get our book yeah so what I do is I grab a stack of tortillas and you need this for whack that I'm working without a tripod like I'm literally using these two candles and the chicken broth to water the camera I had a tripod but it froze and I'm like I need to do this video so it we're just gonna wing it out anyways so we're gonna do first is we're gonna cut the ti-84 so I'm going to show you guys right now so you want to cut your tortillas into four okay so that's how we're gonna start out and watch out bitches Amahl money got new pots and pans which I'm probably still gonna use because you know a bitch loves my hundred year old pans I mean you kind of just get used to them but anyways so once that your pot is hot I have it on low fire you don't want to have it on too high so the fire is a ball that much and I'm gonna throw some oil in the pan so we're basically gonna define our tortillas that's what you make book got you and I'm putting a lot of oil in here just because I have to make a lot of thought deer chips want my oil is hitting that and when I suggest you guys do is grab one of these metal strainers don't do a plastic one please do a metal one and then I just a little plate Andry and just a little oil doesn't like spill everywhere and then I'm gonna throw some napkins in it and that will just basically take off all the excess oil so now that my oil is hot what I'm gonna do is I'm going to throw my my puppy out in here hey and this is how your tortilla chips should be cooking oh okay so now you can see my chips are starting to get gold they don't have to be super crunchy but you just want to kind of deep fry them a little bit and it all depends on how you like them if you like them crunchy then you can leave them in longer if you like I'm kind of laughter you could just take them out as soon as I start getting cold so I'm gonna start taking these out these look just about ready see okay so while I'm making my tortilla chips what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start making the sauce for my chilaquiles you're going to need chili Chipotle it doesn't matter what brand it is as long as it's chili Chipotle nakhon okay so now that my tortilla chips are almost done what I'm gonna do next I'm gonna start making the salsa or the chilaquiles so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just cut these like in two pieces that way it's not so hard for the blender to blend them and I'm gonna start off using three Tomatoes all right tonight I got my three tomatoes in here so now I'm gonna go one piece of garlic I'm gonna put one can of my chipotle peppers you're gonna throw in the whole cab and now I'm gonna put some water in I'm gonna show you guys right now how much water I put you don't want it super watery you don't want it super thick you kind of just want it right in between are you guys so just alrighty so just to start off my plant this fall can of water and maybe about this much of water just to start off now I'm gonna get my chicken bullion and I'm gonna put about two tablespoons just to start out and in case you guys missed my Instagram post I found the cap to my blender so you guys don't have to talk about my blender or me putting foil over it now we're back in the game bitches oh you guys oh my god me night hold up before I show you guys a bitch gardening knives - I had to step on you guys real quick Benny me okay back to the south okay so let's do a little thick so when I'm going to do is I'm gonna add more water okay so software I used two of these cans of water I'm gonna do maybe like half of this so right now I'm at two of these and then half of one and then since I put in more water I'm gonna throw in more console man for my beginners make sure you taste it before you add more complement okay I'm experienced so I just throw a net oMG you guys I forgot ingredients so we're also gonna cut a piece of onion so I'm only gonna use about this much I'm not using a lot okay so I'm gonna add a little bit more water and I'm gonna add another one another tablespoon and a half add the bullion like you can't really go wrong with it it's basically how salty you want it so you just keep tasting in if you feel like it's not salty enough or it doesn't have enough taste then you just add more and you keep tasting it until you get the right flavor and if you guys can't handle like spicy then I would suggest figures to have me be another tomato and you could also add more water but don't make it so watery so just try to even it out with tomato and water if you don't want it that spicy okay this is just the boat right I'm just gonna add one more tablespoon Friday so now my salsa is perfect so now what I'm gonna do and remember these chilaquiles um they're not like your typical ones where you get what are you gonna probably use to ice it like the way that they're me but they're bomb you guys so just trust me when I say this all right guys so now what I'm gonna do is I got this pot and I put it on low fire and I'm gonna put my son saw in here and this is gonna warm up my side side I just don't want my son sighs hey all right so while my socks is heating up what I'm doing is I'm working on my eggs and so I let my egg scrambled with my chilaquiles the twins like theirs and scrambled egg I mean they like their sunny-side egg so you guys are about to see the two versions but I'm buying split scrambled eggs so I'm just working on my scrambled eggs so I just throw them in a bowl and then okay so before I start whisking eggs I'm gonna just throw a little bit of this Lori's in there and then I'm gonna throw a little bit of garlic salt in my scrambled eggs I know scrambled egg arm heart everything knows how to make them but I have a lot of beginners and some of you guys saw eyes so I'm still gonna tie it so I'm gonna just start whisking my eggs and I'm just gonna put a little bit of oil on my parent just so it doesn't stick are you guys see how fluffy my eggs are and now I'm gonna throw them in the pan okay so these are my scrambled eggs and then Britt's working on her sunny-side up all right so now my sunset is hot so you guys you could do this two ways so the way that I do it is I grab my tortilla chips then I throw them in here and then I let them get soggy for a little bit and then I just take them out and put them on my plate so you can do it this way or what you can do is you could put it in a pot like this no oil and then you can throw your throat er chips in here and then you put the sauce over and just let them sit in there you could do it that way or this is the way that I do it whatever is easier for you I leave them in here not that long cuz I like my it's kind of crunchy I like my book the H it's kind of crunchy so I take my now kind of like after like two three minutes but if you like them soggy you can leave them in there for longer depending on how you like them alright guys so this is what my plate looks like right now it's naked so we're gonna hook it up right now so I'm gonna show you guys how I hook up my chilaquiles okay so the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put sour cream and I left sour cream so I'm gonna put like a big-ass blob of it now I'm gonna get my Kessel fresco and I'm gonna do it gets a fresco over now I'm gonna grab a walk out there all right you guys and this is what my chilaquiles look like and let me just tell you this is Bom Bom you guys like not to toot my own horn but - it is bombed and you guys this is what the chilaquiles look like with a sunny-side up eggs these are bricks there should be over hard everyone likes a nice egg all right the moment you all have been waiting for this is for all my freak I'm doing the fetish fight so let's see I need a cup a little bit of sour cream and a little bit of our cotton oh my god my mouth is already...
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