Professional Mario Speedrunner DESTROYS Gamers (React)

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    Professional Mario Speedrunner DESTROYS Gamers (React)


    - I lost already. - I'm at the end. - Are you se-- I'm-- hold on. This is more impressive. I wanna watch his screen. ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ - Hi, I'm GrandPOOBear. I'm a professional speedrunner and I'm going undercover right now to win some races. - (FBE) So, tell us a little about how long you've been speedrunning. - I've been speedrunning for a little over three years now. I have currently eight world records. I have held probably 20 more that have been broken since then. I currently hold the world records in Super Dram World 1 and 2, all categories and I was the first human to ever beat Super Mario Bros 3 with a Power Glove. - (FBE) So, as you can see, we have some classic TVs and some classic NES consoles in front of you guys. That's 'cause we're throwing it all the way back to 1988 today and having both of you play Super Mario Bros 3. - Ay, you ready? - I'm excited. - I'm excited. - Actually, I play this game on the Switch quite a bit. - It's been a while since I've played, but it's one of my all time favorite games. - I mean, I'm a bit nervous. I don't have all that experience that this man has. - (FBE) So, you'll only be playing one level today, but of course there is a bit of a catch. We're challenging you two to complete level 4-3 as quickly as you can in a Mario speedrunning challenge. - I think I generally rush into things and then I just end up falling down holes and it's gonna be really embarrassing. - I mean, hopefully I'm good. I hope so. I don't wanna be bad at it my first time. - Is that just holding the walking button until you start running? - I actually do know a little bit about speedrunning. I've seen it before at different charity events. You just play the game as fast as you can, right? - I've wanted to do a speedrun forever 'cause I'm very chaotic and like doing things really quickly, but I'm not talented enough to actually pull it off, so it should be a lot of fun. - (FBE) Okay, three, two, one. Go. - Oh . Oops. - Oh shoot, okay. I'm already-- cool. - I remember this level. - Not going well for me. Oh, do you? - That guy's gonna fall. - Man, I remembered more of this than I thought. - I died. - Are you se-- hold on. This is more impressive. I wanna watch his screen. Ah, go away. Come back here. - Oh. I already died. Oh look at you. Hold up. You do your thing. - I lost already. - I'm at the end. - Do we start over? - And I'm done. - What? And you got a star. It's a ringer right here. - (FBE) Go. - Have you played this level recently then? - Yes, actually. No, I am so bad at this. I got really jammed 'cause-- that's right. Dang it. I already died. He already beat it. Way ahead of me. - (FBE) Will, were you surprised by how fast David finished it? - Yes. - There was a bit in the beginning where it was like, "Oh, he's hobbling around" and then as soon as he starts just not pausing at all, it's like, something's going on. - (FBE) David, do you wanna tell her why you were so fast? - Yeah, so I'm actually a professional Mario Bros speedrunner. - Okay, okay. Professional speedrunner no less. - I do this for a living. I hold eight world records in different Mario games. - Oh my God. I think that's super cool. - I play all over the world at different charity events and things like that and yeah, this is my job. I play Mario Bros for a living. - Dude, that's awesome. - You sound really familiar, so I think I've seen your videos just not fully seen it. Here I came with all bravado. - (FBE) We're gonna give you a chance to try this level again. First however, we're gonna let you watch David speedrun the level and give you a little bit of advice. - Okay, okay. - Okay, so the first thing you wanna do when you go in here is fire a fireball. - Oh, okay. - And that's gonna make the hammer brother that was bothering you, he's gonna jump. You just wanna fire a fireball right away and then jump over those two guys and then here's the key. You just hold right and then just jump when you think you should be jumping. I swear it's just gonna work out if you do that. - You've never met me. - You just jump on that guy. Look, there's platforms made for you. Over that guy. You hit these two. - I would have kissed that bird. - This part's the cool one. Yeah. And then you're done. - Oh yeah, that's it. No worries, I got this. - Easy peasy. Now it's your turn. - So a fireball and run. - Yeah, fireball and then run and jump. - Oh, okay. We good, we Gucci now. - Yep, see you're good to go. - Oh wait. - Fire a fireball first thing. Yeah, there we go. We're good. - Seems reckless. Oh it worked. - That's what I'm saying. Fire this one. - Okay. I'm going slower, but at least I'm doing something. - Now jump up that. Yeah, you're good. Oh. - That's where I keep losing. - I wanna start off just running, so I forget to do that. - Yeah, no, you're good. That was perfect. Nice jump. - Practice, I guess. Yeah. Right off the deep end. - Yeah, see? Then you're good to go. - See, it's not that bad. Oh wait. You know what? Not that bad. I'm doing a lot better than I was. - Hold right. - All right, it's going well. - That's all right. - It's going well. - That's all right. You're doing great. - Doing average. We're adequate. We're in the game. - No, we're perfect. This is good. - No. - That was good. Wait. - No. - Just run and then jump when you think you need to. That's the way to do it. - I'm afraid. I'm too-- - Just run. Just run. - You know, I'm not listening. That's why. I'm not listening. - Can't hesitate. - (FBE) We're gonna have you guys race each other again. Three, two, one, go. - I'm a hair quicker. - That's all right. We'll give you the head start. - The handicap. - (FBE) Three, two, one, go. - Just always shoot a fireball whenever you go in the stage. - Got it. - Fireball. - Fireball. Oh, I already got stuck. Hold on. I already got stuck again. Hold on. - Oh, you're tied with me right now going into that pipe. - Oh shoot, am I gonna-- - Oh, you're a pro. - But I got further. - You are ready to go now. - You do it so smoothly. - I just got hit right there. - , I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I'm too afraid. I'm stopping every chance I get. - I just-- I can't do it. - It's easy. - Yeah. Just run and jump. - Holding run, holding run, holding run. - That's the key. - Nope. You and I have different locks. - Let me set you up on one of the hardest levels in the game. - The fact that you're a pro is the only thing stopping me from crying right now. He's like, "Yeah, it's really hard." while he's not even looking at the screen. - Oh . - Ay. - Does that count? Wait, I wanna see if I can get it. - Count it. He's ready to go. He's a pro. - Oh, I was doing so good. David's teaching me. That was pretty good. - That's the coolest part about speedrunning. Anybody can do it that has 10,000 hours of their time ready to dedicate to Mario 3. - (FBE) So David, how would you say our casual gamer did as a speedrunner? - You know what? He fired the fireball, which that's the number one thing. Fireball. - Fireball. - Fireball. - I already got stuck. - You gotta take it one step at a time. He got the first step, so he's one tenth of the way there. - I don't think I would ever be able to get one percent as good as he is. - I was actually pretty wildly impressed. This is one of the harder levels, so even just to get through it without dying is pretty impressive and gonna be faster than most people out there. Put in the 500 hours it takes to learn the game and then maybe you can get top 20 or something in the world. - I can actually see loving this game so much that you keep playing it. - Right? - Yeah, I actually can. 'Cause something about the original Marios are so sweet and basic. I know that probably isn't-- - No, that's the best-- totally, they're simple. It's a simple idea. Run right and jump. - Yeah, it's fun. - Really fast. - It's so cool. You know the map. I'm familiar with the map, but you know the map, so you know exactly when things are gonna drop so it's very obvious you put a lot of work and a lot of effort into it and it's really cool seeing how naturally it is because of the muscle memory and all that. I have seen quite a few speedruns on YouTube and things, so I know how talented people are, but seeing the skills firsthand is like, "Well, I did the same thing. Why didn't my character do it?" - Thanks for watching. You can follow me, GrandPOOBear at,, and of course on Twitter and Instagram @Grandpoobear. Bye. - Hey guys, React producer Mary here. Don't forget to subscribe and hit that bell icon and remember, we'll be in the comments for the first 30 minutes after every video release, so come say hi. Bye, thanks for watching.
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