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    You guys ready for this shit? I don't know really who I was asking cause like no ones in the car besides you. but are you ready Yeah Amanda's ready *cheers and applause* * emma's intro * HOLY F*** Today is a big day. I got a very special DM the other day. It was from a special person, which you already know who it fucking is because you saw the title of the fucking video Oh my god wait can I cuss in this if I'm collabing with her? Me not cussing this whole time is going to be virtually impossible But I'm going to do it because JoJo Siwa's very family friendly. Oh, I just said her name now too So now you guys know I'm collabing with I got a DM a few days ago from JoJo. I'm a big fan of this girl. Okay, I think she's great. She's a lot of energy. She's just a positive tough girl And so when she DMed me I was like "it's happening" Like she's too fun for me to miss out on this opportunity. In today's video I'm turning Jojo into me, which I don't think anyone would want to do My skateboard is making loud sounds in my trunk and I just wanted to bring that up to remind you guys that I am a skater girl. I don't know what else to say about that I'm planning on taking her into Urban Outfitters, picking her out a dope outfit The guy in the car next to you... Hi, oh my fucking god, what do I do? Is he still looking? Oh my god, he's looking he's looking he's looking You watching me? Why you watching me? Cause it's Sunday! Cause it's Sunday? Day of the Lord. Have a good one. Okay, that was... - Really uncomfortable. - So uncomfortable. I'm driving to JoJo's house right now And I think it's gonna be fucking lit Sorry. No cussing, I think it's gonna be flipping lit bro You know what's gonna be more important is me not cussing in her video. Alright JoJo see you soon. Turn the camera off Oh my Is this your car? No this is not my car I just have my face on it. - Okay because you're fifteen-- - Yes Well, you have to have someone 25 in the driver's seat, right? In the passenger seat. Oh my god, "in the driver's seat?" Okay, I need help. So I guess we should take my car but let's just do a quick montage of your car so that people know how dope it is And then you guys can just imagine that we're driving in her car? - Perfect. Love that. Sounds great. -Okay, deal, deal. So, where are we going? You tell me. Okay you're right, where do I shop every day? Urban Outfitters. I've-- been to Urban Outfitters twice in my life but I never bought anything there. Okay. Well today's the day. I'm gonna pick you out a very classic "Emma" outfit. We'll see what they got. We'll see what we're feeling. I'm gonna pick out a JoJo bow that matches the outfit so that she can still have her bow because you know You gotta hold on to who you are. Sorry, that's my skateboard in the trunk. Do you skateboard? Barely I pennyboard and I think I'm really cool when I like ride in my garage like once a month. - We're really similar. - We are. Let's discuss how we are similar. - So ponytail for sure. - Definitely. I mean look at us. We both have a tight ponytail There's a little bit of differences. Mine's a little bit more slicked back yours is just kinda there.( oof) We both like caffeine but we both find it different places. What's your caffeine source? Diet Coke and sugar. I love sugar. For me: coffee, which I think I might have to get you a coffee at some point today. I am becoming you. I need to be you. That's so true. I need to go to SoulCycle. Ohh yes I do. I literally went this morning that's why when I showed up at your house my hair was like all gross and soggy. You told me you showered!! Dude I did, I did right after but-- Maybe I didn't. Ahh. No I did. Emma showered. Yeah, I've been doing SoulCycle recently. It's honestly-- Is it fun? I've never been. Will you take me? YES. Everyone's like super competitive about it But it like weirdly makes it the best workout ever because everyone's being so competitive and the next thing you know You're just like going super fast. You start sweating and then you start crying and I've cried once Aww Not because it hurt but because they like--the whole reason why it's like "soul" cycle is They're like, "okay like so gotta remember that like, you know life is like really short and that you gotta make it worth it" and stuff And then you're like "oh my god, like you're right" We're gonna die. I'm a really good driver you'd be surprised like the types of talents I have in the car. I might be a little bit crazy, you know, like I might have to take some risks. If you don't take risks like you never have fun. It's so crazy that we are literally a year and a half apart. - We're a year and a half apart? - Yeah. You know when I was 15, I was so different than I am now like I've changed A LOT. What were you like? Uhhh *cringe intensifies* Not goo--I didn't-- Okay so I parked like an idiot and now I have to pull up so like that's my life right now. There ya gooo. Let's do it. Let's do it. - Where is it? - It's right there. Oh. Hi, I'm stupid. (upbeat piano music) Going to Urban Outfitters. Going to Urban Outfitters. Ohh she's so good! Shall we? She already found something she likes. She likes this store, she's already me. (chill hip hop music) This place is fun! Yooo this is fun! This place is sick! I actually want this for me. You're not dressing you. We're dressing her. Stay on track. Ohh what about this?!? This is cute. (chill hip hop music) This is fuzzy! I would actually wear this. We'll hold this for now. This might come in handy later unless I can find something fuzzy that's up to my standards. But until then, let's keep looking. (chill hip hop music) This is actually really cute. I'm coming back here later today Isn't this so great? It's fun! Oh wait I actually have these pants. (chill hip hop music) Hey Emma, say that you like slides because those are JoJo's favorite. You know what shoes I really--I really love slides. I-- So I need to find a white long-sleeve. Imma use one of these (chill hip hop music) What I'm thinking is this, with this under it, up into this and then I feel like that's a pretty "Emma" outfit. I've been really loving layering T-shirts over long sleeves recently. Doesn't look like a vibe yet but it's gonna be a freaking vibe. I almost said the F word. These options are making me borderline upset. (chill hip hop music) I feel pretty good about the outfit I picked out. How are you feeling about this? Terrified, but it's better than I thought it was going to be. I was not excited come in here cause I was like "not my style, not my store." But after experiencing the store, I like it. It's fun. It's vibes. I can tell JoJo's a little nervous about this outfit. I don't blame her. I think she's gonna look awesome. I think she's gonna look really great. The only thing is we didn't really get her shoes, so she might have to wear my dirty Air Force One's. I don't think she'll be down for that. - She might get foot fungus. - She won't fit. She's also might get foot fungus. What? Huh? Before I can get her changed we have a few missing pieces, we're gonna pick her out a bow We're gonna pick her out shoes, we're gonna pick her out glasses Perfect. Because we need to get some accessories that Urban Outfitters didn't have and I think that she probably has something like it in her closet because her closet is very large and extensive. Let's go. I already know my way around JoJo's house y'all. It's great! Oh okay wow. I like this. I like--I like these. So these in all white would be kind of similar to my Air Force Ones But, I also wear Doc Martens a lot, and I know you said you have some. I have plain black, rainbow sparkles, pink sparkles or white with rhinestones. You have plain black? - Yes. - Let's get those out. Okay let's see...Okay this one actually might work guys. - I think this one might be it. - I'm down. Give us a countdown when you're ready. We'll be waiting on the couch. All right, let's come over to the Jojo couch. I'm really excited because, you know, JoJo, she is so awesome, she has great energy and I want to see her in a more "Emma" outfit because my energy is a lot more: And her's is a lot more: you know what I mean? I'm just so excited to see her in my outfit. Can't even breathe right now. Jojo, I'm kidnapping your dog. Look how cute--this thing loves me. Oh my god. So funny story about this little puppy. First time me and JoJo really talked was on Twitter. She tweeted at me and she said "BowBow Chamberlain." Insert tweet right here. My neck hurts. I was super honored that she dressed up her dog as me and that was when I knew that life was gonna--it was gonna be good here on out. JoJo's putting on shoes right now, final touches. I am... Nervous sweating. Aye, what's up? You ready? Are you almost ready? (circus music) One, two, three. OH MY GOD!! SO GOOD!! YESS!! (circus music) She is-- me She is ME. This is so good. You're literally like a three inch taller version of me. YES. I FEEL AWESOME. IT'S SO FUN. Yeah, right? YEAH IT'S GREAT!! I feel like I am--- fifteen. I feel so different because I feel like all people are like "you are not--" to me like "you are not what 15-year-olds should look like." Right. But then I'm like, "okay, but what should a 15-year-old look like if you're saying I'm not." I think that I look great how I look. - I love doing what I do. -...
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