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    iPhone 11 Pro Max vs 11 Pro Hands on!
    Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max pack an A13 Bionic chip, triple camera lens which finally features an ultra-wide angle lens & 4-5 hours of more battery life vs the iPhone XS & XS Max.
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    yo guys Johnson here and this is the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro max which is to say the least a mouthful so today it was iPhone day Tim Cook at the stage talked about all sorts of things Apple TV Plus which was priced way better than I thought it would at $4.99 or three if you buy a new mac ipad or iphone which is pretty impressive this though is all about the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Macs still not gonna get used to that name got a way more in-depth video coming soon though so subscribe if you haven't yet probably more than likely there'll be a giveaway as well so hit that Bell and drop a like if you are excited I guess we should probably start with what's not new with these phones and they're pretty much very similar looking to the iPhone 10s and 10's max on the outside not much has changed same knotch same lightning port no USB C port which is sad dot JPEG grants await at least one more year for that now while the Apple logo has moved towards the middle of the phone which I don't hate as much as I thought I would there is no bi-lateral wireless charging so you're not gonna be able to charge your ear pods on the iPhone 11 Pro and yes I know you can do it on your huawei 5000 so you have two versions the iPhone 11 pro which is the 5.8 inch model that supersedes the iPhone 10s then you have the iPhone 11 pro just not gonna get used to that which supersedes the iPhone Tenace max which comes in a 6.5 inches I would probably break the pro name with these phones down to three things really the camera the battery life and then the Display kinda if you really look at it with the camera you got a triple line system wide ultra wide and then telephoto what I thought was particularly cool is with video all three of those cameras can be used record 4k video up to 60 frames per second with smart HDR which is previously capped at 30 frames per second now with the camera system when you're going from ultra wide to telephoto you effectively have a four times optical zoom so in the UI when you're on that wide-angle lens you get a little preview of that ultra wide which is pretty convenient if you want to quickly hop over now while I think slope ease is probably the dumbest name on planet earth drop alike want to ban that word from existence the front-facing camera not only records 4k video and now does slow motion video as well which is awesome now jumping back to that triple n system what kind of blew my mind is on stage they showed off an early preview of filmic Pro where you can use two lenses on the same phone at the same time to record multi angle which is kind of mind-blowing like I'm not sure how exactly they're doing that but I'm super excited to actually put that to use from their battery life was kind of a silent big upgrade with the iPhone 11 pro and pro max is supposed to be four and five hours longer than the iPhone 10s and 10's max which is actually a pretty big freaking deal like you usually don't see that big of an improvement yes of course we'll have to see if that actually translates to real-world use but on paper that sounds really good now with those displays again same size same resolution same notch but what's new is now but two million to 1 contrast ratio a peak brightness of 1200 nits and sustain brightness of 800 nets which looks pretty tasty Apple was just rolling out the dumb names left and right today so it is now the super Retina XDR display maybe that is trying to throw out tongue twisters but they're bringing essentially some features from the protis play XDR into the iPhone so I'm definitely have to check that out in person but I'm really curious to see what that does now again while it does retain that lightning port no USB see finally Tim Cook is listening in a little bit because it's the first iPhone to ship with an 18 watt fast charger in the box thank you this now comes in four different finishes midnight green that was the curveball that just came out of nowhere silver Space Gray and then gold I think I'm feeling Space Gray let me know what you think with a comment down below finish feels great in the hand again I didn't hate that centered Apple logo as much as I thought I would and yes there is definitely a camera hump but it is definitely looking better than those leaked dummy models for sure iPhone 11 Pro starts at 999 iPhone 11 Pro max no matter how many times I say it's not gonna roll off my tongue starts at 10 99 would have loved to have seen a price drop which we saw on the iPhone 11 which supersedes the iPhone 10 are that no cells finally for $6.99 they keep that 10 R which drops down to $5.99 they're also keeping alive the iPhone 8 so it's pretty solid iPhone lined up across the board so that's my first look at the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro these dropped in about a week again stay tuned for a way more in depth video hopefully enjoyed the video thank you guys for watching this Jonathan and I will catch you guys later
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