8 Fortnite YouTubers Killed By Hackers *LIVE* (Season 6)

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    8 Fortnite Youtubers Killed By Hackers! (Season 6)

    Today we go over 8 of the top fortnite youtubers that got stream sniped and killed by hackers.

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    so we probably all have run into a hacker at some point some of it may happen earlier to you or some of it may happen later but pretty well everybody is bound to die by a cheater and this is absolutely no exceptions to streamers as there are a lot of stream snipers that go out of their way just to kill big streamers such as ninja dr. Lupo NIC mercs and a ton of other people and to kill them with hacks just to have the spotlight well today we're gonna be going over eight fortnight youtubers eka killed by hackers in four night battle royale so jumping right into a number eight we have Grimm's so I put this one at first because Grimm's you know he kind of fell off I'm not trying to be mean or anything but he just hasn't really been streaming that much or anything he's just been taking like a big break from social media but this is by far one of the craziest hackers that anybody has ever seen in the game this hacker actually defied the laws of fortnight of having the grid to build on you know you can only build in squares and whatnot normally but this guy literally just builds wherever he wants he's flying around the map building wherever Grim's goes and it was just absolutely crazy take a look for yourself that one guy just killed six people that guy just killed six people within a span of like two seconds oh oh oh my god dude it's a dude it's a oh it's a Jeter oh my god this is scary is holy oh my god shit I can get out of here run get me out of here I can make it down oh my god oh my god holy crap what that was pretty cool actually holy that I'm not gonna lie mana legit scary number seven King Richard King Richard of course is on this list arguably one of the craziest snipers in for tonight at the moment and while this one is actually crazy as well right after King Richard gets an insane kill somebody in the lobby kills literally everybody else with a vehicle at the exact same time I don't know how this was actually done but I do know that it was done using some sort of hax you know I don't know exactly what happened but you guys can take a look for yourself and let me know what you guys think happened down below oh my god number six slim Cognito soak slim Cognito this was actually way back at the beginning of four night stages when it seemed to a lot of people had these hacks and this one is actually really crazy because this guy is literally just teleporting to random people and then shooting them in the back of the head I don't know how this was done I don't know how any of this stuff works but I'll show you guys that clip right now okay you sue said aha get it then it didn't work though II dug it hot come on come on number five dr. Lupo so dr. Lupo of course being one of the bigger streamers on this list aside from an engine a few others dr. Lupo dies by a hacker in retail row he was doing it pretty well you know there was 90 people alive just starting out their game and then all of a sudden a hacker literally kills every single one of them out of the blue apparently this is actually a well known hacker that dr. Lupo has been battling for quite some time I guess it is one of those stream snipers like I said but yeah take a look for yourself shotgun me it's a hacker it's camel toes boy dude this beco is it on your screen number for CDN the third so see the end the third of course is on this list he has run into a absolute ton of hackers but this time he actually got absolutely melted by some guy called yer called a cheater and then he goes on to actually spectate this guy and he notices something pretty odd about his aiming and I'll let you guys take a look at this for yourself this guy's name is you're called a cheater sky number three Nick mercs so Nick mercs was playing in just a regular game you know mine in his business he had a few kills and then all of a sudden he'd gets absolutely melted by the sky he just gets to shot it to the head just absolutely ridiculous and then he goes on to spectate him in this guy literally just aim BOTS on to people's head like it's nothing the some one guy was flying through the air and he's just doubled things some just like that he's dead it's just absolutely gross take a look for yourself am I missing something I gotta watch this guy roll when I was aimed in on the guy in the air that dude got lasered out of the air and three shots just cheating like this all right of course before we get into the best clip of course we got to go through number two and this one actually lands on Dakota's Dakotas is actually playing a competitive match with phase yellow and he ends up coming against a wall hacker in his for and I match and he actually may even have something more than wallhack so it does look like he does laser him you guys will see in the video but actually phase yellow actually destroys this hacker it's actually pretty crazy so take a look for yourself okay this guy might be cheating hundred percent no joke no joke careful yeah this guy's cheating this guy's cheating I never call it bro like I dare you to peek for a second see what happens oh my god oh my god that's crazy that's a wild action here's a he has a hundred and eight KD wait this is gonna be epic hold on boys watch this when he looked at yellow wait what the weirdest thing I got player outlines on now watch this he's looking at me the whole time oh my god is cheating 100% if you watch outlines 100% if you watch always watch these outlines actually zoom didn't he zoomed on yellow without even seen them did you see that yeah Bri washes washes washes and for the final spot number one we have at ninja so ninja is playing with dr. Lupo he's playing squads with few others and he comes up against his absolutely crazy hacker he gets to shotted this guy's using a scope they are is actually lasering literally his entire team and the crazy part about this is dr. Lupo comes up and destroys this hacker with the sniper he insane so I hope you guys did enjoy this list make sure to drop a phat like if you did subscribe to the channel if you are new we're putting out a ton of content every single week and with all of that out of the way I'll see you guys in the next video peace out
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