KIDS Turned CRYBABIES on Fortnite!

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    KIDS Turned CRYBABIES on Fortnite! Fortnite Streamers Who Made Kids Cry while playing, kids getting banned, grounded by parents & having funny freakouts!

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    today we're looking at kids turned crybabies in for night number one okay what's so to begin I've got a young kid probably about nine or ten years old who's playing for night in his parents front room and it looks like it's night time like maybe just about the time he's supposed to go to bed now the kids not really having the best time and he's raging screaming crying making a lot of noise and I'm gonna assume because of this his mom had decided to turn off the Wi-Fi and the kid really doesn't take it very well at all and just gets more angry more screaming and just louder in general even gets the point where mom has to come in and pretty much screamer him to shut up here's what happened but you know I've recorded you the whole time what like this video and subscribe or this spider will be in your toilet tomorrow number two okay guys so we're heading outside for this next clip and some of you may be wondering what do you mean outside how someone gonna be playing for tonight outside well they're not actually playing they were playing but they got really angry and decided to rip the TV off the wall take it outside and proceeded to smash it whilst raging and insulting fortnight of about how bad it is pretty much now I'm trying to work out how angry he actually was because he he repeatedly hits the TV with a pickaxe no an axe sorry but he's not not even hitting it hard I don't know if he just can't lift it up or something but I just really wanted him to decide as he can wait so why do you want to smash that if you could sell it number three next up we have a fortnight youtuber called intro so judging by his name who kind of get an idea of what he's going to be doing in this video basically this is a very old clip but he is in a Jewish match with a random kid called spiffy bird now depending on the kid sometimes they're extremely easy to troll and very gullible and this kid was one of them corrosive takes advantage of this and decides to pretty much just mess around with the kid the whole game and he gets very very angry to say the least bro I want you to come to me I'll give you a gun you gotta come to me though you carry your characters a girl are you a girl number four okay I so this clip is somewhat similar to the second one as we have another kid who starts widening crying and smashing his TV because he died on 4th I'd say the main difference between this clip and the other one is that this one is inside and the kid just doesn't seem to care about where he's doing this he just smashes his TV because he feels like it that's not even your t see that's not even your TV number five okay next up we have a video simply titled fat kid plays solos in fort night rages guys I did not tie to that this isn't my video I didn't post it so I'm not calling the kid fat the person who posted it originally is but somehow this video managed to get three million views and it's literally just this kid and his friend or brother or sister or something just filming and playing for tonight they're just literally trying to do some sort of average gameplay video but the kid seems to have some slight anger issues and as soon as he dies on the game he gets very angry attempts to break his headset but he doesn't quite manage it either he's not strong enough or he doesn't actually want to break it and his brain is stopping him from doing it Frio and drop in greasy grove and i'm gonna be doing for ideas plan obviously grab roll up hey let's go guys for skill number six okay we have another trolling clip up next and this one is by a youtuber called pro pepper now here's once again playing a random jews match and comes into contact with a random kid who ends up being pretty annoying and pretty angry when he doesn't get his way so essentially pepper finds a gold scar in a location that the kid was going to go to but he ended up not getting there early enough and then pro pepper just decides to pretend to give him the gold scar repeatedly but they're not actually giving it to him and his reactions to that are pretty over-the-top to say the least I mean you said I can take it have what you don't have a scar I didn't get shot yet how could I have number seven next up we have a kid he decided to break his controller after dying in fortnight now arguably this kid is not very good at the game like he's not even building she's not using the right weapon for like the range the enemy is away from him which is like 50 meters I definitely know how this kid feels as I've broken three or four controllers myself and I know plan on doing it again cuz ends up getting pretty expensive number eight okay next up we have a guy called the Xbox criminal and he's trolling the most our control kid on for nine now the the reason I put this one at number eight is his dad or his mom or both of them come in I sort of just start shouting him because the kids get so angry and so loud and clips where kids parents are coming to the fruition and start making sounds and shouting on make the clip way more interesting to me nine this next one is a sort of prank on a on a little kid or brother and it goes pretty well there's a very simple concept or simple premise and essentially the kid got home turn on his TV and played fortnight and his brother had it had another remote which allowed him to turn it off from the other room so you could probably see where I'm going with this but he pretty much just kept turning off the kids TV in the middle of a game and he slowly gets angrier and angrier and too goddamn all right number ten so guys next up we have a clip where these kids are just playing a random fort night game in like two brothers they're pretty young maybe five or six years old and for some reason I don't know why exactly that their mom decided to turn off the Wi-Fi during mid game and they don't take it well at all they start crying in a really high pitched kid noise that you only can make when you're like six or seven years old I'm hearting all comments posted on every single video in the first minute of upload so if you want to be hearted guys just turn post notifications on by clicking the bell also YouTube was broken when I posted my last video cheating on kids controllers on for tonight so go check that out by clicking on screen
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