What is Your Fortune? | Juanpa Zurita, Hannah Stocking & Lele Pons

Juanpa Zurita
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    so crazy so you guys enjoyed this one here's the check couple fortune cookies I think wow a pleasant surprise is waiting for you hey folks oh just talk to my boss in the back and he said this one's on the house yeah joy did you yeah does your safe a fresh start will put you on your way hello hi boss we've decided you're fired okay well that's all take care I just got fired oh my god I'm so sorry hoods it's okay I hated that job oh yeah great yeah I'm happy if you're happy um can we get to work at least please here you go two more you guys are really trying to find out your future huh you think it's a secret but they know ignore please can we get two more cookies yeah you guys do know the fortune cookies are not a menu item as okay we'll tip you thank you wow your hard work will soon pay off pianist talking yeah it's me hi I'm Carol from the women's Rotary Club and every year we pick one lucky winner to receive a free house and this year we cheer with you you have rice in your teeth oh my god two more cookies you guys know at this point you're gonna actually have to pay for these yeah yeah a bit with whatever just give me more cookies I'll buy the box you won't actually buy an entire box I'll buy the damn box all right enjoy you have a hidden talent for music fame is coming for you your Lily pons who raises cookies this isn't real life you're in a YouTube video your intellect is limitless I discover time-traveling winter is coming what does that mean is that is that like a song or something the person in front of you is trying to kill you the Pope can say a lot especially with its max friendship is the most important currency so sorry no I'm sorry how happened how when I read you I would never try to kill you that was crazy hey should we do one more it for previous
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