12 Horror Stories Animated (Compilation of June 2019)

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    These are True Creepy & Scary Stories Animation.

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    well to begin with it all started last month I was leaving school alone it was a normal day nothing out of the ordinary as I was leaving I saw man in his 50s he was wearing a black jacket and a pair of ugly old basketball shorts he looked so gross after a couple of minutes I was finally home I was listening to music the whole time and I didn't realize that the man was following me he was even holding a camera towards my bedroom window but I still tried to stay calm as I was walking to the door I checked the window and the man was still there holding his camera and smiling I told my mom so she called the police but they didn't find anything they even asked me to describe him to an artist so that they could have his face but nothing they wouldn't tell you the story if it didn't happen just last week I was finishing a private guitar lesson at my teachers house and something caught my eye it was a picture of her and her husband then I realized that my stalker was her husband I took my bag made up an excuse apologized and left the house she was shocked when she saw me running soon after I opened my bag and almost passed there was an envelope full of my pictures pictures of me changing in my bedroom I immediately called my mom crying as I explained the situation she called the police and after a couple of minutes they arrived we mold it as well they went into my teacher's house asked her several questions about her husband and asked about any strange activities she stayed quiet after searching the house they found other pictures of multiple girls after they clocked him they discovered that he had a bad history which included grape and sexual assault now he is in prison but I'm still afraid that someone like him will go a step further I'm 30 years old in this story took place when I was 13 my mother was a single mom and she had to work two jobs she worked at a grocery store in the morning in the bar at night so I was home alone a lot but it was okay because I was used to it I could cook myself some dinner and walk back and forth to school I was a pretty responsible kid for my age one night I was watching TV while eating ice cream and someone knocked at the front door I was wondering who it could be as my friends never came out this late and my mom would always use her key to get in I opened the door and it was a man standing there with his hands in his pockets I said hello he replied hello young lady are your parents home stupidly I said no my mom isn't home right now you have to come back tomorrow he then said was a surprise smile on his face oh you're all alone huh I said yeah I am he replied with okay young lady have a nice night don't get into any trouble he then walked away and I closed the door he seemed friendly but also weird at the same time he was a little funny-looking though he was balding and had 70 Stiles glasses on was a mustache and bags under his eyes like he never slept about 10 minutes pass and there was another knock at the door I got up to answer it but before I opened the door something told me to put the chain one I don't know why but my gut told me to do that it was strange because we really didn't use the chain but I'm glad I did because as soon as I opened the door it was pushed open but abruptly stopped by the chain before I could even say or do anything I looked through the track of the door to see the same man again he said in a startled voice oh oh oh hey there I just wanted to make sure you were okay as he stuttered it was like he knew he failed getting inside the house and tried to play off this and any suspicious by speaking quickly and making it seem like he didn't just obviously try coming into the house I said I'm fine thanks and I shut the door at that time I didn't understand the situation or the dangers of what just happened but still I was a bit freaked out in one of my mama come home soon an hour went by and I was still thinking about what happened so I started to watch a movie trying to keep my mind occupied when I heard this was the scariest situation I've ever been in in my life it was the man once again he was talking through the letterbox I shouted leave me alone the letterbox closed then the man started banging on the front door screaming let me eat shit while slamming the front door handle up and down trying to get in I just stood back crying praying he doesn't get in he eventually gave up and left my mom came home about 30 minutes later just to find me crying and I told her everything that happened we told the police but they never found this guy I looked back and I think how grateful I am that I had the feeling to put the chain on the door I hate to think what that man would have done if he had managed to get in I have a true story from when I was younger I was walking home from school one day I was in year 11 and saw something weird I saw a face which seemed familiar to me but I didn't know how later I was studying my room and I must have fallen asleep I had a strange dream where my grandmother who had passed away before my birth came to visit me my room we had a very pleasant conversation in which she said that she wanted to give me something I had no idea what this thing was but I must have agreed to take it I don't remember exactly what happened next but I knew it was morning by the way that my mother was calling me to get up for school I did my normal morning routine except I didn't put on my glasses which was strange as I need them to see anyhow I went downstairs to the bathroom and then went into the living room my mom was in the kitchen making breakfast I said in the living room waiting for her to be ready and as she came in with my tea and cereal she took one look at me and put everything I thought it was because she had seen me without my glasses but she wasn't really looking at my face she was looking at my neck somehow during the night a small gold locket has been placed around it I was told that the locket had been lost before I was born and that no one knew where it has gone or what it contained I never even had seen this locket before but my mom knew of it as she'd seen pictures of my grandmother wearing it so little by little everything started to fold a place the person I had seen or at least thought I saw must have been a glimpse of my grand to this day I still have the locket I tried to return it to my mom but she said the look it wasn't given to her and that it was given to me for safekeeping I still have so many questions about it like what was it hit in all these years or why was it given to me but I keep it with me always as a good luck charm this story just happened last year I work as a receptionist at a hotel when we often hold high school proms here as we have a big hall in the stage in order to get to the hall you have to pass the reception desk it was prom night and it was already under way all the students and teachers were in the dance hall all the pictures had been taken and the reception area was empty at some point during the evening someone approached a reception desk I looked up to see a tall man standing there he had a clean-shaven face and his hair was greasy and tied back in a ponytail he was also wearing a suit that was pretty old and it was also dirty along with some Adidas shoes his eyes were wide open and he said I'm here for the porn prom at first I thought he was kidding but he looked dead serious he accidentally said porn and he said prom I said are you employed by the school he said no I'm a student here I still kept thinking he was joking he looked to be in his late 40s and he was telling me he was a high school student so I asked him how old are you he said I'm 17 no 16 yeah 16 at this point I thought he was on drugs or something I said I'm sorry but you don't look 16 at all he just stared at me not saying a word with his eyes wide staring right at me he then leaned over to me and said I'll make you do I have a big blade in my pocket if I'm not 16 you can cut my finger off if I am 16 I can cut your finger off I didn't get the chance to say anything because he walked out right after he said that I told my boss about what happened he said they'd let him know if he comes back and he'll deal with it I finished my shift around 12:00 and they went to get in my car there was an envelope under my windshield wiper written on it was a deal is a deal I opened an envelope to see a human finger and I have a feeling that this wasn't his own finger due to it being another color I never saw that man again and I always wondered why he was trying to get into that prom one day I was showering my sister came into the bathroom and said don't open the curtains she said that her friend was going to use the bathroom because she couldn't hold it any longer I said okay I knew someone was there because I heard noises then I heard the door closed so I came out of the bathroom I asked my sister which one of her friends came and she answered no one came over what are you talking about I got chills and I started to freak out about two months later I was sleeping in my parents room with my mom and dad because I was scared to sleep alone in my own room I woke up in the middle of the night I sat down on the bad end then I saw something truly horrifying I saw a lady in all white standing near the bedroom door just watching me I screamed and my parents woke up they asked me what happened and I pointed at the lady that scared me they asked me what I was talking about because there was no one there I pointed toward its direction and said that there's a lady right there my dad got up to turn on the lights he walked right through the lady as soon as he turned on the lights the lady disappeared we moved about three months later when we were unpacking I saw a picture of a lady she looked familiar when I remembe...
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