Snoop Dogg Talks Death Row Stories, Jay-Z's NFL Deal, Nipsey Hussle + More

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    The legendary Snoop Dogg drops in to give his opinions on Jay-Z's deal with the NFL and tells a bunch of stories from Death Row Records. The rapper also touches on the late Nipsey Hussle.

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    Snoop Dogg Talks Death Row Stories, Jay-Z's NFL Deal, Nipsey Hussle + More

    The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.



    Breakfast Club morning everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Charlamagne tha God We Are The Breakfast Club you got a special guest in the building a whole legend that's right uncle snoop store that dude was heading in Breakfast Club the old GG was happening my brand I'm slow motion with the post she trying to get to the ocean who still having fun I did a pool party weekend and I see my cool part if 50 Cent's ah cool part I see you have so much fun he was the everybody section he was chasing Trey Songz down with water guns hitting casted over the water guns wife and Lucci he even made was the last rapper to leave that's what I found out like I'm having so much fun of this party they say you know 50 left two hours ago was Annie and I had to figure out how to get out of there did she ask you like yo can you give me an I wouldn't even that conversation won't even like that yeah yeah they even go that way I had I have fun I didn't put one plus one together to her 50 was not like cool I was just so some of em are and I'm up and then I see no Instagram later like oh oh oh no you leave you gonna give it to somebody you had a good time but you're on the poster everything that's going on that's why and you're right I did kind of forget that they didn't get along when I first saw the story but you pay attention to all of that stuff that's happening yes and I was like right in the middle of it because I like both of them I get animal both home but I was a guest of 50 so I didn't want to ruin my little invitation to get thrown out hello Snoop Dogg I don't know but I just wanted to be on best behavior with 50 cuz he be charged them fools up lately good to see you having so much fun like that especially in New York because at one time you it was just so much it was tension tension and beef just I mean if y'all would have seen snow it just it just made me smile because he's running from section and section no security you were just having a good time so how does it feel to be able to just that's the love Layton is they they giving me that you know when you when you weren't getting it you were not like that but if you get anything you feeling that you got to go give it back and I felt like New York always loved me I just felt like it was a miscommunication and a misunderstanding a certain point but I always maintained my understanding with them cuz I stayed in their face and I gave it to him and I told him how I felt about certain situations and they respected that so now that I'm able to become a grown man and really look at the rap game for what it's worth I can come have fun with my nephews and party like the cool uncle that shows up and be like man my uncle is in me you know my uncle one little my grandmama in the garage oh he's got to go we here got the chrome got the CDs him here I always wondered you ever feel like you got like survivors survivors remorse or something like that I don't know I mean I played a game that we're supposed to be played so I look at it is I look at what it's worth for what it's worth like every year I find myself being a part of a song that the whole world loves and don't even be like no scheduled or planned out thing it just be like somebody to call me be like I got a song and then I'm back in the game I'm back relevant again as far as musically because it's concerned then I may do some things over here on this side that keep me relevant but it just me being me it's not never me trying to go play a role words like man I feel bad about this role I play later every role I play is so close to me or connected to me don't even feel like I'm playing her I don't even like you using words like relevant you you are legend like you forever this fan base that we have it's up and down wishy-washy social media based and driven that the 15 minutes of fame II thing is like you know way past 15 minutes knew that you also have no issues with anybody and you have this song let bygones be bygones if you talked about up here on The Breakfast Club and even a song like one blood one just having peace around you went serenity and haven't let all these things from the past go and people were shocked when they heard you say me and shook it's cool you know they're like wow how could you be cool after everything that y'all went through but you explained it very well yeah I mean when you when you grow to live and you still on this earth you got to realize what you here for like I wasn't meant to clash with him we came out together it's just it's like brothers like sometime you and your brother your sister y'all get into and you be mad for a little bit but it's like man that's my brother man you know even if you was wrong where he was wrong it becomes a place in your heart where you like I need to forgive him and I need to forgive myself even if I wasn't wrong just because it's like that nowadays you got to be the one to put it forward as opposed to being the one to clash because they are out to get us they have to get all of us and if we're going at each other we making a job easy so I'm like no I'm not gonna buy into that program I'm trying to create a new program with love and really push it and really meaning their stand on it did you come to that conclusion about forgiveness when he was working on your gospel album I think that helped me like shape my vision and shape what I'm here for because the gospel record was something that just came to me overnight like my grandmother had passed away and I was like she always loved gospel music and she could never listen to any of my song so I was like man I feel bad that my grandmama got a famous grandson and she can't quote none of my songs and none of that and I'm like I got to do something for her so when I did it it like it tapped in and my whole love thing with like this is Who I am like I always been cooling the life for the party and Snoop Dogg is like cool with everybody ain't like got no issues and if it is the issue you call me to end the issue so now I'm taking on the role of this is what I'm supposed to do all the time and he wasn't even there to accept your award at the Beatty Awards when you won for best gospel of I was that Mike Epps wedding that's more important of a friend he needed me you know I'm saying so me and my wife went to go get his back because he was you know into the marriage club so when you a black man you know you getting into the marriage club you got to have people around you that's been married to make sure it's okay guide you and help you I'm a man now so it's like I understand I'm not a boy than once like I do boy things I do man things now so being there for my homeboy and making sure him and his wife understand if they got a journey and we're gonna be there for him because ours is up and down but we need that like like they need us that's right like going through things in your marriage makes it even stronger as you come out you feel like things are at its strongest now yeah because the things that that we've been through you know you only see what you see but what you don't see is the the ups and downs the arguments the misunderstandings - I hate you I love you I love you I hate you ok let's get it right I don't want to be with you I don't want to be without you I don't want to see nobody wish you anybody made for you but me it's like a things that y'all go through that we go through that no one has a chance to have a camera on but if you see me walking holding hands with my wife you'll feel like they never argued we regular we argue we fight because each other I would do all the day but just not in front of you yeah and you up and down for a minute yeah minute and a half I want to thank you xx Bob when you said that in your acceptance speech did you know beforehand you was gonna name your on it no I didn't even know I was gonna set it in the speech I was uh I had nothing prepared dr. Dre Quincy Jones when they spoke it was touching to me because it's like I'm still a little a kid inside I'm still a fan of hip-hop and a fan of what I do and I can't believe I done so much and to see them up there speaking for me so now it's my turn to speak I'm very unprepared but I'm a great freestyle there so like you know what I'm just gonna put some together for my heart in bout time I got to the end it was like I didn't thank everybody in my life except me hmm like I feel like I deserve somebody's credit to not being selfish but being you know self respective of myself and loving myself and appreciating what I do so that way I won't have a crisis of be feeling like I need somebody's confirmation in order to keep moving so that's what that was about it just came to me and once it came out people was going crazy about it saying this and said I said let me take that moment and make it into a record because it's warm at in my life right now but you know giving love and also giving low to myself when did you is in that moment you realize I got to start thinking myself I think that's probably what happened because you know when you when you doing what you're doing you don't really never get caught up with what you doing I was explaining this to one of my long as he was like man check it out cuz how could I watch my highlights when I got a game to play tomorrow I don't know what I don't cuz I'm so busy trying to do something else I don't know what movie I was in what TV show what song what what I'm on stage now just to give y'all game I got a teleprompter up here cuz I only remember half and shit I say I don't want to be if you're not knowing my words a...
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