Attempting Russian Piping Tips!

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    I tried Russian Piping Tips for the very first time!





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    I hope you enjoy today's #Trying Russian Piping Tips video! They were super fun to use for #Baking and #Decorating. I bought a pack with many different tips but wanted to try my 6 favorites. Thank you to everyone who suggested I try these tips. There are so many unique designs and we've only just begun trying them!

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    okay guys welcome to my channel today we are trying Russian piping tips for the very first time I got so many requests to do a video like this I think I got a million requests from you guys and we're going to make that happen if you are familiar with Russian piping tips they are baking piping tips for like icing they're quite large and they pipe little designs and they said that I got came with a ton of these so I'm just gonna be trying a few of them today I'm gonna start with the rose tip because that's what my name means alright now let's get started so I've got a large piping bag which I've folded down and some buttercream icing which I've dyed pink and the buttercream icing that you want to use whenever you're doing decorative tips is a firm buttercream icing you don't want it to be too soft otherwise when you're piping the design you'll just like mush together if your buttercream is too firm it actually the shape won't stick together so you can add a little bit of water to soften it and same if your butter creams too soft you can add a little bit of powdered sugar to firm it up but in general you want a firmer buttercream because this is gonna hold the shape really well see that when you scoop in there boom and it doesn't go anywhere look at that that's what you want perfect I'm gonna place the Rose tip at the bottom just like that and it's cut a hole already I'm gonna scoop in some buttercream I like to work get down there get down there get down there before piping moves on to a cupcake I'm gonna play right in front of me I have a piece of parchment paper and I'm just gonna play with different pressures and I've heard if you pipe too little it doesn't quite look like a flower and if you pipe too much look at that no no no so we want to go somewhere in the middle nice another tip that I have when you're piping don't touch the tip to the cupcake that's gonna create a really weird shape right it's this weird blob and look how messy the tip gets this is terrible hover and then apply some pressure and then pull away just like that and you got cute little roses I clean this up and now it is time to pipe on top of some actual cupcakes which I've made over here you may recognize these cute little cupcake liners these are the ones from the road baking line I picked him today cuz they're really colorful and I thought they would go really well with all the flowers we've got orange and yellow and red and blue and pink all the bright colors I like to ice these right before you pipe detailed designs on them because if you pipe them and then let them sit out they aren't as sticky they actually develop a thin crust over the top as they're supposed to but it just isn't as tacky and we want our designs to stick to the cupcake I'm gonna start piping in the middle and then add as many as I can around the sides I'm just gonna make a little bouquet remember you want to hover hover and then let go perfect oh my gosh look at that little Rose are you kidding oh that was way too long there's my tulip we've got a tulip situation not a big deal though because it's all the same icing color so I'm just gonna wipe it off and try again and just do a little pressure and release oh my god it's okay we did it a little in release that's a little rose that's the perfect height the next detail is totally optional and this tip actually did not come with the Russian tip set this is one that I had at home it's kind of an open tip it looks like a beak or like a greater than or less than fine and this tip makes leaves so we can add them to the bouquet so before I add them on to our cupcake I'm gonna pipe here go onto the parchment paper to show you what they look like again you want a hover just a little bit and here we go look at that little leaf I'm just gonna pipe a few leaves in between the flowers wherever there's a space this came out so good especially for my first try with these tips this is so adorable look at this little bouquet I think this tip may be my favorite and a go-to for me it's springtime I'm making lots of cute colorful cupcakes this makes me want to host a garden party I've never had one but I have I feel like I'm feeling the vibes okay I'm gonna place this over here let's try another one I'm gonna try this tip next it makes another clump flower with bigger petals around the outside like a rose but the inside look at all these little holes there's a bunch of little detail there so I can't wait and for this tip I mean it's a purple buttercream all right here we go stick this one in the bag and stupid buttercream work it down to the bottom I'm gonna play with you test flowers here on the parchment paper before I pipe onto the cupcake just to see what this one does okay I'm gonna come here hover and release oh no I practiced a bunch over here I'm feeling more confident I am ready to pipe these onto a cupcake if I pipe them too short with this tip really doesn't even look like a flower and then if I pipe too long it looks like Little Shop of Horrors if this was like red and green icing in here he could just pipe with some little teeth there and you'd be ready to go I remember my mama got the cupcake I smell let's pipe and I'm gonna hover ample nice ample no no I bet it come ha ha I have to push really slow because look if I go quickly the petals attached on the outside and the little middle details don't catch it all so I have to like pipe a little slower than I'm used to the cupcake is full with all of these purple flowers and I'm just gonna add a few leaves for fun and Adam another beautiful bouquet this tip is a little trickier because of all the little details in the middle getting those to be just as long as the petals you have to apply even pressure and hold it for just a little longer than the Rose I think the rose tip is a lot easier to use but it turned out pretty cute okay the next tip I want to try is all petals I don't know that it's gonna be a tulip but if I was gonna pick a tulip tip it would be this one and I think it's gonna look like a tulip I'm gonna be using some yellow buttercream because I love yellow tulips it reminds me of spring thought on there nice and tight in those scoops some icing in Oh Oh see what do you look like oh my goodness all right let's try something a little shorter mmm interesting okay let's see if we can get these two even though this tip is shaped simple piping the petals is a little tricky because you gotta get enough height for them to fall together correctly so this may be a doozy here we go let's try yes I'm just like go and go oh yeah oh here Oh we'll leave it these are some salafi petals this really surprised me because this tip looks the most simple just the three petals but they didn't really fall together like I thought they would in my head but that's okay I've got a little leaf tip but I'm just gonna cover it up with some cute greenery it's gonna pipe these all the way around I put a little bit of a bigger leaf on here I don't think that this tip was my favorite out of all of them so far but that's why we're trying to melt oh well next tip ooh the next tip looks like a star shape it's really cool but it's got little details near in the middle I don't know what kind of a flower this is gonna look like but it just looks so cool I'm gonna place this tip again into a piping bag scoop some blue buttercream icing all right let's test oh my gosh look at that beautiful flower another pretty bouquet and this tip is one that surprised me because it looked more complicated there was more details but it was really easy to use because the flower is a little shorter so you just pipe really short little petals and you get this kind of cute low bouquet I've so much blue icing left so for the next colors I'm going to combined a few and I think I'm gonna use blue I've got two tips left that I want to play with today and this is the next one I thought this tip would be perfect to do a two-tone because there's a lot of little details right in the middle and I thought that would look cool as the second color and then you've got five petal designs around the outside it looks so cool and I want to make a two-tone so I'm gonna show you how I like to do that I'm mixing up a little bit of blue and in front of me I have a piece of plastic wrap oh and I've got some icing on deer get off of there alright we got a piece of plastic wrap I'm gonna lay it down right here most people would give up but not me I'm gonna unwrap this yeah whoo here we go here we go placing it down whoa there's a couple different methods for getting different color icings inside of a bag before I've used different piping bags and squeeze them in there together another way to do this you can use a spatula and spread one of the colors on the outside of the bag and scope with a spoon the secondary color on the inside but this is what I like to do because it makes it a little bit easier especially when I'm baking by myself take a scoop of your first color that you want to be on the outside and place it down first and spread it out just a little bit kind of making a rectangle shape it's a little bit of extra prep work to do this step but you can do it by yourself then take your secondary color I'm gonna use yellow for the center of the flowers I really like to use a lighter color so either yellow or white for the center of a flower then place just down the middle of your rectangle all right there we go now we just rolled together up and over roll it together little frosting burrito and we just cut off an end and we're gon...
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