iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and everything we're expecting at Apple's September event

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    We think we have a pretty good idea of what we're going to see from Apple on September 10th. We've got the final rumors about Apple's three new phones and Apple Watch.

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    it's official the next Apple event is upon us and we're getting a fresh batch of Apple devices in a matter of days Apple just sent out invitations for its September 10th launch event at the Steve Jobs theater in Apple's Cupertino campus start time 10:00 a.m. Pacific now we can sit here and dissect the invite all day looking for clues but who are we kidding at this point we have a pretty clear picture of what we're gonna get so let's go over everything we're expecting first up three new iPhones just like last year this year's iPhone tennis and tennis Mac sequels are rumored to be called iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Mac's adding even more confusion to Apple's naming conundrum while the 10r sequel will be called the iPhone 11 no additional letters or Roman numerals just 11 my advice though don't get too attached to this year's names because they're probably gonna change it up on us again next year so from the front they will look exactly the same as last year's models the 11 Pro and the 11 Pro max will have OLED screens 5.8 inch and 6.5 inch respectively while the 11 will have a 6.1 inch LCD screen oh and that not is not going anywhere what may be improving is the tech inside the knotch according to a Bloomberg report which I will be referencing a lot in this show face ID will be able to capture a wider field of view so you can essentially unlock your phone from different angles even if it's lying on top of a table on the back is where you'll notice the biggest difference and when I say big I mean that big camera square that's been haunting us since January it's late in the game and we have yet to hear any rumors contradicting this new design so I would start to make peace with it the pro models will get a third ultra wide-angle lens to go alongside the regular wide and telephoto lenses while the 10r will turn into a dual camera wide and telephoto and won't be spared of the square the color inside the square will match the color of the phones though making it a little bit less jarring and the entire back of the phone including the camera will be made out of one single piece of glass the camera will still be raised but the bump will be much more subtle than in previous models and won't have that metal frame around it and you know what I'm willing to forgive the square if that means having a much better camera on these phones in addition to the extra lens the camera is supposed to get a new stitching feature that can essentially add stuff or people back into your picture after you've taken your shot it also will have better low-light capabilities better video maybe portrait mode video like the note 10 although that last one is kind of a stretch and the camera bump is not the only difference you'll notice on the back the 11 will apparently get a new paint job with a new green color option and maybe lilac well the pros may get a new matte glass finish which I think would look sharp they may also ditch the iPhone logo at the bottom giving them a cleaner look oh and all that glass will apparently be a lot stronger the bloomberg report says it will have new shatter resistant technology I for one though still have my doubts last year's models were significantly stronger than their predecessors as surviving drops but by no means shatterproof they are still made of glass after all so unless they're made of ceramic or titanium on both sides I bet they're still gonna break they're also rumored to be significantly more water resistant and we don't shy away from those tests either here at CNET so this should be an interesting launch cycle in which case all I can say is challenge accepted under the hood you can expect the incremental upgrades to the processor in this case a new a 13 chip new Co processor and the latest version of iOS which would be iOS 13 we're also saying goodbye to 3d touch which is rumored to be replaced by a long press followed by a haptic feedback similar to what we got last year on the 10r and Apple pencil support at least on the larger pearl model new processor could mean better battery life but they're also rumored to have a larger battery inside so that might be the other big up greed aside from the camera that we see on these phones along with reverse charging like Samsung's s10 and the note 10 and finally a fast charger in the box although after two years of saying this before an Apple event on this show I am NOT getting my hopes up pricing will likely remain the same on the three phones pre-orders would start Friday after the event so September 13th and the first pre-orders would arrive to customers the following Friday September 20th now with all that out of the way there's little left to the imagination even though they're all rumors at this point but I bet there are still ways Apple can surprise us we're also getting a new Apple watch to go along with those shiny new iPhones or matte iPhones in this case just like previous years Apple has already registered for new models of the watch with the Eurasian Economic Commission but rumors about the watch have been few and far between at least compared to the iPhone which could mean one of two things Apple has done an incredibly good job at keeping the series 5 features under wraps or there won't be a lot of changes to the Apple watch this year if it's the latter this could mean a series 4s launched with just a few incremental changes under the hood like a slightly faster processor and better battery life which don't get me wrong would be much appreciated or maybe just new styles of last year series 4 with new watch bands and premium materials last week brazilian site I helped BR discovered references of a titanium and ceramic edition of the Apple watch hidden in the latest watch OS 6 code a titanium Apple watch would be a first for the series but Apple has had a ceramic Apple watch in the past they had one with a series too and they had two versions with the series three now I don't know the going rate for titanium these days but expected to cost more than the base model of the aluminum series for the ceramic series three costs almost $1,500 so that one's definitely not going to come cheap either okay so let's pretend for a second that there's more to this year's Apple watch than just those minor upgrades we know for a fact that Apple will continue pushing health features on the watch whether this version or later native sleep tracking is a real possibility after all Apple already owns beddit a sleep sensor that goes under the mattress Plus most of Apple's competitors already have this feature built-in but that would require longer battery life there's also been loose talk of glucose monitoring and blood pressure on the next watch in fact just this week Apple leaker mr. white tweeted that the next Apple watch would support blood pressure monitoring however he failed to say why exactly he thought this and this feature would likely require some kind of clearance similar to what Apple got for the ECG feature on the series for at this point Apple would have already had to submit some kind of study for the FDA to review and if we're gonna talk about glucose monitoring and blood pressure we might as well throw in a round watch face and a camera on the watch band both of which Apple has patents for but it takes a while to go for patent to reality so I wouldn't bet on either of these I asked you guys about your predictions for the next Apple watch and this is what you had to say mocha soilless says I'm with you on the Apple watch for probably two additional models and no watch 5 at least not this year perhaps Apple will include a software update that would allow for sleep tracking with the existing 4 while Donnell Maddox says in my opinion the next Apple watch will be Qi compatible I'm hoping for that one too and I am three times it says since when has only a speck bump kept Apple from calling the Apple watch a new series well played that's it for products at least for the September event maybe we'll get an update on how many people have signed up for the Apple card and an official launch date and price for Apple TV plus an apple arcade but I'm not expecting more than this at the event then we start to get into the products I haven't officially termed beyond the Apple event they're coming just not in September I'm talking about a MacBook iPad air pods and the cheaper home pod we're expecting a 16 inch MacBook Pro with slimmer later this year maybe at a launch event in October an 11 inch and 12 point 9 inch iPad pro sequel with improved cameras and faster processors and maybe an entry-level iPad with a larger screen as well as new air pods 3 with water resistance and noise cancellation and that cheaper home pod although these two might not arrive until early 2020 we have one more show before the Apple event which is kind of crazy so next week we're gonna shake things up a bit on the apple core with a special guest and a special announcement so instead of asking you guys to weigh in on a specific subject this week you can ask me anything Apple related from the event future Apple products my opinion about future Apple products you know the drill just comment below or tweet me and we'll chat about it next week now I can't highlight all of them on the show but I do promise to go through them and answer as many as humanly possible so come back next week for more apple core
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