Webbie Interview at Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (11/13/2013) (FULL)

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    Webbie stops through to chat about his new album, current events and kick it to Angela Yee.

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    morning everybody is DJ envy Angela went to sleep I for them on in my head I'm out to the bird man get you a fur man I'm straight baby we here baby November 9 st. standard I fold my brother come on both of you listening right now we saw the video on we're all started this show an apocalyptic event on that new honey now they hit the water what is the date with webby like like if you were going to take a female on a date would that consist of what you also know tell me where where would you go you on enough I could tell you but I could take Angela recently single just broke up and you know I'm going through a very very difficult that ain't my business you know she was you know okay oh no oh that's crazy god is good on somebody on 7th Street something he would listen to my song and it's okay mom what's always like what's a bag the boat I talked about yesterday okay he say my name he say he's a he's a Mountie a businessman come on yeah we done been here before man we came and we wasn't responsible you know we young why and you know that come we're stuck you know where we go up there how do you bid so I probably pull up my pants talking my serve talk better not have to leave with me we're gonna be awesome you called it web you know you said you was gonna praise that you could you talk to God and God told you booty was coming straight up man I told boy he will come home before anybody work I want a man but yeah but set out to everybody not just bully everybody in this situation man that's great absolutely where did you shout our bird man just a second ago would you ever sign a bird man ass I know another artist no that's my dog that's my dog creaking sound out the road so I got diseases you know them are people you know if they rear but I kind of trail family go race and pizza pop sweet job Julie I'm you y'all get a lot of money over they don't know people scared to come around you know madbeatz he'll wall my name is scared to sit on my rope they still okay they let you at the media we got that's right other people like me have a lot of sad way to come around us we heard taken people chained pumping Nick you know anymore depending on what out of the independent something happen with some crazy stuff and my partner he was in the car he probably until we say man live come on man he's driving off and please chasing you know I know I feel the drive fair but I never ran from a pony don't do that don't do what you think about the typhoon to hit the Philippines man my blessed God watching over everybody go I got his hands on everybody and whatever supposed to happen gonna happen cuz go iperf so that's my ass go I perfect straight up absolutely now but this new album is coming up to 19 did you do anything different with this sound than any other Alan shipper recording um every day a different day so I stayed alive I stayed alive so sad was like five Sabbath I see it's one day I always be sad like my lunch ain't never die Neville now believe I wanted people in the rheticus a day I don't know I never look I know now in my life I feel immortal to like an angle I would never say that straighter I gonna ever say I'm a dying speaking that in the exhuming go never die if you know that you know the absolutely shout out to the world do you watch TV where how do you relax ready I watch TV good times I mean I mean not no disrespect no no nobody to play on themselves I mean that's what I'm i watch that whole like my life a movie in a club some of those people sometimes they come up then you don't know who they are sometime I don't sometime I do like like I said that Pakistan always running the NFL player all my dogs will bless to make their kids you can be whatever you want to be you gotta pray you gotta go get that I don't know who the hell but I know I know you I know everybody we all get we family might we're gonna we go ahead we are even though we live in forever but we are the government you're gonna live forever we going we go on ahead absolutely I think I'm ahead you have me racially profiled man they got this store in New York all Barney's was racially profiling as young black brothers are we going there going there by like a nice design a Gucci belt and then they call it police on let's say our credit cards fake racial profiling yeah yeah that's like when you go to it when you go when you go when you go to sort of sort of car light and you've got a good your everything I don't thank you for the beat out yeah so you would never lick open but no will you do I marry yeah I'll lick my wife's butt over white smile shout out to my babe I know you never told her that colonics man man that's on him I know my people we walked around we walked around we scream no Brad you're gonna be poor have to pay more money for taxes they say that's out Obamacare work now what we doing when I write I write I know every year for the holiday she does her favorite things people go out and buy the stuff like these very headphones whatever now for the holidays what do you think are some things that people should be buying five things you should buy we're gonna buy me some nice toys and recommendations for other people maybe for the kids for your lady who you love what are some great presents for the holiday Oh buy some school school school clothes so they can be back fresh when they go to school some pencils some pens give them back straight like I usually play down until you can bring your pencil up and leave your goodnight Nick on it that's right they will give you to get the rubber pencils because you wrote pencils they wouldn't they wouldn't bring no no no no you like Nick is an ally will you like in hip hop right now look at my doll or the camera but I don't get any lost man you blessed to be behind a microphone and get paid for them and that's a blessing brown president you know Michael Jackson Michael no yeah I care about it if you don't like Mike you crazy you think Michael was touching them little boys yeah don't make you love what I know so a pimple ZOA when I say Oh Janet now I'm saying when you were raising them you used to beat them and used to do all kind of hard he straight up I hope all my kid grow up to be multi-millionaire you can tell me whatever you won't about I raised my kid what Sookie is doing what do you think about Kanye West and Kim going down that was real crazy recently Oh Kim Kardashian their relationship for them big ass anything what about old lady I mean what happened she had the sex tape with raging raging with a interrupt you watch me sign up that boy LeBron yeah so I took my personal homeboy from Baton Rouge baby baby you heard me Glen Davis you'll fool that ball gotta ring his first year he went to the embryo itself as a Celtic week yeah we flee from bad roll what's your team well come on the game know if I get my kids I like a good game you know it's a Super Bowl when the finals come yeah you know what's your favorite great a we right now you got a lot every if that's what's the situation I grew up loving that Ridge yeah example when the stacks came yeah when you know better you do with Monica angle reasons anything like that no my only note road I mean I think people need that kind of stuff well can hang on comment cuz I'm proud to be saying you know but I don't need my time say no no drugs I say we legal they say that's when we now kendrick lamar's on the cover of GQ magazine he's a man of the year one of the men of the year Kendrick Lamar you know who he is mmm you never heard of Kendrick Lamar I mean I'm pretty so I D I mean what what what song he's saying bitch don't kill my vibe up now I was gonna say him and Drake have been having a little back and forth with each other my bang about no snubs with no rap beef none of it over I'm going to jail so bitch don't put me on old Feeny come on put nobody I ain't nobody cuz I want you to smash purchase everybody wrong it was right night and that's not fun that's what got you in for a reason you look at all your partners doesn't jail or dead and you still are in for a reason man you another chance to live the right way man that's what I want to do next time gotta be called spiritual life man sounded like he is a sphere to life their God in me my I believe when I was a little man I was like I don't know I wouldn't I know I wasn't seeming yet whatever the Virgin want you and I pray for twins man I got yeah I'll stay in school we all keep doing good keep making our dad haven't got it wrong smell like pee that room smell like pee so y'all y'all this is the web' I'm telling you man absolutely God isn't how that's my yeah so why for to say everything like all the things that you did when you were younger you try to do really great things now to make up for it no I'm leaving by Thursday night look at you and look at silly when I get a girl bite itself though I know that I bring um I don't know man we can be our sales no look at you look at you tonight on the real no man I got my on the free of me I still be on the phone with the police right now I got raped last night you go that's mine women took me in raped me try to swallow me my uh my help how many girls you wait were you really tell her to stop yeah tickle my they used to happen to me when I say when I say mine either be tickling who know what I mean it made you mean that's what you do it photo get that too bad that you got yeah thank you for films are so big big crime on you O'Connor man no it was right yeah I don't go there what good morning
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