Apple's iPhone 11 Special Event in 13 Minutes

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    Watch the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, iPad 7th generation, apple arcade, apple watch series 5, and iPhone 11's new photography software Deep Fusion all get announced at this year's 2019 Apple Special Event - all in under 13 minutes. Tim Cook does a fantastic, full presentation in Cupertino CA as we all wait with baited breath to see what new phone features and cameras will be revealed.

    Apple's iPhone 11 launch event reactions:
    First closeups of iPhone 11, iPad 7th gen, Series 5 watch at Apple Demo Room:

    Our iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max First Impressions:
    Apple Watch Series 5 First Impressions:
    iPad 7th generation 2019 First Impressions:

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    this is iPhone 11 the next generation of iPhone and it is jam-packed with great new capabilities in an incredible new design iPhone 11 has a beautiful anodized aluminum and glass design and that glass it's the toughest ever in a smartphone on the front and back in the glass it surrounds the camera has a sculpted 3d geometry and it was precision milled down from a single piece of glass to achieve this elegant look iPhone 11 comes in six new colors with an all-new purple white yellow green black and product red now the 6.1 inch liquid Retina display with true tone white color tapped awake and haptic touch in even more places with Iowa's 13 like contextual menus now videos are wonderful to watch on this display and now we have spatial audio which provides an immersive theater like experience by creating a sound field around you using an apple design virtualizer and we support Dolby Atmos for an incredible sound experience now let's talk about camera iPhone is the world's most popular camera and it gets even better with iPhone 11 we have an amazing dual camera system with an all-new wide camera with a new sensor with a hundred percent focused pixels for faster autofocus three times faster in low-light and we have a new ultra wide camera with a hundred and twenty degree field of view this will let you capture way more in your photos and videos because now you can take a wide camera shot like this but switch to the ultra wide to reveal this all right let's talk about night mode this is for those very low-light environments like outdoors at night or inside a dimly lit restaurant and night mode comes on automatically when it's dark enough to brighten photos and reduce noise here's an image with night mode turned off here it is with night mode turn on now we've also added slow-motion video to the front camera for the first time now we think this is going to be really fun it's so fun that we created a little ad about it and we couldn't resist showing you all right so battery we know that battery life is really important to customers and last year was the iPhone 10 are we already have the longest battery life in an iPhone ever and it was a big leap and our customers loved it so with the advancement in iPhone 11 it'll still have an hour more than battery than your iPhone 10 our four incredible so we're really excited to offer iPhone 11 at just $6.99 this is the iPhone 11 Pro and these are the most powerful and most advanced iPhones that we have ever built in a stunning new design this is the most advanced and detailed iPhone we've made yet it's made of a surgical grade stainless steel that back is a single piece of machine glass with an optical PVD coating there's a beautiful new matte textured finish that looks great and feels awesome in your hand iPhone 11 Pro comes in some gorgeous new finishes this is an all-new midnight green there's a very pro Space Gray a beautiful silver and a new gold these are incredible alright let's talk about this pro display it comes in two sizes five point eight inches and 6.5 inches they have the highest pixel density of any display Apple makes our super Retina display is the most advanced we've ever built into an iPhone it's a new OLED panel that has 2 million to 1 contrast ratio p3 wide color true tone have to touch and now a much brighter up to 1200 nits that's incredibly bright while also being 15% more energy-efficient in addition to that it has the spatial audio sound the Cayenne told you about HDR 10 Dolby vision Dolby Atmos so we decide it's worthy of a new name we call it the super Retina XDR display so what is our team done to help the battery keep up with this incredible level of pro performance we are so excited to tell you that with iPhone 11 Pro you now get up to four hours longer in your day with iPhone 11 Promax up to five hours longer their day we're also including our fast charge 18 watt adapter in the box you can charge them all faster too so I know I know what you're waiting for I am too let's talk about the cameras now question my favorite part about iPhone this is the first iPhone that we've had a camera system that we call pro it's really worthy of this name so what does it have first it has a new wide camera that has a fast F 1.8 aperture and focus pixels to cover a hundred percent of the sensor it is a new telephoto camera with a larger F 2.0 aperture it lets in 40% more light and has a new ultra wide camera with a super wide 120 degree field of view and a tremendous range of focus across the entire image so iPhone 11 pro will start at $9.99 an iPhone 11 Pro max it's just $100 more at $10.99 you can pre-order all of them starting this Friday at a new time 5:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time so if you can get a few more hours of sleep and then get in line a pre-order they'll all start shipping on September 20th so this is our lineup of three new iPhones starting at six ninety nine ninety nine and ten ninety nine in addition to that we're going to keep iPhone 10 are in the line starting at just $5.99 and iPhone eight at four forty nine so there's a lot of great options for people at all different price points so that is our news today on iphone 11 and iphone 11 pro introducing Apple watch series 5 featuring an innovative new display that is always on the new always-on Retina display never sleeps so the watch face is always visible with previous models of Apple watch when you lowered your wrist the display would go completely dark but now with series 5 you always be able to see your time and complications by combining this incredible hardware with innovative software we're able to deliver this always-on display while still maintaining the same all day 18 hour battery life another important benefit of Apple watch is being able to express your personal style and series 5 has the widest assortment of case finishes ever aluminum models come in silver gold and Space Gray and now the cases are made from a hundred percent recycled aluminum series five gps models will start at just 399 and $4.99 for cellular models you'll be able to order series 5 starting today right after at the keynote and they'll be available in our stores starting September 20th and we're about to make this I've had a whole lot better because we're replacing the 6th generation iPad with this the new seventh generation iPad this is a big upgrade with some great new features and it's designed to make the most out of iPad OS of course iPad is a magical piece of glass you can become almost anything we want it to be so the display is so important to the iPad experience and we're making the display even bigger this iPad has a new larger 10.2 inch Retina display we're also proud that with all these enhancements this new iPad will start at just $329 you can order it today and it will start shipping at the end of the month it really has been a big year for iPad this new iPad joins the new ipad mini iPad air and iPad pros all taken further than ever before with iPad OS our mission for Apple TV plus is to bring you the best original stories from the most creative minds in television and film stories that help you find inspiration that are grounded in emotion truly stories to believe in now these are just a few of the exclusive originals from the exciting Apple TV Plus lineup with Apple TV plus you'll get access to these and so many more the best movies comedies dramas and kids shows now I know that some of you have been wondering when will Apple TV Plus be available and how much will it cost well today we're excited to tell you that the first shows will be available on November 1st and will be thank you and we'll be adding more Apple originals every month and Apple TV plus will be available in over a hundred countries at launch and it is just $4.99 per mark all of these incredible shows for the price of a single movie rental this is crazy we are so excited about Apple TV plus that we wanted to do something really special and so starting today when you buy an iPhone an iPad a Mac or an Apple TV you get one year of Apple TV plus a we are thrilled to launch Apple arcade on the App Store the world's first game subscription service for mobile desktop and TV Apple arcade is the only place you can get unlimited access to over 100 groundbreaking exclusive new games made for iPhone iPad Mac and Apple TV you can't find these games on any other mobile platform or subscription service no games service has ever launched as many games at once and we can't wait for you to play all of them Apple arcade is available starting on September 19th we'll be introducing over 100 new games to our launch catalog in the weeks ahead so how much does unlimited access to all these amazing games cost just $4.99 a month for the whole family and we're launching with a 1 month free trial
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