9 Stupidest Purchases Made By Rappers

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    We all know rappers tend to make bad decisions with their money. That's normal. But these 9 rappers purchased something so unbelievable it had to make a list. Even with a million-dollar net worth, rappers like Lil Wayne and Lil Baby have made some of the worst purchases ever.



    nine stupid things rappers have purchased the flaunting of wealth has been synonymous with hip-hop since rappers first started making money having said that there are plenty of cases of that cash burning up with outlandish displays of wealth going from rags to riches can wrap up a person's perception of money and lead them to make some bad buys here are nine questionable purchases made by rappers over the years before we get into this list make sure you click the like button and don't forget to subscribe to our channel number nine little baby starting off the list at number nine we have little baby last October baby paid a visit to the place that every up-and-coming rapper has to go to the icebox jewelry store in Atlanta he didn't go there to get jewelry for himself though what he actually bought was much more surprising along with an $8,000 kid-sized Rolex for his birthday baby purchased his son a chain that has his name fully iced out with seven carats of v/s diamonds copy that baby Jason pull-up Bush down Rose the reason for why this wasn't a good purchase is pretty obvious I mean I don't think kids cared that much about iced out chains he probably would have rather to have some Legos or something plus that kid is gonna outgrow that Rolex and probably eight months I don't know maybe I'm just hating because a five-year-old has more money than me number eight the game the game is well known for his car collection but cars can be a fickle financial investment they depreciate in value pretty quickly and can really burn a hole in your pockets but the game took it to a whole new level when he purchased a new Bugatti Veyron for a whopping 2.2 million dollars in 2012 quote that reality show money is wonderful he said in the post on Instagram the yellow Bugatti does look pretty sweet but it's eyebrow-raising price tag makes us wonder if it's really worth it how the tables turn in seven years earlier this year the game was accused of sexually assaulting a contestant on the vh1 reality show she's got game the same show which helped him pay for his Bugatti a judge awarded 7 million dollars to the woman he assaulted but the game did not pay it and now his royalties from his most recent album are being paid in order to settle the debt with all this drama and money being thrown around that Bugatti doesn't seem like such a great purchase in hindsight number 7 Tyga tige is once again on the up-and-up coming out of a tumultuous career spiral by penny club hits and party anthems it wasn't always so peachy for Tyga though who has been evicted from multiple homes for owing back pay on rent as recently as 2016 he's even had his Ferrari repossessed none of these past failures have stopped Tyga from flexing his newfound fortune though earlier this year he got in touch with Ben baller and had a custom diamond chain made for an eye-popping 500 thousand dollars a truly ridiculous amount of money to carry around your neck but hey that's how tiger rolls let's hope he doesn't have to pawn it for rent money number 6 Drake there are many reasons why it would be sick to live the life of October's very own in what is probably one of the biggest flexes you could ever make Drake bought his neighbor's property after they complained about the noise coming from his seven point seven million dollar home in Hidden Hills California the additional property cost him another 2.5 million but that was just a drop in the bucket for the former Degrassi star whose net worth now exceeds 150 million dollars between the two luxury homes Drake now has a combined twelve thousand square feet of space in the Hidden Hills plenty of room for the lavish parties and rock style lifestyle I'm sure he's living but will never experience number five Soulja Boy let's throw it back to 2009 the viral hit of the decade inspiring white people everywhere to do the Superman is Soulja Boy's crank that Soulja Boy is on top of the world selling records and selling out shows what could he possibly purchase if you guessed a remote-controlled Lamborghini on a chain you would be correct never in my life did I think I would say the words remote-controlled Lamborghini chain but here we are remote control them is black just like my pink arranger than my pink Arun and my super bracelets is our black lady aside like that long time you do like that right there you don't hey everybody lie down man Soulja Boy had the miniature Lambo attached to his neck chain and the whole thing cost him two hundred thousand dollars truly the investment of the century who knows though with his recent campaign to create his own game console and his resurgence in popularity perhaps Soulja Boy has more business acumen than we give him credit for either way I know what I'm not getting if I ever have $200,000 to blow number four little Wayne my farm lil Wayne is by no accounts an unintelligent man and he's also a certified legend in the rap world but we have to scratch our heads of a hundred and fifty thousand dollar price tag that came to have diamonds dentally implanted into his teeth no that's not a grill he had diamonds implanted into his teeth as in he can't take them out without surgery that's some serious commitment to the hustle it raised some odd questions when he was in prison to Rikers Island where cash is prohibited and valuables were taken by authorities would he really be allowed to show up to prison with a bunch of diamonds in his teeth that couldn't be taken out by conventional means apparently yes there were no regulations on such teeth implanted jewelry at the time of his imprisonment but hey some people stash money under their mattresses why not keep it on you at all times but putting it in your teeth number 321 savage 21 savage was on good track last year when he announced that he made the decision to no longer buy jewelry I mean he had already accumulated tons of jewelry such as a 100 carat diamond version of his face so he had plenty of accessories to wear going forward without ever getting bored of any one piece I mean it was a great decision he all of a sudden had all this money freed up that he could invest in houses crypto and helping the community his reason for making that change was that quote the richest people I've ever met in my life they've never had on jewelry every time I meet someone who's very very rich like wealthy I've never seen them with jewelry on someone must have made a mat or something because only a few months later he spent five hundred thousand dollars yes half a million on a pair of giant diamond earrings if I was gonna spend five hundred thousand dollars on some jewelry probably the last thing I would get his earrings they're notoriously easy to lose can you imagine dropping a quarter million dollar ear ring into a sewer drain let's hope that doesn't happen to 21 number-two birdman' birdman notorious for shafting the artists under his proverbial wing is also notorious for spending ridiculous amounts of money back in 2012 while he was busy not paying his artists such as the affer mentioned Lil Wayne as well as Tyga Birdman was busy instead paying for a 14.5 million dollar mansion in Miami the 19 thousand square foot pad came with a Cabana both an outdoor and an underground pool a theater a gym and a spa you name it it was probably in Birdman's mansion what a time to be alive or maybe not last year a judge ordered that Birdman vacate the mansion it turns out that Birdman took out a loan to pay for the new digs alone that he defaulted on in 2017 it led to a 12 million dollar foreclosure lawsuit which also included an office space he was renting at the time yes that's Karma for how he did little Wayne number one future in what must be one of the most pointless and extravagant wastes of money even by the standards of this list future revealed during a shopping trip with complex magazine earlier this year that he spends approximately $300,000 a month on clothing you heard that right three hundred thousand dollars a month if you want some quick maths that comes out to three point six million dollars a year just on threads threads that come and go with the seasons threads that fall behind in terms of fashion trends we're talking about varied appreciable purchases here granted it's not all for himself he was getting his daughter's Chanel sandals along with Gucci slippers on that complex shopping spree he ended up leaving that shopping trip with a forty thousand dollar bill which is apparently nothing to a man who drops over three million dollars a year on clothes he admitted that it was a bad habit noting that he goes shopping every day but hey can't knock the hustle soap that's the nine stupidest purchases that our favorite rappers have made can you defend these outrageous purchases did we forget anybody let us know in the comment section below and before you go make sure you click the like button and don't forget to subscribe you
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