I Survived On $0.01 For 3 Days

Ryan Trahan
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    3 days. 1 penny. 0 fricks left to give.
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    this is a penny equal to one cent in American currency some people may think it's trash I think it's an opportunity I'm gonna turn this penny into a billion dollars or at least enough to survive eat fill up my gas tank but first I'll use this whiteboard to explain the rules there's Abraham Lincoln enjoy whenever you buy something for a price that say I buy a pencil for a penny then sell it to Abraham Lincoln's wife for a dollar through did be really weird if we sold a pencil to Abraham Lincoln's wife and she paid pennies for it anyways this right here is called flipping I bought a pen from Abraham Lincoln for a penny his wife bought it from me for a dollar I made a profit that's what we're doing here rule number one all profit must come from wait where's the penny must come from that from from the penny from the original penny so we've had in mind rule number two food gas all must come from the Prophet I can't just go out and buy a meal I'm surviving on this penny this doesn't look like a penny and it's bothering me I need to fix this it's creepy does he have a hat on in the he definitely is a beard I know that roll number three back to Abe Honest Abe I must be honest I guess I'll just draw Abraham Lincoln again okay he's known as Honest Abe I have to be honest Commerce is a gentleman's and an gentlelady's game this is not made for scumbags yet YouTube Instagram Lincoln I can't use my social media platforms to make money I can't make a post on my Instagram story saying hey guys I'm selling no pennies for a dollar that's that I can't do that I'm getting worse than drawing him as I go because that would be cheating that'd be too easy I want to make this as not as difficult as possible but as realistic as possible let me be very clear I will not make any money during this challenge using my social media platform let's make a deal if I break any of those rules I will give up all my profits and delete my youtube channel let's do this so I think a lot of people do shopping on Sundays which is good for us it is Sunday after all dude this is great this is so busy go in and go out what do you think all right guys gosh I'm nervous this is so awkward oh my gosh excuse me ma'am do you have anything I could buy for a penny we're doing an entrepreneurship class right now and this is the very beginning like a pen or something oh my gosh thank you so much okay you got all the knickknacks shoot okay I wouldn't blame her I got so nervous up there at the front to ask someone so we just gave up in your last row oh my gosh here I have to give you this Cuddy thank you so much you're amazing guess we got the pin baby I'm not gonna lie I was leaving heb because I was nervous and I was like I can't leave without trying once no that was our first interaction the nicest lady I've ever met grandmas are normally the most helpful people on planet earth that's true manipulate grandmas but if I just like came up this elaborate lie she just keeps asking questions and it's dig myself further and further down the hole sometimes gotta lie to make it so we are in a neighborhood right now and I plan on selling this pin to someone I don't know anyone here the hardest part is kind of like expressing why we're doing this it's too much to explain in five seconds oh they have a hello mat that's nice hi how's it going so it's a log-log story but we're doing an Austria project turning like lion cell work our way up and we just got a pen just we bought it for a penny I don't know if you're interested in it but I am trying to sell it so if not I'll probably be knocking around at the other houses not gonna lie started with a penny so anything like a dollar would be pretty incredible I know if you can tell me what the mark-up is I will from a penny to a dollar oh geez hundred percent would be to sense right so thousand more so maybe ten is it ten thousand percent oh my god that was literally a shot in the dark that always confuses me oh my gosh thank you so much I appreciate it take care yes yes we got a dollar oh my gosh dude ten thousand percent he's definitely like a financial manager is amazing got the dollar accidentally lied again I'm not an entrepreneurship class I just don't know what to say that is like kind of contextual it's the fastest way to like get the message across that we're doing something worth their time we are slowly running out of gas and it's kind of freaking me out we should really take our time to see what the best like use of this dollar would be but I will say I think we got I think we got the hardest part out of the way like no doubt in terms of like social anxiety as well there's nothing worse than asking someone to buy a pin from you nothing works in this world imagine if she gave us that dress we'd be on a whole new trajectory I feel like people are really nice at least the two people that we talked to this is just a huge obstacle yeah that's right and I still have to fill up my car with gas and eat something because I am getting pretty hungry well I don't know okay that's like survival I would survive until 4:00 p.m. but after that I'm literally passing out and dying we need to be very selective with this dollar we could buy multiple pins and then just try to sell more so here's a pretty nice pens I think I think quantity is our friend here no doubt no doubt quantity is our friend quantities our friend it'd be easier to sell one thing for a lot of money then sell eight things for a little bit of money you know so we can figure that out we'd be set how many are in here yeah blow pops dude that's what it literally I'm talking about right now oh seven there's seven I feel like these would be easier to sell them nice okay so here's here's the question if you're commuting or just going about your day this is better than like a blow pop and there's like 57 in here so you could turn into 25 bucks where is this at the most could be like four I'm just feeling really good about these meds all right here's nothing then we're trying we'll see oh see how it goes out outside after this I only have a dollar I thought there was no tax here on food yes okay thank you so much you have a good day why is it run so nice I can't believe it all right let's go to the mall let's save your life this is the part where gas actually becomes really valuable because we're trying to drive to a mall and it's actually the pleading pretty fast at this point the challenge with dollar stores is you only have a dollar well I only have a dollar and these mints are probably the most items you can get in one package for a single dollar nineteen servings per container three pieces per serving my plan is I think selling these for a dollar each would be pretty outrageous sell them for 50 cents each and if we sell through this $28.50 in our pock the challenge is selling it so let's go to a mall and hopefully that's gonna be let's go to the mall I hope we don't run out of gas I'm selling mints two for a dollar I don't know how many you want or if you want them at all but I haven't made a sale yet you could be the first you'll buy some how many do you want I have to open the back one second these are quality I mean look at this look at that they've got the red lines no that's that would be $2 each that's like that's 20 minutes okay oh my god five okay hold on you guys are not to help me count this is crazy what a good first sale okay these are very valuable I need to count these myself I'm sorry not that I don't trust you or anything okay that's too what oh you're right there we go $10 I'm sure we're filming by the way thank you guys so much what are your names Allie thank you so much let's go that's changed everything I'm like four groups of people if you guys like to buy some mints 50 cents each no good thanks would you guys like to buy some mints all right no worries and you guys want to buy mints I'm selling these for 50 cents each I'm like I started with a penny and I'm trying to like work my way up right now which is what we're doing that's why we have a video going I don't know how much you there 50 cents each so oh my god that way yeah I don't even think I have enough men to actually sell you the $20 worth so are you sure yeah oh my gosh thank you so much okay well we need to count these out just put them in okay yeah oh my god I just broke down when I'm not giving you it okay how many is that by 1920 honestly enjoy your mints thank you guys so much oh my gosh do we have 20 dollars I can actually eat now literally my only sale so far have come from groups of girls and they both bought $10 each they have to watch my videos there's no way they have no ulterior motive is that the right phrase dude this is like enough to actually eat something my stomach is quaking right now dude this is crazy 20 bucks man literally this is the hardest part can eight to twenty dollars at the hardest part did you guys like to buy mint you don't even have mouths are you guys like a mint completely ignoring me hey would you guys like to buy mint 50 cents each super amazing are you serious oh my gosh now listen oh you know a dollar would be good too that would be amazing dude thank you so much I appreciate it you guys are great take care see ya yes 21 that was really nice it's all the peanuts I mean peppermint they look aggressive hey do you guys want to buy some mints 50 cents each are you serious I didn't buy these here no Dollar Tree you guys are insane we're like twenty two bucks well actually twenty three twenty four bucks Oh fifty cen...
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