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    I am living for the boys in this season. The makeovers were major!




    Don't forget to live your extra life! 😁


    I wonder what human this haricot welcome back see my cotton candy Wonderland we got the pink we got the blue and we got the crown because I am The King of this Wonderland what is wrong with me what's up my beautiful babes so today we got another America's Next Top Model a reaction video we're gonna do season 20 today I'm excited because there's guys in this season so there better be some hotties and some baddies if you know what I'm talking about let's get this video started shall we let's do it for each of you that we think is best for your potential now and for your future career Marvin uneven bar what is a long bub yeah but it really pick a bob forward well we'll see what happens he's so good going on with my hair yellow hair yeah grow your hair is dark it takes a little while to lift okay give the hair cells a break yeah it hurt can you stall ready something kept my beard dark wait he's gonna look amazing with platinum blonde hair clean it out so dope I'm deceased I died and then dad again and dad again are you can you marry me who else is gagging he's doing it it's gone it's gone there's nothing well I look like a sci-fi secret agent but that is the U key with a razor and immediately dawns on me I'm like this is a cue ball in the way I think I don't want to look like a freaky alien oh yeah he does look like I feel like my element was the most drastic in a lot of ways I never oh oh girl I'd be so heated instantly shave my head to the skin like how about no I'm trying not to cry because I really don't want to cry that's so hard to be on a modeling show and have somebody completely take over your look and if you're not happy with it like all your confidence is just gone and then you're just screwed for the rest of the show but I think that's like what America's Next Top Model like does like I think they just screw some people over so they get eliminated because some people get the worst makeovers ever really awesome you know and out of all the guys I really feel like you have the most unique so now I am beautifully bald this is the makeover that I owe ya you and I have no choice but to work this thing out and I promise to do nothing but that such a good attitude oh damn oh wait she looks way better that red hair suits her way more than the blonde that oranjee ratchet blocked you're like a little different Carl his hair is yellow it's pea you know I think I liked him brunette better and that I don't think has ever come out of my mouth because I love my blondes you guys know that most of my hair forward and is she just better cook chocolate like she's helping my looks like become stronger like instead of just a Cuban girl from Chicago I was like more bottled out my favorite no she's my favorite she went from girl next door hello MA dolla ah getting those foils that's clean your mileage time Oh dad what does manscape me you know what that means worst idea he's beautiful oh my god and making it look oh my gosh I was born like that is right a blondes have more fun end up looking like a Barbie wow she looks stunning they did an amazing job on her hair lives and I really don't want anybody to make dumb blonde jokes why does the best look at her serving you looks Carl she's like stay in black Platinum she looked amazing cotton that's look at 2001 Bob like what is oh my god oh my god look at his hair let's do this Phil's makeover is starting I'm gonna number this question and eat and watch their like his hair was completely absolutely confident I want him to kind of lose it over here everybody else is waiting but I trust my stylist to come through with something I'm excited to see so keep waiting oh my god daddy the flower crown though just tops it up perfectly combination if I do this Tarzan I'm totally fine with it so those were cycle 20 makeovers I have to say this is I think my favorite makeover season so far all around there was some really really cool makeovers and I think everybody looks so good my favorites though what we're probably Jordan and Phil hmm I don't I think Phil was my favorite he looked so bangin in that long hair like I hope he grew it out after that show because he looked so amazing with long hair what do you guys think do you agree with me or not today's Instagram shout-out goes to Cara I will put her Instagram name right here this is what Cara looks like you're adorable ah she says hey Brad loved your videos on YouTube thank you but question I need help should I go blonder and if so balayage or highlights I'll send a pic of my hair now and some inspiration pics so this is her inspiration picture Wow I'm obsessed with that that is absolutely gorgeous and yes you should 100% do exactly at that picture so for you I would recommend doing kind of a root shadow up top kind of get rid of those highlights really up high and then bring really bright punchy pieces down in the front of your hair and then have a stylist lighten the ends a lot so that they're really punchy at the bottom and you have that really punchy piece in the front to bring out your face you should definitely give it a go let me know if you do it tag me on Instagram I would love to see it thank you all so much for watching today don't forget to live your extra life and I will see you next time peace
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