My Family Vacation *DISASTER*

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    I went on a family vacation with my family and my best friend. We thought we would go to a resort but my dad took us on a family camping trip in the middle of the woods. We did a lot of fun activities as a family in the woods, however we have to beware of the bears!

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    let's see we're going camping for two days why would you pack so much react anything can happen imagine a really cute boy walks by I packed it up for that and when we go swimming I brought two bathing suits for that and imagine I still fit on this t-shirt and another cute boy walked by it so I packed several more of these t-shirts I also packed a blow dryer a hair strainer and a hair curler because I just couldn't make up my mind I hope I just put them in the car jerk girls why you not think the car yet we're going to be late I don't know how to put to these luggages in the mouth what is taking so long hurry up boy relax I'm coming I'm coming oh wait I have to pee be right back three up for my luggages in the truck huh yeah hey I can't see you maybe if you pack later you would have mine just put my stuff in the trunk because there is no more room in the trunk that's ridiculous I'll make some room one second wait I'm coming much better let's go I'm sad that your brother couldn't come with us react I know he thought he would be able to combine his research program got extended at school imagine doing school in the summer Riya oh my gosh I would totally cry well when we're in University he might have to I mean I might have to that's better cuz I would never hey guys does anybody have to go to the bathroom get me oh I'm hungry we ate an hour ago exactly that's why I said I'm hungry I have naan roti almost sub G is the most relevant the first one please mama G dad are you sure we're going the right way I don't worry last year we went camping of course I am do not beat me about right and wrong Isaac vacation I meant beach resort and put the caner but instead it takes me to a bloody forest for mosquitos to our shut this is what your father should never drive mummy-ji I saw a sign that said beware of bears when we were walking in hey don't worry there's no bears here they just put those signs up for decoration for the camping experience oh my gosh gonna bury him he went to go bring the bag from the car since you guys are so lazy couldn't help him we are helping with my luggages hello mineral bags they are in the trunk do you think I'm stupid they are not in the trunk ja you put them inside I sold my eyes I did tizzy you remember seeing our luggages in the back of the trunk right yes of course I remember taking them out putting my luggages in and then then what oopsies Jessie it was an accident I forgot to put them back inside the trunk are you serious well this is all your fault you guys are all stressing me out oh please tell me how are we stressing you out Chet see why you're packing so much Tessa get in the car Tootsie Tootsie Tootsie okay let's just not panic yeah it's fine I have my luggages here we can all share my clothes mom oh gee you would look so beautiful in my if I see a cute boy outfit Jonny airplane dammit oh I cannot deal with her real help me put the tent up I'll help still no please you've helped enough just sit there till we are done your guys we have to go home there is no outlets to make my cha we're in the middle of the woods mama Jean even I knew there'd be no outlets out here actually Google that oh really you are not holding it right I'm not even holding it it's all you okay go this one again mosquitos it's cuz I hit those sweet tries dissonant no it's nothing well looks like someone here is having some trouble with their tents I'm not having trouble does it look like I'm having trouble no it's okay thank you I make very good for tanks okay yes you guys should come over and eat with us my wife here makes the most amazing chicken the marination from her great-great-great great-great-great grandmother excuse me we are vegetarian we do not eat meat my wife makes the best unloosed up G that's right very very tasty change man we're gonna have a lot of leftovers coz two of our kids couldn't join us on our annual family camping trip this time my son didn't come as well because he is studying to become a doctor oh they it's great yeah our son and her daughter both in medical school at the moment and hopefully a little junior over there will be sent to well my daughter is going to become a doctor as well right real tell them um what about me I might want to become a doctor tell please we are having serious discussion I'll please yeah probably not okay present nice talking for you bye I am very busy they're right we should join them we don't even have a barbecue and we don't even know how long it's gonna take dad to put this tent together excuse me I am almost done I agree with Rhea Mamaji no we are eating the food I brought from home that's enough hello everyone hi I'm deputy bill I'm going around to each campground and informing them that there is a bear on the loose so if a bear approaches your campgrounds please go inside your tent and do not come out until the bear has left and whatever you do do not feed the bear okay please deputy be pretty whatever back home in India I would wrestle many animals big cows would try to come into my house and I would say no you cannot enter and they were run away sir a beer and a cow are not the same thing see the bear signs were not just for decoration please sir no bid will come and if they come I can be very skinny and even leave don't worry we are safe thank you bye now where was I if the bear eats you don't say I didn't warn you evening no problem is the least they could have done and what am I supposed to sleep in this sari it's a hundred percent silk don't worry mama G I brought for pyjamas you can borrow one of mine one for the campfire one to sleep in one just in case they pee myself from seeing a really scary animal and wine if a really cute boy walks by it's okay I was just I think you're doing that wrong uncle G okay please I know how to make a campfire I used to do it all the time well shut up Joe we're going to be here all night before you start that fire what about s'mores oh the bear is here bubbly user squirrel I knew I should have stayed home with grams okay everybody relax here I will deal with the bear I really hope this bear issue hey don't say things like that okay I think the bear is gone you're welcome my moves oh we're never gonna start this fire are we I do have an idea thank goodness I brought my laptop in my backpack how am I supposed to shut my marshmallow into your computer area yeah I'm going to bed I'm coming to bed so everybody's tired and did a lot to them driving for six hours putting up that stand to this campfire I'm done that all criminal half the time he didn't okay good night I'm not John even do that what an interesting trip Riya I didn't get to eat barbecue with the cute boy your brother didn't come I didn't go to the beach I didn't eat my s'mores I almost got attacked by a bear and I have 30 mosquito bites and that's all on one leg that's what makes my family vacations different from everyone else's ok I'm going back to the tent baby yeah I'm coming to I'm a thing I'm cool hey guys we're here in Liberty kidney was over hey I am NOT woman Jeep outside you both have a bun with a mower but that smell I'm cold did you play it again it don't look at me let's see stop tickling my leg my speeder under my blanket but no that is a stage in my mini there's no
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