BEST MOMENTS in David Dobrik's INSTAGRAM STORIES [June] | Compilation #37

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    just recording in case Jeff blows this thing up from his pee because it's - kids safety first little guy look at this organization Wow Wow Wow guy Shelby and sandy brought over a new painting okay go for it better sick it's genuinely so sick now he's reading my caption why don't you want to be photographed it's for all nine guys we just recorded the podcast and Jason made me cry you want to explain yourself that's nice you know you're your mother and my wife watches these he's done you want tree yeah we're all going to Vegas I blocked Eric on Instagram so she can't look at my stories but don't tell Erin we're gonna get super drunk oh just by showing you all the snacks in the card she has no I'm hanging out of it what a rare sight come we're gonna be smile hey bananas Toby say cheese okay as I'm over here editing unlike the 50th floor and then this guy scares the shit out of me John and I are back at it again fun fact they used to call us the biker gang all the kids in the neighborhood would call us that right before they kicked our asses guys John brought me a gift looks like it's heavy my car alarms gone off are those buttons of you thanks John or shoot before that closes officially single guys how you feel son I'm over here admiring how pretty everything is then I come over here who the hell did this which one of my friends with my friends did this there's only one spicy deluxe chicken sandwich left okay on shoot ready Rock Paper Scissors shoot this is a shoot no more of this bullshit ready aren't you Rock Paper Scissors shoot Rock Paper Scissors shoot Rock Paper Scissors shoot tell everybody how you feel rock paper scissors guys were at the end Iran and Natalie and I are just sitting from the steps what are you laughing at I'm gonna post this so everybody sees guys the apartment has gotten a makeover courtesy of DOM and the girls look at this that is so sick Dom you heard you're finally at home it took you fucking three years to move it and as I think the bill tried pranking me is this a prank okay he left me a note to say fuck you fuck off fuck off don't park your bitch alexxa open the shades well Alexa turn Alexa turn off the lights wow this is uh this is pretty aggressive but um I'll take it baby that's a home run we're worried about red ball hit I was answering the door hit my post mace in the shoulder are you big shake shake shake Pau Pau to meet you I'm having a hard time editing cuz this guy what do you want but there's so much fucking ugly natalie was telling me why bother people by tying um you never post on time well here she is look how pretty is outside look at this there's the Sun and then when you go in here there's my son love you not you alright guys this maybe maybe been any stop it stop it Wow 16 17 18 thanks so much for bringing axle life and Angry Birds - can't wait for you see movies that's so cute guys it's me and me Jason before he started working with u-verse Jason after only two times tonight if you do three you're gonna get a rash and you wear it out so just you sure take it easy last night have a good time okay bye okay we got beef beef and orange chicken we got a little beef right here a tiny cute beef I'll just send me a cake saying I'm awesome you want a slice I'm okay come on okay fine okay well enjoy their food yeah pretty big fucking spoon guys I have fruit at my house how California is this look at this oh my god hey guys Toby's about to meet my second brother that's the guy that's the guy Wow Wow thank you
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