School Morning Routine! *Rich Girl vs Normal Girl*

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    Different types of girls have different school morning routines. Especially when you compare a rich girl vs normal girl. Mornings are crazy when you have to shower, get dressed, do your makeup and eat breakfast. You can see and compare how these two girls get ready in the morning before going to school.

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    this is the morning routine of two very different girls cinnamon and dizzy they're both gonna wake up wake up wake up it's you darling wakey-wakey it's time for school I don't want to go to school today mom I had the worst leap ever we needed to match us this one sucks but we just bought this one we bought it 15 years ago exactly now get up and get dressed fine I said get up good morning I hope you had nice sleep I brought you one water with lemons for cleansing I did slept like a baby as usual oh this is good your daddy had to leave early this morning he went to Singapore for the business but he left his credit card on the counter so you can buy yourself something nice better be the Platinum card of course he left already I really get to see him I islands your school clothes for you I left it in your second closet I'll be downstairs making your very nice breakfast and then Joe the driver will take it to school in 45 minutes make sure to tell him to take the black Range Rover Sport yesterday do the limbo and my outfit got completely wrinkled from climbing into the backseat since that Carly has two doors I will let him know and who used up all the hot water it's are you almost ready darling and almost done grams you look so beautiful and flawless the worst is when you're found they should does not match not cute see let me I brought you some fresh towels it matches your hair ah nothing better than a warm cup of tea mom where's my different cereal I'm ready to leave how darling it's probably all finished and you know I don't like you eating all these sugary cereals you can have some of mine it's raisin apricot barley and Brad it's very good for your digestion granite apricot it's fine I'll just eat something at school oh darling at least take a banana with you okay have a great day in school and not you morning Frank good morning miss cinnamon please have a seat in the dining room I'm almost done preparing your breakfast smells divine and I'm feeling freshly squeezed orange juice today looks delicious enjoy your missing the meal what delicious berries they are fresh from the garden hey cinnamon you look amazing did you just come for breakfast no fix her plate of course if you insist agony hey Rianna hey tux Oh can I have some that granola bar my mom forgot to replenish my cereal yeah sure what flavor is this it has brand barley apricots and raisins why do you get such grandma flavors Rhea and where are the chocolate chips whatever I'm still gonna eat it coz I'm really hungry it's nutritious oh and can you make sure we don't sit next to Larry tea on the bus he always farts and I can taste it it's really gross let's go is the bus were always late for school and I always miss the notes in the beginning of class this bus service is becoming very unreliable I'm gonna have to write a letter who cares Rhea really you better hope I get the notes because you copy off me on every test my notes benefit you hi nice huh what do you want cinnamon but the last thing I want to do is see you in the morning thanks for winning my day already no you whirring you pull up to us every morning you and Salton Sea to help you you get mad and then you drive off it's part of our morning routine Wow yeah you're smarter than you look bye losers see you at school they're so annoying anyways do you want to go the mall after school I need to buy new socks none of I match and it's driving me crazy sure I was going anyways with my grandma to get her new makeup so we could totally go together and then get Froyo and watch really cute boys walk by hey guys I hope you liked that video and if you did don't forget to like it down below because it means so much to us so we have a question for you whose morning school routine would you want to see yeah just maybe mine maybe mine I went up really late you know who is that morning school routine I would like to see from our school or rhubarb's and Rajas side by side or ignant or Agnes there's not much like school routine left like summer's almost here yeah are you guys are excited for summer summer morning routine summer morning routine over there bad yeah it's either you do sleep in yeah high percent but now we're doing much in the summer because you want to just get out and just get super hot and I can't sell this out hard yeah and the sunlight comes in so bright and you just be like going out and spending your day doing something fun are you guys excited for school to be over I'm so excited for summer vacations I'm a vacation what are your plans during the summer vacation we literally went from school to summer but like I just love summer so much like I feel like this part of the year is like you're just looking forward to like summer also don't forget to subscribe to this channel because we would love to have you and follow Daniel and I on Instagram as well as all of our other classmates at Beverly Valley High because it's a good time it's a fun time and the pictures are cute cuter than us yep
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