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    Today, us mere Muggles will take Pottermore’s official sorting hat quiz and officially find out which Hogwarts houses we belong to!

    Leave a comment and let us know which houses you think we *really* be sorted into!

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    right for sure expel yeah iiiii honest to my best friends and Courtney and we today are gonna be doing something quite fun of regarding is something I love very much Harry Potter now we get a lot of questions and comments streams whatever about what our Harry Potter houses are and who's everybody is in the squad and a lot of us do know our answers but we thought wouldn't it be fun today to see how well we know each other and take the quizzes for Egypt yeah whatever answers we get from deciding what each other are what houses each other in it's gonna be canon it will be permanent what it is olivia is the biggest harry potter fan so big I love that guy with the big hair and he lives inside a little house Hagrid he's your favorite my god I get him so confused at the Lord of the Rings guy yeah so she doesn't know Harry Potter at all which is why it's super important that we find her house today I don't even know what mine is anymore I've taken the quiz and like I've gotten a different house each time so whatever this is where it is it's Canada its Pottermore we're doing it for reals before we begin though make sure to punch that notification bell why don't you Avada Kedavra that no as I always say Falcon push stop it Falcon punish oh that's what a bird lands in your dish full of juice yeah would it be cool if I went first so yeah we have a Gandalf hat instead of a we had a sorting head in the office and it was gotta get thrown away and I held on to it and now it is nowhere to be fine it operated Jamie what house do you think you belong to first time I took the quiz I got Ravenclaw and I feel like that works really well after they made the changes I got Gryffindor's I'm a Ravenclaw but Gryffindor rising obviously think your girlfriend or what I think Damien's a ravenclaw very hardcore way what are so uh Raven claw they value intelligence they are the studious ones they want to be top of the class big rep adores represented by lions they're about bravery and courage and leading folks in the body Gryffindor Hufflepuff armed with hard workers they're very loyal they're just so cool you will meet and then slytherins value like power and strength no matter what you're very cunning getting what you want so you're basically here I think you're a little puff but we'll get to that later friendship all right so Damian you would say you're a ravenclaw I would say I'm a Ravenclaw I got a couple books okay all right be sorted I'm very much a moon boy I think that's fair stars is like its fate see the poet sounds like it would be really tasty but I'm thinking the frothy diamond ones - to quote Dave Chappelle it'll make my Dookie twinkle see I'm thinking the chocolate and plums like like yeah cuz Damien using Dave Chappelle logic that that's this is the first time here in this yeah I always quote Dave Chappelle you do but not when it comes to very important things I are having chocolate and plums I'm thinking chocolate boys - sorry buddy no that's like that's the point of this video though the black one does sound good too my heart says leaves in a forest because I could see some like cool round animals okay but you know also like an alleyway with lanterns sounds cool you can find a little like like little mom-and-pop kind of shop where they sell like round animals I think narrow dark plant in Llanelli that gives me Tokyo vibes yeah I think I've thinking that too but for a very different logic I know Damien loves Dark Souls and blood-borne and those are pretty those pretty much sum up those games alright narrow dark Lantern lit alleys disappoint you guys we're just trying to sort you mother I would say ignorant probably I will say knowing Damien I believe that because there's nothing I think Damien fears worse than he doesn't want to be the bad guy so to be misunderstood and labeled as ignorant would destroy him yeah ignorant I say selfish would have been a close second though wait you did you right you answered selfish no we can't go back oh that's fine that's fine that was our second choice you guys it's fine selfish was the right answer I guess sorting hat shows for us they're gonna make me a helpful I mean this sounds like a cop-out but like every area of magic I can because why not a friend an animal and also turn it into a fatter animal I think there would be something specifically that you would really enjoy and I think that's Transfiguration is I think you would find it very funny to turn objects into fat cats I was thinking or enjoy yeah yeah all the ones that I Hey then if the majority is spoken all right the majority of the Hat selfish again I always felt love for my parents as a kid but I think I felt the most like positive reinforcement when I was praised for doing a good job I think trusted I think maybe I think it's between praise there liked I have a scene between those two as well trust is interesting thing Ellie do I just not know him that well no no cuz all those are never respond on my text I could be like hey I have a secret and then I wouldn't I would be like I would carry that to my grave whatever it was I say we go to praise all right I'll do brace brace brace you guys may not know this about me before I was a cat person I was a bird person I grew up with four parrots and if Al's are legal in this school yo all bets are off I was hoping barn owl would be on that list yo your husband really loud it was parents if pigeon was on this list I would pick that or the problem is I have not heard Damien talk about owls though I'm gonna go with black cat because I mean a battery black or white cat cuz his cat Zelda is black and white she's a dummy thick I honestly don't know what half of these things that's fine I think I think Olivia's choice should be final well I'm gonna say some some sort of cat all right selfish black cat Oh left or right I'm going left to right right Damon's already wearing green for this it's almost as though I knew no I thing they're not the bad guys necessarily they're just enticed by pair just crappy people I truly don't know what Courtney would be I feel like you would be a Gryffindor coin see that's what yeah all right the moon or stars I want to say moon because periods but stars I feel like I really enjoy the Stars a lot more than them I would see Courtney more in stars I would serious stars stars stars for sure for me I just really miss me but smile I'm not like I hope I remember like cool I did I don't know I like your stories when you're here and alive so if I think of like a grandchildren be like what else a grandma do yo she used to like Meili Rock near a horse it's all over Instagram what's Instagram doesn't matter go to your room smile really I'm tight between that or the the wacky adventures let's go wacky adventure senses to laugh that she sounds more adventures okay oh yeah each one got worse huh okay hunger I can get through because they don't get to a point where I don't feel hunger anymore and it just goes away cuz I'm immune to boredom cold cold really sucks but like I can deal loneliness loneliness is the void in my soul and then being ignored like that just like hurts I think it's either loneliness or being ignored I was gonna say loneliness right off the bat mine was gonna be a bang ignored I think I think George I think being nortis is stronger that makes you feel lonely you say something hello it was so real see I think you are somebody that like does a lot of things really well but sometimes also hearing that from somebody like you did well you did a good job I think it means a lot so for me the pewter box jumped out because it's like you open only for the worthy it opened for me finally I'm being recognized for my achievement I think so too because it's more important than treasure yeah like anything is being like oh it's it's affirmation volunteer or try and use my words to get out of fighting at all I would say volunteer to fight yeah cuz both of those answers sort of fall in line with like you just don't want your friends to have to fight you're either gonna get them out of it or just be the one I don't see Courtney being like well I'm gonna free and beat-beat down on this person like she's gonna be like we gotta find something and to be frank or Nia I think you get your ass kicked by a troll Hey look twice a good trolls got some weight on you some experiences I think I'd probably do changing stuff transfiguration for you yeah I'm feeling me uh the apparition and dissipation because can you imagine her be like I was really cool but honestly I think at the end of the day I want a cat I grew up with cats I think they're great but I I think I need to pick a ginger cat or to have a cat I think ginger cat that's interesting because I was thinking three toad toad because here's the deal you like saying weird goofy things and for you to be like we do like to see my three treat I make your day you can let it just sort of sit in your mouth until you need it alright ooh heads or tails heads or tails tails I was thinking heads he had to alright I was gonna say tails but yeah heads I mean it's kind of funny the first time I ever took the quiz on Gryffindor and then I was so confused for so long and I was just always a good Fodor makes sense you guys see me is I think you kid is a griphon it's the only one that makes what don't even know what it is but I think so look at X YZ do you see what I'm talking about like she's wearing red and I was wearing green ravenclaw for you that's gonna be incredible now the last time we asked Olivia what house she belongs to she responded promptly Waffle House looks like...
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