New Cute Guy At Work! *Getting Over My Crush*

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    I told my crush I like him and he did not feel the same way. Now I have to get over him. The best way to get over someone is when you find someone new. There is a new cute guy at work, this may help me get over my rejection!
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    yay goodbye my hello summer tomorrow a new everyone's invited hey Rhea guess is back from University my brother's here he's even cuter than I remember I want to sit in the front welcome to my annual end-of-the-year party huh here you okay I am now that you saved me I kind of have a crush on someone and I just recently met them again think I should just ask her out all right that's it I'm gonna do it and she says yes how do you know Tia's gonna say yes wait what yeah I was really surprised you asked me out I'm so glad you said yes and what is the plan here Judd see the plan is to break them up Rhea what are you guys doing here why did you lie to me and convince me to come here what is going on to see fine I lied because I'm in love with your appear what hi Rhea you didn't have to text me to come meet you outside you could have just came inside your brother's inside and regards to what happened last week I just thought it'd be best that I didn't come in plus it's all very fresh since he chose T over me and I'm so sorry to you for lying it's a little weird but I'm not gonna be mad at you for liking my brother tutsi you're my best friend and I know you can't help yourself it's true I can't help myself and you're the only one who understands that but this summer I have decided to focus more on myself and less on boys that's a really good idea toots I'm proud of you Thanks I just got rejected way too many times this year and how many rejections can a girl really take that's true anyways did you want to come inside it's Tia inside yeah she's inside I'd better not you know I have word vomit and I can't control what I would say to her and it wouldn't be pretty so I guess I'll just see you at work he's your brother dropping you off because if so then I'll just take the bus way too embarrassing no my dad's driving me okay good we started working two hours so pick me up in an hour and 59 minutes but then we're gonna be late it's fine relax we'll just enter through the back gosh employee of the month relax bye Rhea I'm gonna go get a Big Mac strawberry love strawberry Banke a rhubarb chew there now closed we're in a public setting I'm so sorry to put you better next time I promise your hair looks sound amazing thank strawberry I just got it freshly color I mean freshly blow-dried because I'm a natural redhead did you hear that Ria's brother Randy resti out yeah and texing' express her love to him and he tells Fred Jackson her drama drama drama how does she know everything I know everything strawberry spills her Jim everywhere speaking of jams she forgot to give me some Joe Shannon are you in chat dating since Ranbir basically rejected excuse you he did not reject me no one would ever reject cinnamon of course not no one would reject the you say yeah rejecting diamond did you say something I guess we're hanging out I'd only know how I feel like he did cheat on me one honey I also cheated on him I guess it cancels out that totally makes sense cinnamon you can get any guy in the world except for Raja he's mine I don't want him it's just like anyone cute in a while so I guess travel will do for now let's see the chocolate cheerleader so I'm wearing a man's going fair and Dana so I can come and sabotage he's taking me to a drive-in theater downtown that's so fun I went there last week with Raja but it was a three-and-a-half-hour Bollywood movie so I didn't really understand anything hey girls oh hey Chad do you want to share my pain Kings with me I hope you like strawberry ready to go cinnamon gotta go girls have fun cinnamon what does she have that I don't I clearly have bigger valves aren't they such a cute couple what good see I heard you express your love to my son ah Priya you told him I told him here's the biggest mouth ever don't worry about it Bootsy I have been rejected my entire life till I met Ria's mom but she still rejects me maybe I did something you're going to have to deal with for the rest of your life you know what as I heard Daniel extended his restraining order against you who told you that thousand sorry Priya even with him being single he still doesn't want you but you should really see my astrologist she might be able to help you Oh tell your manager to buy better underwear with stronger elastics I bought these last night and they already snapped I want a refund I'm sorry we don't offer refunds grams go home you're always causing a scene at my work I'll grab me some new underwear before I leave you better cut see your grandma is a tough one she's not I don't know where she gets it from what cake or my lunch break I'm gonna be an l1 we're stuck in the pinatas if you need me have fun villager so we area what are you doing here I just wanted to say bye I got the research job I wanted on campus and I got a head back already hey cheer up I'll be back for the family summer vacation I'm gonna miss you um can you let me out through the back though I don't want to face Tootsie I haven't seen her since the Parkinson we're here go say bye to her it'll mean a lot fine brothers hey Jud see how can I help you at this dollar store I work at I just wanted to say bye bye where are you going I have to head back to my University campus I got a research job for the summer oh my gosh smart look a bell will happen I'm sorry Ranbir I should have never put you in that position of course you'd pick T over me she's so she's nice yeah she is but you're a great girl Tootsie any God be very lucky to have you really you really think so of course Thanks but it doesn't matter because I've decided that this summer I'm gonna do me know boys for Tootsie focus on myself you know good luck with that Tootsie uh take care bye so how'd it go well we have a very mature relationship Rhea I wouldn't expect you to understand bro can I have your attention we all know what happened to your coworker Tiffany I have to fire her caught her making out with a customer I mean I know there's like dark corners of the store but come on since we're down another employee again I decide to hide within the family it's my sister's stepson yeah another one no new employees no no zipper Tootsie Rhea my star employee you gotta train them listen you guys better be on your best behavior send an example where is he I'm here Add to Cart Add to Cart I took I'll be in my office if you need me hey I'm Austin yeah it might dreaming
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