Dog Whispering Is The Most Dangerous Job

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    This is the greatest whispering of All Time


    showdown with Holly no no one has ever tamed Holly no one has ever calmed her down like this guy's got a chance mean-mugging hers not gonna work that's not a whisper this isn't whispering he's cheating he's engaged in combat holy shit it's starting to calm me down actually Jesus oh my god that's stare I'm right there with you Holly he's scaring me oh my lord yeah oh I'd give up to truly the experts grace Oh your services available my grandma does the same thing can you calm her down the understanding he is built up with Holly is truly second to none very dangerous putting your dick that close to her I certainly wouldn't be doing that I love the guitar riffs - Bella part of the G hub got a thousand scars from war spurring two pets yet stare at her again god she's getting afraid Holly's making him submit Holly's breaking this man what does that anti dog bite spray liquid skin perfect man this dog is so confused by this man's I gotta go puts cut it Holli wins perhaps calling a man who Xena doesn't claim to be a dog whisperer I half expected him to show up in a cast and neck brace for Miss showdown with Holly I've never lost no dog has ever beaten me expert Tech is not even a dog it looks like a bat that looks like Dracula in one of his other forms I'm just going to get eaten alive if you don't mind it's it'll show him I'm in charge it looks like a Looney Tunes character eating like a husk of corn like a squirrel eating an 8 quart in a cartoon if he knows he's gonna get bit why not wear it like gloves or chainmail confronting Richard but this time I've got a medieval suit of armor going back for round two with Holly problem this time I've got a bulletproof vest on this dog is too dangerous right now for me to handle alone that's why I'm gonna feed my kid to calm him down I'm bringing in junior because his calm energy would affect rocky settle him down June so we're gonna take over his territory I brought a Power Balance bracelet to put on his arm as paw excuse me truly the master what critics its dog is so confused with this feel the might of gladiatorial flashlight combat that's true fo me was using a flashlight to keep him at bay this takes this stakes have never been higher shit I am gonna kill you the Bruin helped to destroy Crockett oh fuck instant replay when when the table's turned on we almost witnessed Cesar dying as soon as Cesar oh he's forming a leash he immediately takes the dog from his territory shit and out onto more neutral ground Oh mission accomplished sir thanks to the blue biggest thing is not to trust move so the only way he can actually learn trust man is he fam and gain his trust Oh God excellent work that dog will never bark again for fear of the broom and the three leashes Cesar had in his back pocket like a fucking clown pulling leashes out of his mouth instead of ribbon you know they had a bit of a tinkle in my pants during that last episode of Cesar fucks up training dogs that's the way dogs do it I'm surprised caesar's and down there sniffing that dog's ass as well this doesn't smell like an aggressive dog it seems like I just need my broom man that doesn't even look like a dog that just looks like an old man who's been transmuted into a dog and he's upset about it Cesar introduces Jun as he whole thing in the talk just happens to me and surrender good idea textbook form Cesar nice Rikishi stink facing the smaller dogs with a big dogs a scuffle and now and now Cesar's gonna put his ass in their face he's holding it like a bazooka if you're gonna get aggressive I'm going to shove this dog's ass in your face don't push me or it's gonna be my butthole in there soon tactical ass deployed yeah it sounds about right his solution was quite literally I'm gonna shove this pitbulls ass in this dog's face that'll teach it it's not in charge which means they need to get a big dog to rub its ass on the little dog's faces
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