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    now we sell a whole obviously but watch know why if you imagine throw it away I just imagine if you just snap what's up guys welcome to the vlog I'm in New York City doing some vlogging and some live shows before we begin today's video I want to tell you about my merch at Sanjoy Co backslash jason nash for arrests when i'm dead calm we have new t-shirts up there and some new hoodies so go check them out and go buy some rich guys it's really great when you do and it makes me feel awesome go to the link in the description last week a davis party we had an amazing illusionist come in his name is wayne hoffman and he's guys i'm telling you what you're about to see is 100% real none of us were in on the tricks there was about 40 people watching his tricks and we were all totally dumbfounded none of us can figure out how he did these tricks or or what kind of powers he has so check it out totally amazing and go following on social media on instagram and on his youtube channel that is also linked below okay enjoy the video though now and don't think about anything I want you to imagine you go on a free vacation anywhere in the world that you want to go imagine everybody's gonna pay for their throw money they're sending you on a trip anywhere in the world that you want to go this is hypothetical don't worry wait before I even do anything where would you go if you'd go anywhere in the world imagine you're in Paris go to an imaginary hotel walk up to your door and tell me what is your imaginary hotel room number make something up three or four okay it's three oh four important to you in any way laughs it's just totally off the top of that random it's not like a place you've actually stayed before now okay if I told you that I had a feeling this was gonna happen would you believe me no no check this out look at this you're not gonna believe me the balloon you're holding isn't empty grab it like this and shake it check it out take the pencil take the pencil you're gonna pop the balloon there's something inside can you hear it yeah top of the balloon there's a piece of paper in there yeah there it is now I'm not gonna touch it give me this pencil I don't trust trusty before we started I wrote something on that post-it note and put it into the balloon unfolded and read what it says how is that possible anything you like watch this ready three I check this out watch can I borrow your wristwatch you'll get it back in one piece this one is is literally one of the most impossible things in the world check it out right now in Los Angeles here it's five minutes until 3:00 a.m. right oh oh so you're you're on a different time zone it's on the watch you know I'm gonna teach you guys some crazy I'd say three out of ten people this is true only wear watches cuz they look cool they don't tell time everybody uses their phone but this watch and it might not even run does it even run or is it just for luck that's right okay just look right almost 3:00 a.m. I don't know if you can see it right watch it's almost 3:00 a.m. right are you right-handed or left-handed all right okay most people are statistically you're gonna make sure I don't pull the of the buck man okay go like this squeeze it and go like this hold it close to you I want you to say a number out loud between one and thirty go ahead all right imagine I'm holding 12 minutes in my left hand David name a number between one and thirty eleven will add eleven more okay ready now here's the crazy thing I implanted that into your brain do you believe me if you add those numbers together what do they eat cool how old are you right now three and watch this now I'll get it to the closest thing watch this boom it just moved into the future tell me if it moved closer to 23 after the hour some people actually David this is too much here look look Jesus now look no ya don't watch and it was five up do you a big favor look look watch three wat two one boom right back to where it was why we are now in the future okay David are you ready yes Corona or Red Bull Red Bull you got somebody this is trash there's like empty plates look watch this watch the can you're 23 today right when you go and you celebrate a birthday year by year you get older and your youth fades away and we start to lose that sense of wonder that we have when we're a child right but if you keep that imagination and you realize that it's a powerful thing you can create the world around you watch the dents in the can just watch the dents in the can they're gonna just slow them out of the crowd right now we still have a whole obviously but watch know why if you imagine grab the hole and throw it away I just imagine I got this little way if you just snap there's a Red Bull sir good choice better than Corona don't lose your watch brother just think of somebody who like alright got their first name yep think of it right now don't let anyone see it in fact step back here so no one can see what's happening and I want you to print the person's first name right here and stare at it for about five seconds in fact all of the way and you show everybody and then when you're done hold this up so you can see just the first name you don't put like you know tails or anything like that and I'll look away now there is a like a window that's reflective so I'll look at this character here now look away don't wait away I'll keep my eyes closed and look away don't say it out loud don't say it out loud if you don't see it you don't see it okay just let me know one when you show everybody I know I want I'll like go away good let me know when you're good okay I'm gonna hold it so that X's are back yeah so like you can't you know so it's so it's yeah so - I mean let me know when you're when you're good watch your eyes all right okay is it folded yep can't turn around mm-hmm okay cool now whatever you put here is the person because I don't know how everybody knows each other is the person that you're thinking of here if I get around would I be able to see whoever this is like are they in the room cool keep yourself folded up putting your bike if they were in the room I'd have you cross it out and change it cuz like if I heard you yell somebody's name I would I wouldn't want to like you know think yeah think of what the person looks like if you make them show up right now you know two people by this name no one better than the other and they spell their name differently but I'm getting like a female in your mind look at me abcdefg H I'm getting lines now okay this is what I'm seeing this is what I'm getting I don't know what this says this is what I'm getting keep thinking of it picture the face yeah my god I think it's a unique name or at least that unique smell if you get this I'll just tell me if I'm close is it a relative yeah is it sister what's the relationship oh it's mom okay here's the thing I got something out of your brain but I don't know yeah all you have to do is listen to the sound of my voice and that's it turn and face back step back not too close ready take a half step half step back here alright stop watch this drop down by your side take a deep breath in exhale look at each other and memorize what each other is wearing right now take a look at their shoes take a look at their shirt jacket bracelet get a mental picture in your mind because in a moment when you close your eyes I need you to be able to see each other okay so like when you close your eyes we need to recall this image alright ready and listen nothing other than the sound of my voice you're gonna close your eyes in 3 2 1 close your eyes you have literally no idea what's going on okay now the blindfold feels uncomfortable feel free to readjust it thank you this is called the Christian Grey starter kit from this point forth listen to nothing other than the sound of my voice because what's about to happen is crazy you might hear the audience react everybody here might freak out fight through the noise and listen to nothing other than the sound I'm going to take an object something very soft and gentle and I'm gonna be brushing it on one of you what I want you to do is memorize where you feel it and the number of times you feel it there in other words for example if you feel me brush you two times down your right leg in your mind just to yourself you're gonna think it was two times down my right leg again you'll memorize where you feel it and the number of times you feel it there so this entire experiment is about your sense of touch I want both of you to turn your body and face the audience listen listen listen listen listen to nothing other than the sound of my voice okay if you felt me takes that's a if you felt like to like little like pokes or probs or whatever you want to call that if you felt those I want you to take your right hand and if you can reach it try to touch the exact spot where you felt those do it now okay right yeah you got it he's pointing to the exact right take your arms down take your take your arms down hold up your right hand and hold up the number of fingers that corresponds to the number of individual tasks and pokes you felt with that thing back there two times you got it drop your arms down I want you to remember where you're at and what you're doing and I want you to take off your blindfold right now to a thunderous round of applause weird question you felt some stuff right yeah like that gentle brush on your arm twice here and then something on your back like two times I poked you with it right you felt that right and you felt the same thi...
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