Shaquille O'Neal Talks NBA GOATs, Anthony Davis, Superteams & More w/Dan Patrick | Full Interview

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    our next guest is an actor rapper TV host police officer entrepreneur and played a little bit of basketball at some point you may remember him from the commercial that probably ran maybe a minute ago or perhaps he DJed your son's Bar Mitzvah he seems to be everywhere all the time it still manages to find time to watch the Dan Patrick show he claims McLovin is his favorite Dan and although we suspect he's thinking of the guy for the movies super bad please welcome Shack good to see ya right yeah right there before we get started okay yeah yeah Alan Alan's my IT guy he's not very smart okay let me tell you why okay cuz I came and you pickpocket my IT guys never do I saw you grab his rear end so I've been working on that lately yeah okay new hobby stealing people's credit I like it where it sounds like your show travel the world in pickpocket people somebody's looking audience yeah Michigan Georgia do you have any football ability of course I was Allstate tighter you were okay no I actually I actually started off playing football in high school and a guy your size one day hit me in the leg and I stopped playing football was my sport and then when I saw John contact signed a big contract that's much nicer true story so that's why I was that's why I brought physicality to Indy I guess so if not for John con CAC who was nicknamed John contract right because he got he got paid more and he should have gotten that it was good maybe service maybe service I was trying to be the next to charge on you wanted to play for the Cowboys yes and that's why Cowboys fan oh you still Kelvin always the Cowboys ever make you cry all the time not good tears have you gone to a Cowboys game a national question okay which one is McLovin you watch this show I do but I was well look look they both wear glasses you know why guys McLovin is like nervous I'm sorry no much Pauli does that mean I'm not your favorite an that anymore because I swear I didn't bragging to everyone that Shaq loves me for years McLovin and you know and that's fritzy I'm Ophir to in that seat season Shaq you watch Sam's no no juice eaten okay now his dad wanted him to go to Seton Hall okay and he couldn't get in but he named him Seaton after Seton Hall you could go you know even with the name if you didn't go to Elmo that's not McLovin Paulie Paulie take off your glasses there you go you know Stanley Roberts used to be my favorite Center LSU but no more big man yeah we appreciate y'all Bruce you're good if you didn't go to LSU where were you going I've visited a North Carolina North Carolina State Illinois at UNLV was it close love Carolina State was proud I really I really respected Jim Valvano and as you know the joy sportsmen they had the original Shaq Charles chuckles yeah and that's where I got my name and my identity from so I was actually a woman wanting to play behind him but I said no what I'm gonna be my own Shaq and I'm gonna just take it take it down to Baton Rouge wait so you got your nickname from yes Charles Shackleford yeah the original Shaq reason was that I took his knee pads to God I took everything you're a little but you had a better career a little better career than Charles Shackleford something like that yeah where do you think you rank working where should you rank with big men I'm over with big men I've never sat around ranking myself okay how about I take you out of it where where do you rank big men I gotta go Bill Russell no more Karim - probably will three king for and probably me five so I would say top five but my thing coming up is that you know they mentioned all these great names before me so I always said to myself I can get my name mentioned with those guys so I think I've I've done something Leslie but did your dad I talked to Barry Sanders about this all this all the time his dad would never acknowledge how great he was because he'd always say you're no Jim Brown your dad being as tough as Sarge was did he do that as well to you he used to always take my trophies and put them in a box never displayed him no never displayed so finally when I when I got a lot of boxes a lot of buckets so finally when I got older I asked him I said why'd you do that he said because I never wanted you to be satisfied so athlete passed away seven years ago I retrieved all the trophies and I made a trophy trophy room and dedicate it to him in his honor and I'm doing the same thing to my children like I let him you know show the trophies of what they win and I'll say thank you very much cuz I never want them to be satisfied either how's your son doing he's doing fine he's doing good he tell it was open-heart surgery yeah it was open-heart surgery and he was it was very scared and you know I always always said to myself is it stories that get me to calm down give it the next level so right before the surgery he was scared and you know he had a little tear as I said you scared he said yeah so he should be but when you go in that room you're gonna meet a young lady named anesthesia and you won't remember anything he said what's her name I said image anesthesia she's gonna kiss you and then you know wake up and everything is that what looks like just go ahead you're gonna suck so when he woke up and I said do you remember anything he said no as I told you anesthesia how many surgeries have you attend and I kinda like that and I kind of made it you know comfortable for him to I said look I never had heart surgery but this will happen anesthesia you're gonna wake up it's gonna be done and you won't remember anything you look like you could still play I wish I could the money that they're giving these bums I wish I could you give me five minutes again yeah but yeah but the people wouldn't want to see me play five minutes that's why when I like a golden state you could play five million but I yeah but the people wouldn't want to see me play that so the reason why I wouldn't when I when I left Boston like I had a two-year deal so I got hurt career in injury I couldn't rehab and came back for the shack for a world tour but I felt like I was robbing the people like there's you know we charge people a lot of money for tickets yeah and you know they used to say in the 2815 show right Meg's going six eight points I don't know I didn't I didn't want to know charge the people for that different teammates have told me that you love to run around naked and this is poor or gossip show sorry oh okay but you would jump out and grab guys then you would be naked I'll stop it there's old people in the audience including me yeah but you're okay the best joke he ever played on somebody cuz Berkeley was pretty good at playing jokes on people did you ever you pranked people yeah none of my jokes were pg-13 oh really because you were running around naked yeah what is this Shaquille O'Neal joining us here in a man cave I saw where you you brought up something and I'm glad you did when people talk about LeBron and Michael and then you're saying wait why isn't Kobe involved in this conversation why why I don't know but he's in between them playing wise it feels like he's a lot more like Mike I'm a fan and I like hearing these stories you know I like hearing questions that will never be asked for like who's more dominant Shaq or we'll never know so when I just sit back I just like like to you know listen but it baffles me that nobody ever brings his name up would you rather have Michael as a teammate or LeBron well no you have to take one so it's an open draft you got first pick you got Mike or you got LeBron Oh have a go Mike okay did Mike talk trash to you yes of course I mean what's he say to you it wasn't really trash is just like he's the type of player that he would say all right I'm gonna go to this spot right here and I'm gonna shoot to jump and like he would do it Byrd used to do that too I heard I know about dogs a bird would say the famous one was Xavier McDaniel right so there's a timeout and bird goes I'll get the bowl right here X and I'm gonna take the shot right in your face we're gonna win the game threw the ball into bird took shot won the game feels extra Larry Bird impression yeah so so exile get the ball right here and I'm gonna get the ball on a turn right in your face but I've been working on you know my personation with you let me hear it hey Patrick shut the hell up alright give me your impression of somebody you got you don't do any impressions I tried to call Stephen a with my text Johnson boys but that don't worry son this is Ted Johnson I'd better stop talking about the Cowboys he said it's not me it's not me it's not a bad acts but you're from Texas no from New Jersey well you spend all the time in Texas I'm all over if you were Anthony Davis where do you want to go I'm taking that 250 I'm standing I'm staying in New Orleans do you worry about the future of some of these smaller franchises like New Orleans New Orleans exist can they continue if nobody wants to play I think if they they make this trade I gotta get at least three pieces that people people would want to come and see I don't know if if you don't get coos like you got to get crunk on Kuzma does anybody want Lonzo ball I don't know like you can't you can't I can't have a point guard who shoots 41% from the line well on the free throw line damn he's worse than me we found somebody worse than you he shoots 41% yes maybe you could help him do you miss what do you miss about the game like you miss anything I just you know I had my time I just tried to give the people enjoyment as many championship...
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