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    "YOU WON'T DO IT" WATERPARK CHALLENGE!! (Win $1000) Today Ferran, Andrea & Ali will challenge each other at the waterpark!

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    "YOU WON'T DO IT" WATERPARK CHALLENGE!! (Win $1000) | The Royalty Family

    The Royalty Family


    you won't do it challenge sobriety fan how you doing ha ha today before we get into the video don't forget the handshake you guys when you do the handshake for all you guys that don't know how to do the handshake you guys are missing out so many people are doing the handshake all across the world if you want to be featured all you have to do is tag us on Instagram and through the handshake like this guys by the way we are doing the iPhone giveaway all you have to do is two things hit the subscribe button so where are we guys we are which is the largest water park in California this water park is so beautiful and we are about to do such a daring courageous challenge tell me what it is that you're gonna be doing now we're gonna be doing that you won't do a challenge which means we're gonna be daring each other one by one to do some courageous things I don't know who's gonna win I think I'm gonna let me see it let me ask you something why does every warning the reward is I don't know about you guys I'll do whatever it takes to win cash I'll do whatever it takes my credit card Oh take my credit card oh wow the person that gets the most points at the end of the video is gonna win the money me me if you guys don't remember fro is a little bit scared like this he's gonna do it no come on come on come on you can do it you're gonna do it Oh are you overcoming your fears today hey who's gonna win this challenge royalty fam do you think Andre is gonna win royalty fam do you think Ferran is gonna win oh your boy Olly is gonna take home to 10,000 cash maybe I'm gonna take those $10,000 you know you know who we should ask let's ask our good friends Isabella and Harun ha dude you're gonna help out for Ron you're gonna beat his cheerleader okay how you gonna cheerleader you're gonna be old Andre aside you're gonna cheer her on okay what do you guys think is gonna win this challenge you think fir'aun's gonna win Andre yeah yo yo don't doubt me guys I think I'm gonna win this challenge you know what enough talking let's get to the first round of the you won't do it challenge Harley the gentleman round one goes to round one is for four run for what are you ready for your round I dare you to go on the high extreme oh my god you could do it man let's go you cannot do it you want to where you want are you gonna do it no I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do this this ride is pretty high up there let's see what happens yeah well let's see people runs gonna do this yeah yeah chief around gonna do this babe babe why are you like a mermaid look at you music video music video are you sure you want to do this oh my god yeah this is high man Isabella what do you think babies that I do it alright you want to take the porno you're gonna do what you finished gonna start finish what you started Wow this is fine you got this man you gotta get the point let's go oh my god we're high keep going this is a long walk you could do this man I know we still got a long way up let's go Wow guys this is high do you think Mariah's gonna do this comment yes or comment no if you think he's gonna do it hit that like button guys let's cheer him on let's go oh my god whoa wow this is hi guys are you still gonna do this or no you got this man let's go do it for the point let's go do it for the point congratulations you got one point that was easy right the store is 1 0-0 you guys do a point if I did it that wasn't your day are you ready for your dare are you ready for your day I think I have a good dare for Andrea just wait on it alright it's time for your dare Ferran should we tell it it there you know I got it good alright whatever it takes you know what you will go to random stranger and eat their pizza I know you gotta you gotta go no you gotta go eat some West pizza she's a chicken all right tell her who tell her who tell her who from which table all right that table over there okay there's like eight people eating pizza you gotta go there and take a slice and don't say nothing you gotta go babe baby quality fam you think Andre is gonna do it yes or no come on let's go right there right there right there right there wait first let me see if they still have food hold on pizza or french fries gaga gaga gaga sorry I'm so sorry I'm so sorry what did you take who's not just a French five do I sit at Pizza I said Pizza I say pizza does that count does that count that counts pizza or french fries alright couch it counts you got the point now it's time for my dares so you guys got to figure out what's my let's come up with a challenge for Ali come here here here I see one right now oh yeah right now I push one right there yeah and it's just it to our tunnel where you just go it's a dart owner but but he needs to jump up before their rival they're right I don't think that you're gonna do it right at the formulate do you think that Ellie is going to be done to do this let's find out well you know what we want you to do while going down before when we almost reach the end or in the middle you have to jump off without saying a word exactly if you cannot screaming you can another you need to jump up there right finish I can't jump off the boat e we strive to be the best we're not scared of nothing if only has to jump off the boat right that's what's gonna happen let's go alright guys that's the boat ride I gotta jump off it looks scary in there I have no idea what it's like inside I'm scared I'm scared dude guys are you scared there why do I agree fit is said I take the point or should I take the L give me a big thumbs off and I'll take the point let's go she's gonna get mad I'm gonna act like I slipped off and I felt a relative family you don't be able to see anything inside make it enough oh I lost my hair worthy Pam does that count or no I tried to fall off it was so dark let's see what happened let's see what happened no baby awesome no boy I know point whatever the score is one one zero I did my bed I did my best will it be found apparently either sane I don't get the point I lost a point because I didn't fall off until the very end they're not giving me a boy I'm still gonna win this competition on to round number two I came up with a good chance for you oh my god you need to go up and that baby right and there to let you in I have to go with the kids oh my god that that's for babies what's up guys yo I literally have to go on a ride that's full of babies I think I'm too big for this seriously do you think she's gonna allow me to go in all right guys I'm gonna try to go on the ride that's only for baby let's see - let me go on is this why it's scary is this scary the ride is this scary the right is the right scary huh okay cool yeah Loki I think they might kick me out of this let's see if it that's it let me go on oh it's only for kids I can't go on it well I'm gonna do it anyways okay watch me oh you bother royalty pal what's up you guys amazing this is only for kids right should I go on it alright I'm gonna go on it I'm gonna go on in yeah okay okay okay okay I'm gonna do it okay I'm gonna do it okay all my beautiful fancy you got a lot of fun hi how are you I'm like six years old you're very tall for six years old okay really the family actually is gonna do it oh my gosh come on oh my gosh turns out boy so I'm gonna go ahead and give him that pony right now are you ready for your dare yes are you sure yes you have to stand underneath that bucket of water right there it's gonna come down pretty soon but here's the thing wherever I put you you can't move okay do you think he's gonna do it screaming royalty fam I hope for Ron doesn't do it because that gives me an opportunity to take the money let's go nice damn right there there's the bucket of water you can't move and you can't scream I don't do it are you ready don't move don't move so he can't come in now royalty fire it's coming down now it's you're through for the dare you gotta go you gotta go no you have to go and foot everybody and cut the line and don't say nothing do it do it do it do it do it you guys want to do it let's go all right we're gonna have her cut that line right there if she's gonna do it that's not the line the lines right there the Liars right there you gotta do it you gotta do it you want to take the El or do you want the point are you going to take down go ruk you lost the point you lost a poet she got mad at you all right you lost a part you lost deploy deploy yeah you were gonna do it oh you want me keep it I'll give you give another chance hey guys she cut are you sure it's okay they're cooler they're they're cool with it you know what you should buy all my ice cream how many people you got for you guys come on yeah you got the point you ended up cutting in line so now how many points do you have you have two points I have one point that means we got one more round to find out who the winner is Wow number three hi guys it's round three and I really need the point so I'm thinking dominant there Andreea and fur on to go on drop out drop on is the highest right here and I don't think they'll do it so let's see what happens all right it is round number three and guess what's coming to you for Ronnie I'm gonna do you two go on the highest ride there is here right there drop out you gotta do it you gotta do it you gotta do it if you don't get this point you might lose the money yeah you can we make it bet what's the bet I go down there you...
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