Hot Ones Guests Impressed by Sean Evans' Questions (Seasons 1-4)

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    Evidence for why Sean Evans is the best host on the internet.

    This is a compilation of the best questions asked on Hot Ones Seasons 1-4, where celebrities are impressed by Sean's questions, research, and general interviewing skills.

    Featured Guests:
    0:00 S1E01 Tony Yayo
    0:24 S1E03 MGK
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    0:56 S2E06 Joey Fatone
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    2:33 S2E11 Chris D'Elia
    2:40 S2E15 Redman
    3:26 S2E16 Rob Gronkowski
    3:48 S2E21 Joe Budden
    5:11 S2E24 Bert Kreischer
    5:52 S2E27 Jay Pharoah
    5:57 S2E44 Post Malone
    6:15 S2E45 N.O.R.E.
    6:57 S3E01 Padma Lakshmi
    7:08 S3E08 Charlie Sloth
    8:37 S3E10 Dax Shepard
    8:49 S3E13 Charlamagne Tha God
    9:31 S3E17 Neil deGrasse Tyson
    9:45 S3E19 Andy Cohen
    10:38 S3E21 Coyote Peterson
    10:57 S4E01 Cara Delevingne
    11:06 S4E03 Steve-O
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    12:52 S4E07 Kevin Durant
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    14:11 S4E09 Dillon Francis
    15:00 S4E14 Artie Lange
    16:35 S4E17 Wale
    17:24 S4E18 Bob Saget
    17:37 S4E20 Alexa Chung
    18:10 S4E21 Logic
    19:34 S2E35 Bobby Lee


    can you rank these rap dances from the lamest to rest gotcha schmutz stanky leg lean back cat daddy yeah audience if we go from lameness I would say stinky lady okay then can't daddy lean back my guess is that near 25 years on this planet you've had to deal with some severe hangovers and your life is not like mine like you can't just nurse 64 ounces of Gatorade smoke a little weed and watch Netflix and just sort of rest it off so it leads me to believe that you have to have some sort of ritual or some sort of hangover cure that you use in a question when I like come it like kind of like like everything shakes that I just got clean yeah I think this is my favorite interview I've ever done in my life are you serious yeah I think a lot of people try to be cheesy about shit and I think that's what's cool about you is you actually you give it straightforward I mean I've watched you in so you're straightforward honest and and I think from the first interview when somebody does that it's you got to figure and sense them out a lot of people how people do interviews you can sense them out a lot and see what they're feeling so I'm fascinated by the idea of camp camp awesome and all these sketches that go see the light of day isn't that the purgatory that you guys put the sketches that don't make shit wait now you remember that our blind is the rocks are so so I'm having a stroke if you were mayor of New York what would be your first order of business what would be the day day 1 action ok this is a good one I really think that the answer is to constantly maintain healthy and equal opportunity for competition in this country the Republicans are constantly trying to remove competition and create monopolies and create industries that are too big to fail hoping that then the money trickles down it doesn't work but then on the other side you have to help the smaller businesses absorb this and also help the small midsize businesses to retain talent businesses that you could open or I could open they're not available as options we allow these things to get so big and monopolized that four dudes like us on the ground I mean what can you create we have to maintain competition and we have to help build more opportunities for people to be small business owners I know you love Chipotle oh you know that we do everything I don't anything I knew that I'm I'm realizing things about myself here it's interesting to think about rap dad's you know to think about rappers having every day dad issues and you're a rap dad yourself absolutely and when you go to like the ballet classes or you drop your son off at MMA like do you find that the coaches the other young dads they talk to you like Reggie or do they think of you as red man good fuckin question some that feel that they're heavily educated in the hip-hop game they know who tang is they they know to call me Reggie visage red man some people might show their cockiness and do that but I get Reggie I know yeah and then there's red man like hey Redman you know white people say Redman and black people they say red man is shit they're wiping the Redman I like that respect to that means that they know they've been in Redmond alright so this last one I had a feeling this guy would be your favorite I don't know if he is but I have a feeling he has a special place in your heart all right you ready to sing is it Val Venis oh well Venus hello ladies definitely my favorite wrestler Belle Venus is your favorite it was are you a little bit of I'm impressed I am very impressed and move on you have a very interesting line in that when you talk about how you basically have to do your own interviews because everybody and hip-hop media more or less asked to do the same shit and since there's a lot of people in hip-hop media that maybe want to tell you how to rap or tell you how to act I wonder if you have any feedback the other way I wonder if you have any criticisms of rap media that's a pretty good question I know I think all you guys pretty much do a phenomenal job I'm not sure I believe you I think you guys represent the culture I think you guys helped to move it forward and I haven't seen anything ever reported false or inaccurate with any of you guys it sounds patronizing when you say that Joe a little bit when things used to boil over in hip-hop it would be about the lyrics and it would be about the cosines it would be about the occasional face to face now you kind of need to understand the internet need to have like a multimedia 360-degree strategy when it goes how do you think an artist like Eminem or another great punch line artist from that era would fare these days do you think that they could be that they could keep up good question all right let's see MC would always be R well 10 years from now when I don't know how music sounds the same way I didn't know how my phone would operate 10 years ago the emcees will still be able to MC as we've talked about this whole time you're one of our day one fans we've been trying to work this out for so long and finally you're here and when that happens it's a great thing but it's also kind of a bad thing because in some way you have to be a little let down by your experience here you have to be disappointed in some way it's probably something you were hoping I'd ask you about that I didn't or some way that you thought it was gonna go that it didn't I want you to take a bite reflect and if you were to do this differently and what ways are you disappointed in hot ones now that you're here okay I might be the best question is fast okay how did we let you down I thought you definitely have beer for me and I could write off getting drunk too working I heard you met an ex-girlfriend on myspace who is not only how do the kids in junior high treat the kid who wears a suit to school every day is that a cool thing to do or do they tease you and they make fun of you this is a great question you know I've had my fair share of kids who Stoke gum in my hair these to throw a gummy look at me now motherfucker I mean hot very hot wing big up big up puff cuz that was my favorite restaurant Justin's I don't I don't know if people know I heard that you used to break glasses on the horn no you listen this guy's fucking a lot of people understand that the reason why I came here is because he's like nod watt nod wad no shit that nobody else I'm not sure Evans is the best fucking host on internet what a Def Jam Vendetta get wrong about your fighting style oh I forgot how good you are actually a good knock harder your knockout guy in my past life chef Padma and Shaq yes you fit some good juicy ones I did of all the animal testicles that you've eaten your life I want to unpack into this honey G thing the older I get these characters kind of pop up in the United States every once in a while too you'll see like slim Jesus flare up or on the other side of the spectrum even somebody like Matty B and it gets harder and harder every day it seems too personal what authenticity even is in hip-hop anymore that's a good question because even you know if honey G was as corny as she was in terms of musically as long as she was being herself I wouldn't care and I obviously understand this is entertainment sound signs people glamorized pings and you know they might spice things up but at the end of the day when the cotton comes down you need to ask yourself was you the best you one of my favorite projects that you did is it's crime up north okay I know that you're big on finding guys that no one else is discovered one knows he's wandering that's good that's raizy but I want to relate that now to food if you were to do that project over again and instead of looking with the rappers that no one has found yet and instead you're looking for the regional dishes that you love the most which ones would you feature oh that's a great one so if I could travel up north and ensure some food I'll go to York shop for great traditional British roast I'll go to Liverpool get some gravy and chips a climate talker this is wild how you're talking what am I gonna do just sit here silently was so easy um and then we go to Scotland Scotland summer house do you have an opinion on the American versus Lafayette chili dog situation first of all I applaud you for even knowing that that is the civil war that exists in Detroit but yes we are a Lafayette family emcees I think used to be really influenced by superheroes and even like Method Man and MF DOOM those sound like comic book characters do you think that that's sort of been washed away and if so do you think that there's some other thing that's bubbling up and filling that void oh that's a good question cuz you don't really hit so many comic book references you used to hear them all that you see them all the time I think it's because people play the streets too close so all of their material is coming from leg what's going on in the hoods like back in the day two artists were like a lot more creative so they were like literally rapping about any and everything like you hear kung fu references you'd hear comic book references you'd hear like great sitcom references now everything is about to trap am I reading Oh comic books in the trap so in your book astrophysics for people in a hurry you talked about how the shipping industry could save billions of dollars if they shipped in spheres rather than the boxes because I read the book on Saturday so please don't fresh in my mind what are the biggest mistakes reality TV stars make when they experience overnight celebrity oh wow what a good question um don't be like oh this is my new life I'm a superstar this is gonn...
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