My HONEST thoughts about Super Mario Maker 2.

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    Super Mario Maker 2, SUPER MARIO MAKER 2, MARIO. FREAKING. MAKER. 2! ... is finally on Nintendo Switch and is easily one of the BEST games for the Switch, but it's not perfect. Super Mario Maker 2 is pretty freaking addicting though! SUBSCRIBE & HIT THAT BELL MAYBE! #mariomaker2 #supermariomaker #nintendoswitch

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    all right you bronies let's just friggin through this I'm well aware that Mario maker too has been out for like 10 days at this point oh just the fact that you're here and watching this video anyway it means a lot to me there's so much I do want to say about this game I want to gush about all the things and Mario make it to that I love and then I also want to talk about all the things that I don't love as much the things that are so bad luckily the good more than outweighs the terrible and Mario maker - there's just a lot that we have to get through today so how about I just shut up and make the video okay let's go to start with I want to get this out of the way recently I ranked like a hundred switch games from like best to worst and I highly recommend watching that video because it makes me money but would say that the SS s ranking like the top tier Mario Odyssey Smash Brothers and Zelda yeah you can go ahead and whack this bad boy up there - it's definitely in the top four best exclusive Nintendo switch games without question so what goes in the making it so great well you actually you go into making it so great because you get to make your own Mar your levels which from this start it's just a really fun concept I think really the only successful game the wii u saw unless you count in breath of the wild which no one really does it's probably mario maker it put the wii u on the map it was the first game that live stream is and content creators alike decided screw the fact that nintendo is going to claim everything i make on any of their games there's no way that I am not playing mario maker on my channel it was just too much fun so it's no surprise that there's a big hubbub about the sequel check mark right there fine I've been wanting this I'm like this is the one game I need from we you to come over oh and for those that can't fathom how a game that doesn't actually consist of a game rather you have to make your own game or play other games that other people have made can be one of the most popular games on the Nintendo switch whether or not you love Mario games whether you grow up with them or you've just dabbled in them every now then nothing can compare to the sheer joy that is creating your own video game which is what you do in this granted you are limited to Mario games all of them ever because you can switch between all of the different themes even now with the Mario 3d World but you are still creating a video game the creation tools that are given to you in my opinion are flawless you have everything open to you everything that's ever existed in a Mario game and then some and it's just so easy to click and drag and place things where you want to place them whether you're doing it in handheld mode with your finger or even like I bet my entire first level with my pro controller on my TV and I had no issues doing it that way either it's just so simple and easy to learn and I'm on a super creative person either I thought going into Mario make it - well my voice just broke I thought going into Mario maker - I wouldn't really be doing as much creating as I would be doing the playing because I just didn't know what I would even make but as soon as you start throwing some bricks and blocks and coins down onto a stage your mind starts to go wild like while I was building my very first level which I spent hours on last level you make garbage levels levels of garbage that wasn't trash I started to think wouldn't it be cool to make a level that was so insanely chaotic but all you really had to do was stand in one place and everything just kind of happened around you and you didn't even have to move to win and beat the level and so I made that and I said a challenge to you guys to see who could beat it first and fastest with the most points thinking there was no way anyone could actually do it that much faster than the one minute it took to slowly right around my level and then within moments people were setting the high-score of like 10 seconds you guys are insane slow down on the Mario maker you're playing way too much of it I asked you guys on Twitter if you were able to can you record yourself playing my levels and watching people play through and their brains go into motion trying to figure out the weld that I had built it was really cool medium ups has made a Super Mario maker to level and put the call out on Twitter saying who can beat this and who can get the best time the interesting thing which really makes me excited about this is that the current world record is being held by none other than the wolf Den's Bob I'm very acceptable bubbly trash that's how you do it oh and side note I love the title screen for this game when you boot it up you'll have a different created stock level each time and you can actually play the title screen if you go straight into the make option you'll actually load up that title screen so if you were inspired by it or if you liked it you can change it and add to it in some way or of course just demolish it and start again and then when you start building your own levels the next time you boot up your switch the title screen will actually be the level you made it's such a simple little addition but it had such nice polish to it and it's really cool to load up a game and see my level and then if you're in the middle of making it of course you can hit make and dive straight back into it oh I want to say that I wasn't actually going to talk about the online in my video whenever I made it because I intended to make this video like a week ago unfortunate well not really unfortunately but it was Kim's birthday and then we had 4th of July okay run perfect you finally got to O once you never run I just could not get around to making this video until now and again if I hadn't made this video back when I wanted to I probably wanted to mention the horrible online because I figured well the game just came out I'm sure they'll figure out the bugs nope it's been like 10 days at this point I played online last night and I had by far the worst online experience I had so far and that's saying something I tried to do the little 30 second screen grab on my switch I'm not sure how well that's gonna come across on the screen here but when you load up into an online match you get that 3 2 1 countdown and then you all start running along the level trying to beat each other right well like 3 minutes into this online match I hadn't even got past the starting line I'm sure a lot of you brilliant mathematicians can figure out the frame rates here judging by just how slow this 3 2 1 countdown is happening but this literally that it that is unplayable like I am NOT out of balance to say the online in Mario maker is on because out of like the 22:30 online matches i have tried to have since this game launched i had a one that was flawless and actually playable and it's something that i refuse to touch until it's fixed which is sad because it's such a fun concept being able to play these versus Mario maker levels online and racing against other people to be the best there are so many modes in Mario maker too and that was definitely one I was most excited for and right now it's unusable and I do think that's pretty sad and I would even go as far as to say pathetic considering that everyone pays for this online service now anyway as I said I wasn't gonna talk about that but it has been almost two weeks so maybe fix it in entender it's about time but that isn't the only online feature and thankfully the other online features work perfectly like playing other people's levels it's almost crazy unbelievable how seamlessly effortless you can play other people's levels and Maya make it to you just load up the list of levels that other creators have made pick the one that you want to play hit play and you are playing it within seconds it really doesn't even have to load or download anything and then of course if you really like the level that you've discovered you can download it and play it whenever you want oh and that's something else that actually blew my expectations I kind of figured that most of these online levels we're gonna be stupidly hard perfect timing Spin jumping up spiky shows in midair where you have to get every little jump perfect otherwise there's no way you're gonna be able to beat the level or just a ton of troll levels but that really isn't the case if you scroll through the popular tab you'll actually find some really creative unique and not that hard levels just fun awesome stuff people have made and the creativity that go into some of these levels I don't know what y'all are doing out there to come up with this stuff but I found a Pikmin level and it actually felt like I was playing a Pikmin game even made the spaceship they had the spaceship crash and then at the end when you finish it they found a way to put you back in the spaceship this is freaking brilliant and if none of this interests you if you don't want to make stuff you don't want to play things other people have made and you just want to play Mario levels on your switch made by actual game developers well you can do that too there's an edition of story mode and while the story is very not there essentially peaches Castle gets blown the heck up by the rocket that erases the Mario maker levels while you're building them it's all very cannon or matter I'm not sure what what I'm looking for either way the castle gets blown up and it's your job to rebuild it you do that by playing through over 800 developer made levels getting coins throughout the level and then a reward for finishing those levels I've said level a lot in th...
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