Skeptic Reacts to Deleted Transvestigation Video

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    good evening ladies and gentlemen this is my real voice without the modification hi ladies and gentlemen our good buddy pockets of the future if I made fun of him and I think he might be a little bit thin-skinned he made a video response to me and almost immediately took a day response to everyone in Hollywood was fuckin trans I'm glad you added that because it got demonetized but again the Lord taketh and the Lord giveth can we just point out the fact that he disliked your videos one of my viewers sent me a link this point some dude that made a video that made me look bad which you know I there's a number of videos out there where people try to shit all over me and I accept that that's being a part of you know I'm putting content out there sometimes I'm critical of other people so inevitably some of its got to come back on me and I accept that with comments and things like this and most of the negative comments you'll find and most of the negative videos about you the people just missed the mark they don't have the ability to perceive you or in my case to really debate what I'm saying they have to twist it around make my position something than it is they're really talking about themselves right and this is the case with this dude the armored moron oh wow that's the best way armored idiot I'm sorry the armored skeptic allegedly I wasn't gonna make a video but this guy so much played himself and his video sucked so bad oh no my video sucks but I felt compelled to make a video about his shitty video he did about me not salty at all more and more people are getting fed up with this materialistic culture and they're craving something more like blink it there I came yeah that was like kind of polygamy that's actually a better planket voice in my my shitty Plunkett ripoff that I did once only one time don't don't at me it was once meet youtuber pockets of the future when I saw this guy come out in a freaking tuxedo this is a cartoon fake turned himself into a cartoon okay okay so he understands that it's a cartoon this is another thing all the flat earthers do is they accuse my cartoon character of being actually me and he's wearing an armored you know a knight helm I'm weird I'm weird I'm wearing it I'm like I want to stop watching now but it's about me I should watch a little bit more right it's not soldi at all not even the least that's all they usually this is where I would stop watching and at first I did I clicked off of it then I said all right just because it's about me I might want to watch a little bit more even though it sucks oh god me fucking god me turning yourself in a cartoon that's not me dark magic his voice is doctored it just sucks the video just saw sucks out of him every time every conspiracy like group thinks that your voice is doctored it's it's a radio voice do you know why my voice sounds so good I have professional audio equipment I don't just scream into my laptop like a troglodyte he's well-versed in channeling the spirit of the boomer I'm Generation X I was born in 1964 see a Boomer would not know what boomer meant that's such a boomer thing to do baby boners are like in there seven mr. bunker the post-world War two there was all these babies that happened in that time period yeah I know what boomer means let's play that clip again because you can hear that this clip has been the audio has been spliced together and then let's play what I actually said and then I will comment on this Jerry Seinfeld is in fact one of the incarnations of the devil that I have this theory that there are a variety of famous people most of them Hollywood celebrities that are in one way or another a manifestation of the devil and I'll get into more explain about this but I've always thought that Jerry Seinfeld is one of these he believes that Jerry Seinfeld how does this debunk what I said because like you took out the I believe part and it was just like Jerry Seinfeld but that's not even what he said I took this clip from a video where he uses the exact phrase he in fact so to me this is more evidence that Jerry Seinfeld is in fact one of the current incarnations of the devil this is the pancake video he talks about Jerry more than one time did he forget what he said in one of his own videos but I've always thought that Jerry Seinfeld is one of these is that video still up or did he delete that one too oh my god I can't find it it's gone videos gone I think he deleted a bunch of videos oh oh I think I might have broke the man yeah that's definitely why he deleted this the guy took a bunch of my clips and wove them together cuz I never said the words in fact Jerry Seinfeld is an incarnation of the devil he thinks that you Frankenstein a bunch of his videos together to make it sound like he said a sentence that he didn't say I remember the video he thinks you like you made a bunch of sound bites but he didn't say that I don't think it's a fact he compounded it by saying that there's many of them he emphasized that he thinks lots of people are that's not better understand this dude took a bunch of my clips I don't know how much time he spent going through my videos hey this is like borderline stalking one afternoon actually you don't have that many this guy's making fun of me for doing what's essentially research I'm sorry that the trans vestigation research that I did led to me to your channel but that's your fault for making at least two videos saying that you believe it's true to try to convince other people that it's true you heard what I said in the video go back and watch it it's called is Jerry Seinfeld the devil it's like the videos light I've never once saying he is because I don't have the proof to say those things right and you do believe it I didn't say that you thought it was a fact you say that you believe it but this guy to paint me in a certain light or anybody this is speaking to him as his character as a human being and a video maker because this is gonna come back but when I show you his what he's shilling for his t-shirts and things like that he's telling his merch that's amazing that you mention that because I usually do have like a little pre-recorded message about my merch and in this video where I make fun of him is one of the few videos that I don't mention my merch store I don't even mention it once in this video yeah please visit my merch store ladies and gentlemen it's good June's helped design a few shirts but yeah YouTube ain't paying like it used to but like I said they keep de monetizing my shit they demonetized my last two videos in a row buy my shirts you can see that this guy has played himself by doctoring my voiceover I shortened your voice-over so that all of the irrelevant things you said and all of the pauses and breaks were gone I did not take you out of context and the whole point of your video was talking about this conspiracy community when these people believe all these things the fact that you would make two separate videos where you entertain that idea indicates that you're willing to entertain some pretty crazy StuH boomers are in every corner of the internet these days including the truth movement jerry seinfeld is in fact one of the incarnations of the devil that's what makes these conspiracy theories theories is we get we get it it's part of the name of your community but you don't start saying things unless you on some level believe that it is possible he obviously has already lost his argument about trying to prove one thing or another that I am somehow you know mentally ill or deranged in some way okay no I never made that claim there is no way you would believe that these are real people unless I proved that these are real people deranged in some way and the whole truth movement well let's be honest the truth movement entertains some pretty crazy demons would you not agree clearly what's happened here is pockets has just heard his words out loud for the first time and because even he can't believe how crazy they sound he thinks that it's my fault that he sounds crazy because he's had to doctor it to present his argument when you have to fake stuff and cheat then you've already lost you're a loser it's funny that he's focusing on this so much because this is such an offhand comment I'm just painting a picture for what kind of crazy stuff he's willing to entertain his humor was much less complex in the 90s it used to be all do dude you're not funny because it's not supposed to be funny humor I mean you know you're trying real hard to be funny this guy has got like a handful of salt and he's rubbing it so fucking hard into my skin right now just trying to find a wound I know you're wearing this armored mask and you got this whole you know tone of voice wearing it the guy's Canadian he's like from Ontario or something I am from Ontario it's he insulting me for being Canadian I know you're trying to have an edge and they're trying to be cool you're like you know but you're not funny like if you end up seeing this video let me be the first to tell you the shitting body really needs people to know that I'm not funny thank you point taken let's move on you can talk with the you know sort of sarcastic tone you try to shit on people's I'm doing a radio voice that's like my character does he's supposed to sound like a dick he's like a fedora tipping a theist also what the fuck he knows you're from Canada but it doesn't know that you show your face I behind a cartoon character with the doctored voice like what is he trying to say that you're hiding yo...
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