Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #110

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    Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #110


    - I'm trying really, really hard not to laugh right now. - Ahh! Stop it! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ - (FBE) It's time for another round of our laugh challenge tournament. - (claps) Yes! Love laugh challenges. They're the best! - I don't think I've won a single one of these. - Oh, no! I'm gonna be so bad at this. I laugh at everything. - yeah, laugh challenge! I wore the right shirt. - (FBE) So, the way that this works, whoever gets the least amount of points throughout these episodes will return for our final championship episode to compete for the title of laugh challenge champion. - That will not be me. - I've never felt so sure in my life that I'm not gonna make it. - We're gonna win this one today. - (FBE) If you laugh or smile during a video or in between videos, you will get a point. And to win the game, you want the fewest number of points possible. - All right. Zero is my goal, so we shall be fine. We got this. - Okay, so I can't even smile. Okay. This is gonna be hard. - (FBE) Today's video has a little bit of a twist. All of the video topics were voted on by our FBE SuperFam. So, they've been coming up a lot in our videos, because they support FBE. And in return, they get to pick what we make, like this episode. - That's great. - The SuperFam can never go wrong. - (FBE) You're already doing great. - (laughing softly) I'm laughing in pain. Ohh, dead puppies. Dead puppies. Okay. (sighs) (slaps) Okay, I got this. - ♪ The ting go skrrr-ah! ♪ - (person patting) (buzzer) ♪ Skrrr-ah! ♪ - (person patting) - (laughs) ♪ Skrrr-ah! ♪ - (person patting) (buzzer) - (laughs) (buzzer) - No! Pugs are my weakness. (sighs) Why you gotta do that? - ♪ And the boo-boo-boo-boom ♪ - Skya. - Oh, no. Mm-mm. - Tricks, bro! - Why'd he do that? - Yeah. Fat shame me again, . I will 360 tilt my pee on your barbecue. - (dog screaming) - Ah, stop it! - I'm good. - I can't imagine having that dog in my house. - (dog screaming) - That was close. - I like when dog barks are more like yells. It breaks the status quo of what a bark is. (howling) - Goat yoga! - I wanna do this really bad. - Eric has done this. He invited me to one, and I didn't believe him, so I didn't go. - (woman) My chakras are aligned! - That's just really cute. Aww, the poor goat. - (woman) Oh my gosh. Do they ever get their (clicks tongue) snipped? - (laughs) . . I did not expect that. (buzzer) - (woman) Oh my gosh. Do they ever get their (clicks tongue) snipped? Or do you just look at it like this all the time? - (laughs) (buzzer) - It's inappropriate. - You can't tell, but I am actually laughing my ass off on the inside. I'm sorry. I'm looking at your face, and I wanna laugh right now. I don't know why. Um... okay. No. Stay composed. Okay. I'm good. Next video! (fart noise) - Aww, she's so cute. (fart noise) - (girl) Ah! (laughs) - That's me when I fart. - I'm trying really, really hard not to laugh right now. I'm crying. - (woman) Push it. (fart noise) - (girl squeals with laughter) - It's not funny. - (girl squeals with laughter) - That was so cute. (exhales) - I feel like we've overplayed farting jokes. It's gotten to a point where farting jokes are not that funny. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ - I love videos like these so much. - I've seen this in Japan. There's whole parades of them. - (chuckles) I live this life. I know what this is like. (buzzer) - That Pikachu had way too many potions the night before and then woke up, had to go to work, and then that happened. - (squeals) (exclaims) (laughs) What happened to that Pikachu? (buzzer) - I don't know what the heck happened there, but it looks like someone infiltrated the dance routine or something. - I wanted to dance with it, but I didn't know if dancing was allowed. How do you dance and not smile? (snorts) Gosh darn it! (buzzer) - I'm actually crying. Ugh. My eyes are watering so much, 'cause I'm trying not to laugh and these are all really cute. - (man) Parkour! - (chuckles) (buzzer) - (man) Parkour! - Ouch! - Oh, there he goes. - Impressive. - (man off-screen) Parkour! Parkour! - Seen too many videos like this. - (man) Parkour! - We've all done that. (laughs) Oh, dang it! (buzzer) - (man) Parkour! - People in pain used to get me pretty well, but now it just doesn't happen. - I fall more than that when I just get out of bed in the morning after a good night out. - ♪ Hey, what's up... ♪ - No! No, not cats! - Oh, no. Oh, no. - Oh. - I honestly thought he was gonna spill it. - ♪ Guys, I don't know what's wrong with my cat ♪ ♪ Why does he look like that? ♪ ♪ What is wrong with him? ♪ - (chuckles) (buzzer) - ♪ Guys, I don't know what's wrong with my cat ♪ ♪ Why does he look like that? ♪ ♪ What is wrong with him? ♪ - That one was funny. (buzzer) - ♪ Guys, I don't know what's wrong with my cat ♪ ♪ Why does he look like that? ♪ - Why'd you do that to your cat? - ♪ What is wrong with him? ♪ - Ahh! That was so scary! - ♪ Why does he look like that? ♪ ♪ What is wrong with him? ♪ - Whoa! That's scary as hell. - (Woody) ♪ Well, I fly ♪ - (Buzz) To infinity and beyond! - You know how to get people with the animal videos, don't you? ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ - Eight lives left. Not too bad. - Oh no, buddy! Aww. He tried so hard. He failed, which is not what we're gonna be doing today. - (FBE) This last video is the one that has been most requested by our FBE SuperFam. They really wanted to see a compilation of some of the stuff that doesn't make the final cut. - Oh, nice. - It better be some heat. Come on, guys. Let's go. - (Jaxon) Simple video, but she edits it... - Oh! Mm-hmm. - (Jaxon) Is it edits? Edits? - (FBE) Yeah. - (silent laughter) - (Tori) No, you're a bitch. - (Jaxon) It sound so weird! - (laughs) (buzzer) - (Jaxon) It sounds so weird! She edits-- she edits it. - Edits. Jaxon, you got this. - (Brittany) I was a Taylor Swift fan. Like-- ah! (gasps) - Same. But also, what scared her? - (Jaxon) It doesn't sound right, though. You know what I mean? (chuckles) She edit-- edit-- - You know all these people. It's so hard to just not laugh at them. - (Jaxon) But she kind of edits it, so it sounds... (in slow-mo) Sounds... - (bursts out laughing) I don't know why it's so funny. (buzzer) - (Jaxon) ...sounds... (in slow-mo) Sounds... So, it-- what-- what the-- what the am I saying?! - Same, dude. Words are hard. - (Sheila) ...watching this episode of College Kids React. - Oh, gosh. - (girls in video laughing) - This is so hard. - (Rosanna) #AvengersEndgame, climb up his nus. - (FBE) There's an A there. - (Rosanna) Where? Anus! Oh my gosh! - (laughs) I was holding up so well! (buzzer) - (Rosanna) Anus! - Oh, no. - (man) ...subscribe to all the creators in this episodes. Links are-- where? Links are in the description. . (laughs) - Close. I do that all the time. - (JC) Hi, guys. JC here, producer here at FBE. Make sure to subscribe. . - I like that guy. (buzzer) - (Mary) Hey, fam! Thanks so much for watching this episode of the laugh-- ah, . - (laughs) (buzzer) - (Mary) And third thing. ! - It's funny when you guys say bad words. - Aww, there's a baby! - (Kyle) Thanks for watching this cheese channel-- (chuckles) cheese channel. Bye, bye! Can you say bye? - (Liam) Bye! - That belly. Oh! You just wanna go BFFT on that belly. So cute. - (FBE) So, you didn't laugh at any of those today. How are you feeling? - Pretty good. Wow. That's never happened before. - Oh my god! Thank god! Oh my goodness! (laughs) - Nailed it! I'm telling you guys. You can save a lot of time by just giving me the trophy. - I lost. You know what? I feel like I stayed true to myself. - I tried so hard. You guys just got me with the animal videos and the bloopers. Honestly, I didn't think they were gonna be funny, but you sang the F word. That's hilarious. - If you got through all of that without laughing, what sense of humor do you have? No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. But that was really tough, so props. - Thanks for watching us-- wow. Okay. - How did you do-- wait. How did you do to-- - If you like-- oh. (laughs) - (chuckles) - Hey, FBE fam. Oh, right. My name. I have to say my name. Thanks so much for watching-- what is this? Hey, fam, React producer Mary here. Thanks so much for watching the laugh challenge on (speaks gibberish).
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