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    The last one to stop riing will in $10,000 cash. Carter Sharer is on a hoverboard (balance board), Lizzy Sharer is riding an electric scooter, and Stove is riding a bike. The last one to put their foot down will win the grand prize of ten thousand dollars money. Comment #Money #LastToStop

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    what's up guys welcome to the blog welcome back to my channel i'm carter share and today we have an absolute banger for you we are filming the last one to saba riding wins $10,000 cash it's going to be super awesome we have a few different vehicles to choose from each one has its own strengths and weaknesses and guys just a few days ago we just picked up this jet ski and I drove it inside the pool it was super awesome if you haven't seen that make sure you go check it out it was a lot of fun I've been wanting to do that for like for many many years it's so awesome it's the stones hello there since you won the last nerf battle yes that did and you won the $10,000 in the gold money gun and I got another chance now so yeah you get another chance now with another challenge comes another chance and like I was saying other guys we have three different vehicles to choose from we got the wheels like motorized bicycle thing right here oh and this thing's pretty fast but at low speeds it's really really hard to balance that's true that's true and then we got the 10 inch hoverboard this thing is awesome it's got flames on it now this thing doesn't go super fast but has a lot of stability at slow speeds it last but not least we got a motorized scooter this thing's got some good speed but here's the tricky part with this one if you go below like 2 miles an hour you can't it won't give you any more throttle it's one of those scooters get to give it a good push to get going otherwise it's gonna stop and the way this is going to work is whoever tough you touch the ground with your foot if you fall you touch the ground with your hand or any you step off or anything like that then you were out you are eliminated because you are no longer riding the last person riding without touching the ground is going about ten thousand dollars it's super easy rules so as soon as we hop on these vehicles you can't touch the ground with your foot your finger nothing if your vehicle runs out of battery and you fall off you're out oh so there's lots of different factors there's balance their speed their skill if you hit a crack and you trip throughout it's kind of like last to touch the ground winds but it's last to stop riding wins snow you were won the last challenge you think you get your first pick Oh scooter the hoverboard with a bike well this one stops and you have to like push and go that's not a question I like hoverboards but I'm not too so I'm gonna have to pick you know and it's blue it's my color that's true that I got to pick this blue bike so I'm picking the bike all right Liz I'll give you a second pick just because you're looking pretty good today mm I think I know what the scooter cuz I know how to ride it oh wow so you guys are gonna leave you with that naming hoverboard that's kind of please that was my first pick anyways this thing is sick all right guys well let's get started so Stoke since you picked for us to get to get moving first whoa oh really yep then we'll get Liz moving following you and then I'll hop along all right then I'm all ready to go let me all right hang on angle house nope as soon as you lift that foot you're so you started and you can you can't stop I can't stop are you sure you're not riding okay so ready once that foot comes up oh oh I mean my foots on the ground okay if you touch the ground you're out stone all right I'm still on this tingling circle day oh no it does your guts it ran out of battery I'm bout to run that battery Oh conserve your energy okay Liz you're up next as soon as you get moving you're in oh man okay stove is still he's going slow look at him he's trying to stay around it okay aunt Liz what's up she's on alright let's go I'm still going that just leaves me let's do this thing alright alright guys we are off and rolling me on the hoverboard we got Liz family looks you go to the house we saw oh okay all right I'm hopping out but he had all the cars oh look at this bump is not good news that was easy for you but you know so that thing's fast okay guys we are absolutely cruising right now lastest stop writing challenge is officially in full effect we got live and stove in front of me they're both on like the two wheel things mine's two wheels side-by-side so it's a completely different machine the hoverboard it gives you advantages but there's also disadvantages like I can stop and stand still all day long but I can't ride that fast and bumps are really hard now if stove has to stop because a car like cuts him off or something he's gonna have to put his foot down and he is out so it's really kind of like you know you got to pick and choose your strengths and weaknesses here I'm on the hoverboard so I'm gonna make the best of it hey you guys it going so fast there's Liz this is going fast yo Liz you're going wait where you going where's she going yeah guys so whoa you're moving around Oh watch out for the cars Liz whoa yeah go don't go too fast means they're very wobbly oh man I almost fell off last to stop writing assemble okay I need everyone everyone's attention oh whoa hey let's don't be you stopped on me I can't I have to you know improvise it baby I can stop I can't stop I can sit here all day I can't stop okay so we are going to do some challenges and it's kind of like a game of pig for basketball where I make a trickshot and you guys have to do the trick shot but if you don't do and you fall off then you lose that's where it gets very very interesting so who wants to go first you can go first I just want to see what kind of tricks you pull can pull out of your head okay okay alright so Lizzy you listening up yeah yeah riding so fast alright alright how's your battery life dude it's uh Oh Liz don't get in my way I have two bars left still two bars it's then I'm full charge to charge all right car so what's your trick gonna be so for my trick it's going to be a little bit of an off-roading trick you have to start here drive all the way through the grass and come out to the pavement on the other side plain and simple you guys got that all the way across all the way across Liz you got that yeah alright yeah I'm going first alright here it goes and I'm up oh oh there's a hidden obstacle Oh so I'm still moving oh yeah I'm still riding I'm still riding I almost made it I'm legit almost just fell I thought I lost the challenge right there okay so challenge complete you got a ride from this side of the grass all the way across that's out of the grass well you got big wheels but look I'm not it's not fair I feel to do it I just did it snow just did it your turn if she could she goes in the grass and she gets stuck it has to put her foot down she's out of the running and then it'll just be me and stove there is here she goes are you taking a lot of speed list whoa careful I'll give you okay Challenge complete all right the stove I think you're up but you got to figure out a challenge I got one I think it's definitely gonna knock someone out really yeah it's pretty simple actually so it's actually just gonna be going off the curve the curb drop yep the curb job you're doing a curb job I can't do a curb job on the hoverboard come off off that curbs don't want to circle around again so you're going off this curb right here okay guys so I think what stove's doing is he's going to drop off but it's easy for him because he's got big wheels he's on a bike like you did okay no not yet take a lot take a lap that's actually uh okay that's actually a lot harder than I thought it's really bumpy yeah there's no suspension on the self-weight liz is going is this it Liz it's the curb right here okay here she goes yep I thought Liz she made it fine but I thought she forgot to give it gas and she was gonna stop okay well I guess that just means to me oh boy this one this one's gonna be hard I think Oh the hoverboard takes skill to ride guys it's kind of hard it doesn't look like much from this angle but this is hard too it is hard to drop down a curve on the hover but I don't know if I've ever done this Stowe here I go big deal here we go guys this is trick number two on the hoverboard wish me luck I'm nervous about this one all right here we go guys in three two challenge is complete all riders are still in we got stove we got Liz we got myself so how you doing a battery life I still have two batteries two bars by thing that's gonna go down to one pretty soon yeah usually when batteries start to kind of go down they go quick Liz how you doing on battery good you're hanging in there it was your turn to pick a challenge now okay ready I'm gonna turn around okay you're turning around she's turning around around okay Liz turning around and what is your trick my trick is the one-legged you gotta hold your leg up for five seconds so did you see that no one legged for five seconds are you serious will you even need your legs you could go no way yeah I can go no I feel like every challenge is it's so hard on this hoverboard this is literally killing me right now okay so I guess I'm up next so I gotta figure out how to ride this one-legged on the hoverboard for five seconds oh boy okay so wish me luck Oh miss look I smash that like button I don't know how I'm gonna do one leg on the hoverboard here we go for five seconds okay okay and I got a ride 1 2 3 4 5 you did it I can't believe I did that lie I'm shocked I'm impressed right now I just did the one-legged that's...
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