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    Rebecca Zamolo recreated the Norris Nuts tik toks with her husband Matt and best friend Daniel to see who is the worst in this challenge!

    Thank you Norris Nuts!
    WHICH KID MAKES THE BEST TIKTOK *Mystery Celebrity Judges* Challenge https://youtu.be/wb6ilZa76Io

    Rebecca Zamolo recreated the Norris Nuts tik toks with her husband Matt and best friend Daniel for this fun challenge. Rebecca and Matt are trying to trick the Game Master incorporated by doing a content switch up and pretending to be other youtubers. Today, Rebecca and her bestfriends must hurry to grab their legends diy disguise for each kids tiktok. Matt and Rebecca tried to match outfits so they look like their twins. At the park, the first tiktok they are recreating is Sabre the professional surfer. We all try to learn how to do the choreography in our matching twin outfits. When we do Sockie’s comedy video it's a fun challenge and hilarious to watch us play the drums and dance. Biggie had the most challenging dance routine and choreography but Daniel did the worst. For the final round we recreate the youngest kid Naz’s tik tok. The outfits are tutus and the boys think it's the worst. We do a gymnastics dance routine and it turns into a fail. Back at our house the mystery judges are revealed and it’s the Norris Nuts kids. They react to our tik toks and judge which best friend wins each round. Who will they choose as the best and worst tik toker in this challenge? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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    my name is Rebecca Samoa and I'm part of the gamemaster Network we signed a contract with the GMI to stop everything gamemaster's so we could back to doing fun challenges but can we really trust them today we're trying to switch up our video format so the Jim I can't hack into our Channel okay you see family we have one minute to get her vlog cameras and go and find Morris nuts for this challenge we gotta go to the same area yes here I'll wear this Oh yellow so I need to go upstairs to get a choo choo but Rebecca I need yellow it's a girl's hoodie but you know as you guys can tell today we are recreating the Morris nuts tick-tock we were celebrity guest judges on their channel a couple weeks ago and we thought it would be fun now to take those tik toks that we reacted to and do them ourselves and you guys are gonna vote which of the three of us does it the best this could be a huge disaster it's going to be a hot mess and we are also trying to recreate their outfit which we clearly don't have right look at these this is gonna be extremely cringy but i have a chance for you guys in the sam fam i want to make sure you are subscribed have notifications on click all thumbs up the video inside I want you to comment below tick tock challenge oh I have a surprise for you guys Matt and Daniel but not only will the Sam fan be judging our take tops but some special guests will be judging them at the end if you know or think who they are I want you to comment below and make sure to watch all the way through without skipping so you can play along okay whoo I think it's going to be Collins keyboards more yeah baby okay well stay tuned so let's get over to the park and recreate these ticked-off right so the real reason that we are doing this challenge right now is because we don't want the GMI to know our video format so we are doing different youtubers this whole week and using their format so the GM I cannot track comment down below what other youtubers you think we should recreate their video formats for like Colin scheme or like they said they think that those are the guest judges but I'm telling you they are not stick around to find out but don't skip so we are at a park right now because the norris nuts did all of their tic TOCs at a park and we want to be as close to their two dogs as possible we're an outfit for the first north nuts that we're recreating and that is saver why don't you try to talk like saver right now what know the noise not shrimp on the barbie hey hey why do you think you're gonna win Rebecca because I got outfit goals right here and I can dance yes but why do you think you're gonna win this challenge Matt because I have the best dance moves that move that was a fail Daniel why do you think you're gonna win oh man because I am a ninja and then ninja has good dance moves alright so now let's try to learn this first tick-tock gonna be a decision okay so this one go okay wait is it like I'm gonna challenge you guys to a one-take we're into this no there's no way no I challenge you I'm an adult I can do this in one take guys what kid so since I'm doing this in a one take uh-huh I don't really know what the song is because we're gonna use copyright free music I think I remember it was like on the ground floor sound like a low shot if you do like a little low angle and then I get up and I get a little sassy oh he's got it there you go there you go now you're here oh my don't forget that twister Wow Matt not bad tell us who the mystery judges customized something no Sam fam you guys hopefully are watching through guess who you think it is but I'm not telling you guys but I think they might like that one and I her in G way okay so it's my turn editing I'm gonna put something like cool right here but you guys don't you have to see it like oh my gosh something cool yeah that kind of looks like it alright cuz she's like on the bridge oh man oh man but yeah um far I just have a dress on so pretty good what's the movie that's not even in the thing yeah this hand transition little run thing Rebecca I need to help on this yeah I need your help on this one last part you guys missed this part what do I do right when I'm gonna spin I need you to be in a boat or in like that three two one just came back well that was something we're done with the first tick-tock now we're moving on to this second one and we're gonna switch outfits all right wait can you please tell us who the mystery yeah we're dying to know who are we doing this in front let's get changed okay so we are all changed and the next tick-tock we are retreating is sakis tick-tock okay here here and she goes around here okay so I guess Matt you get to go first on this one I think you're pretty confident that we're pretty confident that was pretty good yeah we got this well I do know the drums the best out of you guys since I am musically inclined three two all right drums drums gotta clicking pretty good he's into it he's boom-boom benin he's got it okay whoa maybe he's thinking these stick talks a little too seriously right now yeah come on Matt are you alright tick tock it's just a fun challenge Rebekah's oh so I'm ready to win this challenge against my husband and my best friend Daniel get Matt you're my best friend there's two best friends I got a lot of best friends I need that low-angle again here we go there it is so now it's the drama's look ready yeah I'm ready Oh oh my gosh oh there's a lot of drumming happen got it got it you got it I'll win this challenge you need a low-angle you care yep and then it's just like that something like this I hope you come back out of it I like that you're wearing my sweater right now yeah there we go wow wow wow wow I'm real dizzy is this was that the best also I forgot to announce that we are coming to VidCon Australia so if you live in Australia make sure to get tickets the link is in the description and come to our meetup so we can meet you very exciting time to get into outfits for the third tick tock finally oh boy yeah that's you biggie having a rough day wearing like blue colors wearing patriotic like like us colors like our flag which what's going on I'm Australia I am just wearing three different colors okay Italy right oh that's okay okay before spinning oh my god okay wait Daniel I've seen that shirt before yeah this is Matt's shirt but does not play softball it looks good yeah are you okay I'm not finish this change I'm just trying I might have to take a disqualification okay we noticed that big E's is pretty intricate yeah you gotta pay attention you okay oh my god this is why adults should not be retreating kids he tried to spin now it looks like he's about to throw up huh and then he goes like that oh there's a helicopter in the sky up there gonna lie over here can't really see it on camera beeping hear it right here hovering them do you guys think that was the gym I you guys know that we're recreating different youtubers format this week on our channel so the team I can't find out so mi really does not want us to do tic TOCs I guess no I guess we should keep going okay you guys I just noticed that Biggie's tick tock is 22 seconds usually T talks are only 15 seconds okay I think he did extra because he did it for his crush tsunami oh yeah he worked really hard on that he does say that the beginning guys do we know the camera angle I this one I feel the least confident about because you feel a little queasy I'm like yeah it might be a little bit off my game okay I'm gonna improvise this one's for you Rebecca Oh they're guys Oh yep oh oh he's stepping it up now now that he knows that biggie might watch us oh you got that right you got that right and then the walk away hold on I got to be behind you walking away how you feel about that one he's still going this one's dedicated to you Norse nuts Oh see she didn't even dedicate it to you yeah choosing the kids okay well yep I am over the crush kids over the crush yeah okay I'm ready okay let's go okay tell me where to be what happened whoa he did this oh my gosh this is pretty good I'm not sure exactly oh yeah he goes whoa and I don't know if he does that but and walk away slo-mo style got it and I might throw in a little edit in that this one's dedicated to you Norse nuts Nux okay you guys should have to talk in Australian accent okay might alright oh here you go no that's more British that's got Copic it was kind of a little a little it's more like it's looking quite a bigger that's really good that was good that's good got biggie biggie on the camera now let's good let's go down under Rebecca it's terrible this one's for you RZ twin we're coming for you what I don't know if I'm doing this right but like that scene he does this he's like in the camera doing like these things like this that didn't do the high up angle he does this and he's like walking back welcome back okay Daniel that was awesome way to go yeah and we're on our last six off yeah we are about to change into it comment so far how you think we're doing and who you think is winning this tick tock challenge but really for the mystery judges to decide try out this mystery judge you guys will soon you will soon let's get into our nest costume not nods I said nods but it's not Nass yeah I know what this outfit is and I'm not looking for this all right last one raise the camera you guys I don't be shy guys just do it it's fine we're trying to recreate we usually do you know hacker type things but this is a little different Daniel yeah this...
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