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    buckle your seatbelt cuz we're coming in hot we're time traveling that bitch ass all the way back to 1990 back when blockbuster was the hottest shit on the block the image of this store intact like this still haunts my erections to this day I genuinely enjoyed going to block bus there was always an extremely positive experience and even still sometimes I'll be jerking off and think to myself this one's for you blockbuster as I blow my load into the toilet oh no our VCR was just in for repairs again it was imagine trying to make conversation with mr. Harris well anyway it's back now good oh thank god the VCR was fixed so you don't have to communicate with your husband anymore there's a profession that doesn't exist anymore today VCR repair man fucking technology there's at least 15 good men and women out there that went through four years of hard schooling to become a certified Grandmaster VCR repair and Technology just throws that shit away fucking cutthroat you know we have a lot of different movies you might not have seen before well yes actually I'm looking for a hard sluts turbo arcade edition director's cut where do you keep your double ass fisting films get the fuck out of here Murray what do you mean who are you it's me TV douchebag my name's Buster Buster sales our trailer tape must've jammed I am no tape see Buster sales more like busting nut on my face and then slapped me silly because I'm having a fucking psychotic episode with the TV talking to me this shit's wacky this is like some Max Headroom type shit here well what are you doing here I am a professional opportunist you need some help hey well fuck you too buster so what Murray talks to TV sometimes that doesn't mean she needs help I know an opportunity when I see it sure like the time mrs. Harris his son Brian asked you out and you turned him down to get a chain all worth stupid slumber party who are you calling us I'm not a stalker your stalker fucking bust over here is just an omniscient being from the television dimension here you had an opportunity to tell her about your rental units two weeks ago then she'd have known she could rent a VC P from Blockbuster when she needed one yeah I could go tell her now good idea oh and ask her how Brian's doing while you're at it you might still have a chance with him what a huge asshole he's like an alcoholic father with poor fashion sense that's never proud of their kids no matter what his tone and demeanor he has absolutely no respect for Murray whatsoever is dwelling on the past a memory remember when you fucked it up real good two weeks ago when you didn't mention and mrs. Harris about a vcp she could rent from Blockbuster those of you who didn't grow up in the 90s VC P stands for very cold pussy yeah well you make me sick Maria make me sick to my stomach as he hocks a loogie into a spittoon with an open bathrobe reading the newspaper by a fireplace and the Murray's trying to make it up to him Oh Buster Johnson pie I can go tell her now yeah that's a good idea just looking down on her speaking like he's so much better than her fuck you buster how's Brian oh he's fine actually I thought he might be meeting me here he has some friends coming over tomorrow night and I guess he's counting on mom's Delivery Service to figure out the music videos will you help me here what do you think I should think of now that sounds like a real banger of a party all right boys give me your music video suggestions so I can go have my mom pick them up at Blockbuster nothing explicit and it has to have a good Christian message and you think you can spot an opportunity now what I told her about the vcp rentals in terms of cursed and haunted TVs and shit I'd much prefer the girl from the ring as opposed to Buster here Buster is like a Twitter comment come to life on the TV just haunt Murray and belittle her every achievement and that's fine don't trust the bust Maria didn't miss shit this man is a con artist there's three basic steps remember to listen to your customers because they're giving you clues about their needs second think how blockbuster can solve those needs yeah Buster I'm sure that's what was on the for front of every blockbuster employees mind dim how can I help blockbuster make sales how can I meet my customers needs I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the majority of them were probably thinking Jesus Christ I can't wait to get the fuck out of here and I'm so tired of Buster haunting all of our VCRs I can already imagine the indoctrination process when you applied to be a blockbuster worker they'd take you into the backroom and leather strap your hands to a wooden chair and then use gynecologist forceps to pry your eyes open and keep them that way as they play thruster Buster sales pitch on the TV all the workers just violently convulsing with a Buster sales overload and by the time they're fully fledged employees they suffer from schizophrenia and keep seeing Buster and the fucking mirrors they looking in the bathroom and on every TV set they walk by they see a puddle they see Buster down there with good customer service get the picture look at this list of 50 best videos and commit them to memory get to know popular actors and all their movies and while you're at it memorize the periodic table thruster Buster up there just now spitting honors literally spitting movies out of the TV set out her pretty bogus actually what now you'll want to keep an eye on this I see an opportunity coming Buster swooped in and now he heard the code word bogus now he's giving her the crazy eye it's like he's trying to see into the future by sniffing a fart violently holy shit that was a close call Murray picked up the NES zapper and nearly just executed Kristen right VIN in there Buster was hijacking into the mainframe of Murray's brain trying to get him to kill Kristen but she overcame the hacking oh you know what else my little brother spike has a birthday coming up whoever wrote the script for this training video just does not understand human names these are dog names Buster spike I bet the next person who walks into this blockbuster is gonna be named Air Bud or some shit he's a regular Star Trek maniac you were Spock yours just cool and everything put the kibosh on that right now make sure he stops wearing those boxers to school before it's too late now I don't have to give him a bulk in my nut or something hey where'd your Star Trek videos Oh Brad can tell you where that's the face of a broken man right there he just casually scoots into the background doing some shit on the clipboard business business business blockbuster business just actually far more likely it's like something out of the shining he's just writing the name buster over and over again I also don't really understand the pants in this shot because they're giving him one of the hardest camel toes I've ever seen in my life so how is that not bad one out of two Buster you smug piece of shit
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