Attention All Passengers - "Can Anyone Fly A Plane?" - Man Lands 737 After Pilot Has Heart Attack

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    Attention Passengers - "Can Anyone Fly A Plane?" - Man Lands 737 After Pilot Has Heart - Attack Fox & Friends
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    alright meanwhile imagine being on a flight and hearing these words does anybody know how to fly this plane that is essentially what Air Force captain mark dongle heard over his speaker on a United flight a couple of months back the pilot behind the wheel of the 737 apparently had suffered some sort of heart attack 30,000 feet in the air nurses who happen to be on board tended to the pilot while goggle rushed to help the first officer land at Omaha Airport and joining us right now is Air Force captain mark dongle joins us today from Cleveland good morning you sir good morning Steve thanks for having me it's great to have you what a story so you and your wife and your family are sitting back in coach and you hear somebody say is there a doctor is there a nurse and then somebody said hey does anybody know how to fly the plane what was going through your head well it was a Steve it was it was interesting to say the least uh yeah three quick calls for medical help over the PA and we of course felt the airplane slowing down and turning and so we knew we weren't going to Denver but then I heard the call which was for any non-revenue past when your call button and I figured out right away that that meant that the pilot was the patient so uh III looked at my wife briefly for a second and she looked at me both kind of having this are we really hearing this kind of moment together she said I think you better here call button so I rang my call button and stood up and started to make my way to the front see what sure so your wife I said honey go right up there and please help land the plane you get into the cockpit and there's the copilot who's who's tending to things you know she doesn't know you from Adam right did did she go through some sort of quick interview process for the job she did there was about a five second interview and she said she said who are you I said I'm a pilot and I was trying to be to the point right she said she said what do you fly I said I'm an Air Force guy flew B once and so she said okay close the door have a seat we're going to Omaha and I need you to work the radios and and back me up on the checklist I want you to back me up for the Jackals to work the radios all right so we got a picture of the Lancer the b-1 bomber that you have flown in the past that doesn't look anything like a 737 no it doesn't but I'll tell you that in once you get two airplanes in airplanes an airplane you know the controls are pretty intuitive things are laid out pretty well it's it's not difficult to tell what's what or what you know what you need to do okay it's it's it's just like driving going from driving a small sedan to driving you know a pickup truck the steering will still the steering wheel throttle still the throttle and so the systems were about the same and you were backing up the copilot was the copilot completely sure about what she was about to do there she was she was very calm cool and collected I have nothing but the finest things to say about her she did she's an absolute professional and I'd love to fly with her again sometime under may be less stressful situations she did to be clear she did all the flying I was only on the radios and I was only you know backing her up on the checklist but she did all the flying and she kept her cool an absolutely horrific thing that she must have seen to see you know the captain go through what he went through and she made a lot of very very good quick decisions in a very short order of time the decision to turn the plane around and get to the nearest safe air suitable Airport right and and she couldn't have done a better job well you've given her credit did the the passengers on board once they realized wait a minute we're landed and that guy from a 23b just helped up there did they give you a round of applause or anything after after we landed and we got the captain off the airplane we've got him directly to the ambulance on the ramp and there was some applause initially after that for the nurses and after I went back to my seat shortly thereafter after the emergency itself was over we got towed to the gate and there was some scattered applause and high-fives I think a lot of people were still looking at the at the nurses and that's fine you know doing the math absolutely yeah absolutely and I hope by United Airlines is gonna let you fly for free at least this year well they did offer everyone on board the equivalent of about one free airfare for a one round-trip ticket in the US okay so they made good on it they took excellent care of us once we got on the ground everyone got a free hotel for the night everyone - rift free no questions asked passed on to their their final destination the next day they did a really wonderful job and I received a nice thank-you letter from from the chief pilot United and a phone call from the captain so he did survive and he's doing well so that's all good news and it it ended well a story with a happy ending yes happy you were in the right place at the right time and it's great to have you have finally tell your story on TV thank you so much goodness I better myself alright I'm mark jungle trains today from Cleveland just terrific are
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