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    CONAN Highlight: After a childhood spent scaring his little brother, Bill has finally found a way to incorporate his creepy smile into his work.

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    you have easily the most evil demonic smile I think I've seen in all of horror and I've worked with Andy Richter for a long time there's something about that smile I had night it was that's something that you've been working on for a long time or did you come up with that when they approached you about playing penny wise um well it's a funny story because my older brother Gustav yeah who's an actor as well he had this ability to do you know point his lip in a very strange way and for some reason I don't know how I understood that I could do it as well mm-hmm but I was like maybe 10 years old and I'm like oh my can we see that keys to my it's just for that camera Rachael Ray yeah there we go and I came up with this character called Yoda GaN which is a Swedish name and I would pull my t-shirt up like over my head so I would just it would just you know you wouldn't see my you just you know just isolate the oh yeah just isolate the name is faith and then I would chase my little brother you'd chase your brother yeah and scare him and how house your little brother doing now this promised I see in the film yeah you
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