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    Mystery Riddles That Will Test Your Mind! I'm SSSniperWolf and today we're going over riddles with answers and brain teasers! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications WATCH MORE in the riddles playlist

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    hello friends it's me and today we are doing some more riddles also I did something new with my hair do you like it you hate it let me know make sure you guys do these riddles with me would you rather have your finger caught in the door Oh kick a little puppy which one depends is that my puppy I mean I would like nudge it a little of my foot I'm so sorry for the sake of my finger i'ma go with beef but I would nudge it a little bit have you ever had your finger caught in a door that hurts that is top 10 worst pain ever experienced by living humans sorry little puppy I'm gonna have to give you the little oops just a little bit I would not hurt the puppy don't worry let's make it a little pit bull that bad boy wouldn't even feel it would you rather get your tooth pulled without anesthesia or eat a hamster bra eat a hamster like how much of the hamster we talking about like is it cooked is it alive cuz it's alive yeah and I ain't doing that I'm get my tooth pulled I don't think I could like physically it's like chew a damn hamster but when I was in Peru was it a guinea pig or a hamster no it was a guinea pig they eat guinea pigs they serve that at restaurants like on a stick yeah and I saw that I saw the inside slice it in half and put it on the grill bam bam Thank You Man that'll be 1295 yeah I'm not eating a hamster absolutely not I'm about to fold I mean they did a DIY like on TLC at home so if they could do that I could probably do that too the things I do for animals the art teacher has gone mad Oh No what's he gonna do paint on me brah he did what now he put some dynamite in the school so the police caught him but the teacher refused to reveal the deactivation code oh no here's a clue for you what last digit of the code part for violin six guitar six bow okay so high-pass four letters violin has a six okay it's adding up this is working oh I know you're stupid riddle it sucks this is why your art teacher and not a math teacher you fool it is three three is the number I'm gonna sound really stupid if I don't get it right oh nice this was too easy has nothing to do with musical instruments much like if you got that right over here we got a mom and her kids Pinocchio is that you another couple why does she look behind I got that maybe she's attracted to dudes with very long noses oh you know what she sees that kid and she's like hmm that can't look like it could be my kid when my man ain't nobody got a six inch long nose in this town except my man's so like what's going on here could this be my kid but there a mix-up at the hospital did my mans have a baby what blondie over here that's coming I would look back to you and be like what's going on here this could only mean one thing that is my baby but is it her baby also her and her man's aren't even like hooking arms together like she just nudged him in the bread like you see that child you look an awful lot like you you got some splainin to do have your Pinocchio probably just gonna lie how you think his nose got that long in the first place why can't the Tyrannosaurus Rex clap because his hands are too short that sounds way too easy also they were alive during a time where clapping wasn't even a thing how was the dinosaur know how to clap burnt we in 2019 animals don't know how to clap I mean except seals but like I highly doubt that t-rex even knew how to clap I'm gonna go with he didn't know how to it is extinct Oh duh I mean just because he's extinct doesn't mean he couldn't clap maybe he could have you know if he clapping them cheeks from behind on his way to find the snack realizing he is the snack oh no y'all went on a cruise and turned into the Titanic who would you say the woman of your dreams your best friend or a little boy whose little boy is this where's his little boy's parents he lived a short privileged life being able to go out of cruise caught a cruise I'm just kidding buds like I don't know the little boy I'm gonna save the person that means the most to me i'ma save the woman of my dreams I'm my best friend laying got a woman of my dreams also why am i saving them can they not swim hi Yvonne go on a cruise and not know how to swim also my best friend look like you got bigger boobs than me I'm sure those location devices could support you in your final moments so I think you'll be good have a saved mouth in this situation a boyfriend I mean guess what better than me this makes no sense who'd you guys say comment below I need to know a rich house and a bar house are on fire in which house will the police fight fire first which is the rich house that which is the poor house this is the rich house in LA this is the poor house in Nebraska I feel like that doesn't matter it just depends which house they are the closest to or which house has the most fire I'm gonna go with the first one the whorehouse is it even a poor house the police doesn't fight by it oh my god seriously the police doesn't fight fire the fire department does oh of course of course they do you know I was just thinking the fire police y'all gotta be real good on that one like y'all actually got me I will admit defeat one day a violent storm blew up in the city and caused a widespread blackout oh no after the storm passed a maid was found dead in a mansion brap people always out here dying in these riddles three suspects were questioned the husband the wife and the butler I was the butler he did it look at him you can't trust this dude well maybe it's the throw you are that's my Butler that Dracula all right husband let's hear what you have to say what's your alibi I was reading books in my bed imagine I detective actually questioning you and you're like it wasn't me I was reading books in my bedroom I couldn't have done it understandable you're free to go the wife at the time of the incident I was watching TV the butler I was calculating my family expenses in my room why are you calculating your family expenses when you are supposed to be on the job you're a butler hmm something don't add up so I mean everybody sound like oh why did you do it oh there was a blackout how's she gonna watch TV during a blackout I mean they got a mansion they probably have like a energy reserve or something I don't know I'm gonna go with the wife she did it Butler you're free to live another day I don't trust you also in these mansions we always got husband and made drama llama I mean have y'all seen American Horror Story this always happened so I'm gonna say it's the wife oh she's a liar the wife couldn't be watching TV as the storm caused a blackout in the entire city you fool you got caught grandma going to jail what would you say oh no grandma's house is on fire only she would just walk out that door it's so in hands with the fire that's a battle you're not gonna win grandma I know oh there's money there's a cap the grandma isn't even a part of this that's which would you save your cat or your money I mean you're honestly a fool for having your money in a house full of fire honestly I will grab both you got two hands suitcase that one cat and another we be out that door while grandma fights her last fight with me no mr. fire nah but for real though if I had to pick is my dogs he saved grandma and he saved the cat didn't save the money I mean you're a fool for not putting your money in the bank in the first place you stand in front of two identical doors one of which leads to death the other to freedom the doors are guarded by two identical guards one of whom keeps selling the truth all the time and the other one lies of the time but you do not know who is who whoa you can ask only one question to any of the guards what questions should you ask so one of them lies all the time one of them is always telling the truth complete opposites you have one question tons are enough what's the question go to the first door will this door lead to freedom I feel like I should have done enough of these to like know the answer but I really don't if I ask you to point me at the door to freedom which door will the other guard point to and after that you should choose the opposite door what what if he's like no I won't point then you're kind of screwed i'ma sit down crisscross applesauce I'm gonna be like we won't be here all day until y'all guards have to leave that I'm leaving wherever y'all leaving would you rather a hug a prickly cactus or be disappoint your mother I feel like I'm gonna disappoint my mother by hugging a prickly cactus so this is a lose-lose situation I mean we all hate being a disappointment to our parents but yeah there's no way I'm hugging a prickly cactus but I literally touch the cactus the other day like lightly caressed it and got like 50 needles just this part of my finger and I had to pick them all out one by one and some of them were coming out in like clumps but cactuses they're no joke there's no way I'm hugging a prickly cactus sorry mom a little disappointment never hurt anyone but I can't this come on I'm sure she'll understand would you rather a lose all your hair or be lose all your friends can't you think you don't have oh goodbye everybody I know I will live this life of solidarity and a full head of hair I'm just kidding I would lose my hair I could wear a wig have all my friends to come for me about losing my hair but what am I gonna do with no friends and a full head of hair ain't nobody go and tell me how luscious these locks are so you don't have to go with a I'll lose all my hair what would you guys do comment below which a...
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