Top 20 Hilarious Impressions Done by Celebrities
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    Who better to impersonate a celebrity than another celeb? For this list, we’re looking at the funniest impressions by celebrities. From Anna Kendrick as Kristen Stewart to Will Ferrell as Harrison Ford, these celebrity impressions will blow you away! Join WatchMojo as we count down the top 20 best celebrity impressions. Which impression is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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    hey guys i'm rebecca from WatchMojo and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 20 hilarious impressions by celebrities that means we're looking at the best most memorable most random or most unexpected impressions and impersonations performed by celebrities or other famous people however we are excluding ones regularly performed on SNL like Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin as well as celebrities who are known for their impressions like Jim Carrey and Frank Caliendo all right let's get to the list number 20 Tom Hiddleston as Al Pacino and Robert De Niro we don't know what's more impressive the fact that Tom Hiddleston can recite the pivotal diner scene between Al Pacino and Robert De Niro from the 1995 crime film heat from memory or the fact that he straight-up becomes both men in the process you do what you do I do what I gotta do if I'm there and I gotta put you away I won't like it with De Niro sitting right there next to him Hiddleston can't hide behind the camera what if you do got me boxed in I'm not gonna put you down thankfully his impression garnered a round of applause from the legendary actor and it's easy to see why number 19 Justin Timberlake as Jimmy Fallon he's gotten worse yeah I think it's gotten worse though I don't think with the amount of time these two celebs spend together it's no wonder they've picked up on each other's mannerisms Timberlake stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in 2013 to promote his album the 20/20 experience and managed to impress the audience with his impression of the late-night host for books three do four books so when he supposed be done said tomorrow despite felons claims that it's gotten worse over the years Timberlake is clearly dialed in to his friends movements particularly when he gets frustrated did you do this thing really my hands are your hands collie yeah like that number 18 Drake as Lil Wayne impersonations are my thing I've made like you know amongst amongst my friends not like in public but I'm decent at mimicking in an interview with English DJ Tim Westwood Drake refused to let the hosts posing and purple shirt distract him and proceeded to deliver a top-notch impression of Lil Wayne also known as Weezy also known as shrimp daddy with a throaty pitch Drizzy knocked it out of the park with his labelmates comedic get serious demeanor and made sure that it was all in good fun you know yo Weezy speed a minute yeah a bitch elevated I just been like vibing out you know caught up for it start that's it Westwood maintained an intensely engaged presence thus allowing his guests more freedom to hilariously clown on his good pal Kobe but yeah you know that's my that's classic Wayne but that's my dog that's my brother you know I'd do it all that good fun man number 17 Anne Hathaway as Matthew McConaughey Anne Hathaway visited Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2019 to promote her film serenity in which she stars opposite everyone's favorite shirtless Texan Matthew McConaughey having spent a considerable amount of time with the actor haven't we managed to pick up on some of his unique verbal and physical habits football I like it I like the scent Tennessee Titans I like the Patriots god bless america Wow her inflection leaves something to be desired the way she stares off into the distance while waxing poetic about football proves that she has the McConaughey spirit in her with the football passing it down the line it's a great game great game great invitation of the world number 16 Julie Bowen as Sophia Vergara what are you going to wear for Ellen and I said you know I'm gonna wear shoes is it cocktail when you work side-by-side with someone for multiple years it's only natural that you'll pick up on how they walk talk and act this is doubly true for actors whose job literally requires them to become someone else this allowed Julie Bowen to learn how to mimic her Modern Family co-star Sofia Vergara so well it's kind of scary Bowens Vergara impression is spot-on and her willingness to bust it out when her colleague is present is a testament to their friendship number 15 Dwayne Johnson as Arnold Schwarzenegger yeah I was Australia yeah I do that according to Dwayne the rock Johnson the best way to get chummy with Arnold Schwarzenegger is to perfect your impression of him the film star and one-time Governor of California has one of the most unique voices in the business which means everyone and their grandmother has come out with their version of it at one point or another he caught on to it The Rock's version involves a lot of mumbling but generally gets the point across number 14 Will Ferrell as Harrison Ford during a visit to the Graham Norton Show to promote anchorman 2 the legend continues Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate both tried their hand at impersonating their co-star Harrison Ford while Applegate's impression is more of a playful caricature Ferrell fully commits to the bit doing an impressive job of capturing Ford's curmudgeonly demeanor I killed four men in Okinawa ww2 and there was two weeks ago Ferrell even does a decent job of getting Ford's voice right much to the delight of the crowd 13 Denzel Washington as jay-z so apparently Denzel Washington can do it all during a visit to the Queen Latifah show in 2014 a two-time Oscar winner discussed his friendship with jay-z even mentioning how he gifted Jigga man a few lyrics while the two were in the studio one time Wow he's like so what'd you think I was like laid out again of course the best part of the interview is when Washington seamlessly slips into an impersonation of Hoba complete with childish giggles and a version of the rapper's unmistakable way of speaking anything I talk yeah I'm gonna play this for you dude number 12 Anna Kendrick as Kristen Stewart some impressions are so good they're scary take Anna Kendrick's Kristen Stewart during an interview with Jimmy Fallon Kendrick transformed into the Twilight star perfectly capturing her awkward mannerisms and nervous speaking style Oh dancing not such a good idea for me what really sells this one is the uncanny way Kendrick manipulates her lips to look more like her subject kendrick claims she's done the impression for Stewart and that the actress admitted it was on point I did it to her and she was like really I do that with my mouth and I was like you're doing it now I know honestly once Kendrick starts her impression it's easy to forget she isn't Kristen Stewart the Bellas are out of college and they go on a USO tour and there's like you know hilarity ensues so number 11 J Moore as Christopher Walken everyone has a Christopher Walken impression and it's easy to understand why with its unique cadence and fluctuating pitch walkins inflection is unlike any other give me a big bowl some ice cream on your head while many have replicated the actors manner of speech including Bradley Cooper because he's not he's not the normal guy was like hey how you doing it's not like that he just sort of sits there in the makeup chair and he's like you knock it out of the park quite like jay mohr the comedian doesn't impersonate Walken he becomes Walken Wow I'll jump and beat you to the punch it's good that you're here 101 ESPN st. Louis when Moore sat down with ESPN prior to Super Bowl 45 he left it the opportunity to show off his Walken and absolutely nailed it by Christopher Walken is one that follows really nope at all it's its own entity it's a dangling participle number 10 Simon Helberg as Nicolas Cage while this Big Bang Theory star has a slew of top-notch celebrity impressions in his repertoire his Nick Cage is on a whole other level Dave we have to have a serious talk during a visit to Late Show with David Letterman Helberg busted out the ultimate party trick for a brief moment Simon Helberg ceases to exist and the world is temporarily populated by not one but two Nicolas Cage's he asked me to be on your show you didn't tell me the temperature was going to be yeah from the way he tenses up his body to the nasally voice and dramatic outburst Helberg has clearly practiced this one in front of a mirror number nine Dwayne Johnson as Kevin Hart and Kevin Hart as Dwayne Johnson when you get two celebs with as much combined charisma as these to impersonate each other the results are obviously going to be hilarious in 2016 Lag bible got Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart to participate in a little role reversal with both actors choosing to go completely over the top and their impersonations of the other I was the one who I would throw my voice I would throw my voice me like hey thing and then Johnson and Hart have a ball giggling like a couple of schoolboys at each other's parities we think it's safe to say this one is a tie let's take it let's take a let's say we gotta wait you gonna pick it up nine times out of ten you can't do a set with it number eight Jamie Foxx as John Legend John Legend seen Toys R Us jingle we love musical impressions is a recurring segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that requires guests to impersonate a random singer to the tune of a random song each of Jamie Foxx's impressions is hilarious but his version of John Legend singing the toys-r-us jingle is truly a sight to behold Fox commits completely dropping his voice an octave or two in order to sound more like the Grammy winning singer we think if Toys R Us still existed they would have their newest spokesman number seven benedict cumberbatch as multiple celebrities as if we needed another reason to love this immensely talented British actor here comes a clip of him busting out a trio of spot-on impressions Cumberbatch kicks things off with an Alan Rickman impersonation no easy feat and knocks it out of the p...
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