I Bought Every Watermelon! ($1300 worth)

Danny Duncan
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    look at the sweat on his face dude the sea eater is on for 15 minutes he didn't say a word how'd it was I mean partner of the quarter that's a big accomplishment yeah that's how many people Oh everybody votes you oh nice alrighty perfect you're the best you're the best thank you honey chase your dreams like kids you gotta be jealous sorry buck Jesus and get fire sir how many times I hear you a couple did it hurt the other side I wish I stayed that size be married I'll do save you where you should go down to the park you meet anyone literally probably anyone you want honestly there's no way you could we need to get a golf cart or two how fuckers 900 bucks you they look like shit it works pretty good don't meet hop on with you hop on with you how many of these do you have back there for sale how many horsepower does this thing have 36 horsepower jeepers I'm going to this golf course and I'm gonna just beat the shit out of them well not on the green but like at the golf course I know I know the guy there can I Drive it if I break it up by it they are going fast huh the things slow no it's not fully charged yeah Catelli alright I'll take two okay yeah you're 92 I was gonna say man you guys shouldn't be wearing those pants dude you gonna have a heat stroke when I go to the dermatologist he looks at my white legs and he says man that's the way I like him yeah lose your leg I like tan lines we just got this credit card and it's like unlimited money you just get whatever you want you don't have to have the money you just keep swiping in it everything's free pretty much did you read it yeah I read out loud I did I did how come the young man they gave you lyfe you makes in the hot Sun all day why are they so expensive for a golf cart yeah that's insane I'm trying to get a ride to the golf cart place right down there can you give us a ride down there or no thanks man if you ask you shall receive hey come up boys we should rent this thing for Dan just pick people up all right thanks man I got this Abraham Lincoln with your name on it thanks man fastest five dollars he's ever made let's see what John's doing I'm kind of bored now this guy he just sits around dude he sits around all day thanks man be safe it's been a pleasure yeah it's been a pleasure he's a quick guy he's a young guy good luck James Oh what get in the front of the road go way out there dude that was sick that was good those are good news all right I always see this guy selling his watermelons doing its how to shit out so we're just gonna buy every single one of them so that he can go relax inside in the air conditioning today we don't want him to get heatstroke dude he has a van full of them dude there's a lot of water moans oh yes how much for have your watermelon what is it per water Mon oh shit all right let's start counting where do you get all your watermelon i man all right all right look how you doing you want to try to load him up I got more friends coming I don't know how to count these buying his entire business you got more of these at home oh nice so you'll be back in stock tomorrow I'm buying everyone that's where you got tell me the price man you need to get in the air-conditioning man it's too hot out here Stark I swear man start counting I got more cars coming there's another one hey I'm buying every watermelon bro the whole the whole thing you don't believe me though he doesn't I got friends we all gonna eat all this shit he won't guy doesn't believe me psychology yeah you can't afford it oh count them all we need $6 be 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 there's so many we gotta count these there's 52 outside 52 times 6 52 times 312 you driving in my house all right let's go oh this guy's trying to get our water on too bad were sold out bitch I'm just kiddin we should give them one they try doing the same thing for their YouTube channel they have their own YouTube to just fucked up everyone else's Thursday watermelons are gone bitch where I come from it's cornbread and chicken where I come from trying to make a living and working hard to get reaching out to touch go when I was waking up today I didn't think I'll be buying a van full of watermelons but some days you can't plan that's why I like not having a script I just do what I want what I want today I wanted watermelons tomorrow I might want cantaloupe I saw your son one day he was talking to me yeah yeah how many kids you got though I got twenty-one watermelons there's a lot of fucking watermelons in there dude twenty-one actually you know what I don't really think I want all these water imagine twenty-two stars are shining I feel as good as you look one big smile about $250 with a watermelon and that thing's still full there's gonna be like a thousand dollars in watermelon that made a mess man I didn't know it's gonna make a mess like that let's go bro pick up the pace pick up the pace he's got his kids back there just chuckling more water noise it's just an endless cycle I mean look I just Daniel that much one-sixty bro yeah we got hustled dude I don't think there's 100 this last one who put that banana peel there watermelons only Rowley this dude oh yeah I owe you money 255 times 5 is how much 8 to 24 I think it's 1280 yeah I might have fucked up a hundred there you know I get off the watermelon before you break them bro your ugly ass oh man all right don't you appreciate you that's what that's one of my hottest shirts right now those things so like crack in the 80s Oh actually someone told me you're older than you look I actually remember someone telling me that 69 68 69 half no more yeah you don't even look at 71 you know get over 50 I know we met a guy today was 92 someone go you know about to Gulf Cartel actually these things cost more than a golf cart golf cart was only nine hundred ninety five maybe my babies we much prefer the rest but only weight to this some writer deities ever known then blow noses can stay day before wheeler with a driver and a shooter we have a dirt bike with the driver and a shooter the objective is to just shoot each other as much as you can let's go go stay hydrated it's actually a lot of fun more fun I thought it'd be Steven Q on key ones done this kids filling in gonna be driving C's ready to go how do you feel game on Frankie only guy not wearing murder I see how it is dude friend yeah friend round two let's go oh dude oh my god do you think you do better at shooting alright like give him the thing bro cv suck the more I shoot you the hardest gonna be for you to shoot me know you're getting late boy fuck get the fuck down get the fuck down oh dude he shot me in the dick what an idiot you shot me in the dick you wanna shoot people in the dick don't you'll be able to get it I'm kidding bro I'm kidding I know you can shoot me on accident in the dick it's okay I'm not mad you shot me my little peepee dude bro it's purple I'm little Annie for this did not you he just shot me in the dick no you're in a crash bro I'm not gonna drive this you're gonna crash this alright I'm just gonna shoot him dude this is your helmet it's your helmet dude everyone would agree with you they don't want it point out them every I don't want to point out me either is this working weed dude and that's not legal in Florida bro you go to straight to jail every common Ingles gonna see this video and the next time you're in England they see you they're gonna know so just don't carry it around anymore here you go you know you didn't play like this you're not a skirt oh can we just play the game and you stop being a little bitch you know what I mean have you gene no dude that was funny then we shit on that one are you good fuck stop let me show you in the toe in the new vomiting
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