My Girlfriend & I Buy WEIRD Nintendo Switch Accessories!

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    so this video is probably titled something like I buy my girlfriend or my girlfriend buys me weird and tender switch accessories however we've both bought things for each other this time and they're really not that weird as some of them are weird but they're actually mostly cool they're things that I actually am going to use and you might actually find some stuff that you might like and you might buy or not I don't know do you want to say something I bought them from a mix of Amazon and Etsy and Aliexpress and like all over the place yeah some of its bootleg some of its knockoff and then some of it is is fairly legit like Amazon legit anyway let's just start okay so the first thing where there's actually two of them which is great because you can do one and I'll do one at the same time they are real wood cases and I have been very very excited for these I don't know which is which so you take your pick and you're gonna try putting one on your switch I'm going to try putting one on mine oh are they different colors they're different designs and different wood grains I know they're both really cool that probably burns out and knowing me he let me see yeah that bars Elda that both cool you have that one there you're right I did like this one more they probably work best on Greyjoy Khan's because I think you're gonna see some blue yeah you're gonna see my blue joy Kahn's poking out from underneath no that actually looks pretty nice yeah well that was really easy to fit on again I think it would look way better with Greyjoy cons so that kind of makes sense you know what yeah it kind of does have that like the breath of the wild look to it - it feels a little like strange overall I think that's a really cool one I think that's kind of works with the Pokemon thing cymbals yeah I really I agree I said yeah alright that's one down so believe it or not these little guys eat way more than we do and to keep them fed we like to use the help of sponsors like Scotia as I'm out of here he's gone these are spoilers I'm gonna have to blow all this out if you didn't know Skillshare is an online learning community for creators with more than 25,000 classes in design business video editing video production and I always stress those ones the most I don't have to I don't need to but I think it's very relevant for what I do here if you want to make youtube videos like this and you have no idea where to start then you know look at you chef and Skillshare is super affordable less than $10 a month the first 500 of you to click that link down below as always gets two months free so you just just hurry up because people are beating you to the punch already but don't leave the video keep watching the video just click that link do what you need to do and come right back Thank You Skillshare for sponsoring this video secret handshake you told me to get this one this was I don't know if you remember my favorite you found this hilarious I love it okay so what it is I'm not gonna talk until I have finished it's a Pokeball case and you would assume you know off the bat well what are you gonna put in a tiny case as a switch accessory it would probably be switch cuts right you would store them it's for him it's like one of those Russian is it cool nesting dolls I kind of want like an even bigger pokeball that you can put this one into I mean you do have to protect it I guess kind of I would rate this higher than these oh no no runner for me so okay well we should be ranking these because we usually do and my vote is this way up there at number one but we can put them together as number one ahh secret handshake time stop it alright I guess we'll do a weird one as that's probably what I did for the title can you actually tell what this is for starters and what it's for is it enough no but I could totally see that yeah I mean yes yes it is Scarborough yes do you know what game this is from to start with no not a freaking clue this is a Christian family channel Kimberly it is from Bayonetta it's I mean okay we'll put two and two together it's a switch accessory you can shove something in there what do you think it is Wow okay well oh you like it yeah oh great it's really cool everything is in the number one spot right now excuse me we have a very strong disagreement on the cases what don't you like about this I mean I don't know if they spend if they said I'm the listing it is real wood yeah I just ordered the box that's true that's true but I still think it looks really cool and I'm pretty sure it is real wood all right well since we have so many winners right now and I saw that how about we do I think this is the only thing I ordered that is probably just bad pointless I don't like being in it depends here's the thing there's no game that actually this would benefit from outside of Japan so this is really pointless but I just wanted to get one it would probably really come in handy when you're on the eShop or like pumping in-game codes or something like that I don't know well now it's the worst cuz it's not working I guess it just doesn't work outside of games which makes it very pointless to me so it's all the way down here and what a great purchase moving on these next ones I was actually pretty excited about and now I'm looking at them I don't know why a joypad straps why were you they came with your switch the only official joy Khan straps you can get a black and these are colored and you can actually get them in any color online and so I thought it'd be really cool since I have blue joy combs now one job one job moving on alright anyway you can get these on different kinds of colors I've ly links down below but be aware that the colors good I'm trying ok technically the next cool accessory I'm out of breath is this oh yeah what connectors waiting on it yeah I got one of these actually I went I ran downstairs to get this controller but I'm pretty sure this is only gonna work when it's hooked up to a dog little Mario brick design and when you open it anyway we're gonna have to go downstairs with this so I can show you how it actually works so let's do that alright now this 8-bit do controller thing I am really impressed by this I tried to just set it up to test it out and immediately plug the little USB into the dog went to the sink up new controller option pressed like the options button and the home button at the same time by the bing bada boom I'm using my PlayStation 4 controller on my switch I loaded up Resident Evil and all the button layout is just perfectly replicated from a pro controller or a joy con or anything it's just automatically mapped everything the way it should be and everything works the home button goes back to the switches home screen the only thing that's really weird to get my head around is obviously on switch the a button and the B button is backwards from the X and the oh yeah it works perfectly I actually feel like I am playing by Playstation right now not my switch it's really weird to get my brain around it another amend 'im have been playing around with this wireless keyboard it took much effort to get this to work right so much so that I hate the thing but I finally managed to get it to work a big reason why it wasn't working is because there's a little USB thing that was actually hidden inside here behind the joy con which I didn't see but then I had to go through a whole bunch of crap syncing it and eventually it worked after I looked up tutorial sir it does work pretty well I guess the buttons are so small that my fat thumbs trying to press like five at a time but it's definitely much faster than trying to do it without it and we're back if we didn't actually go anywhere or do anything yet so I don't know how that worked hopefully it worked great this is the next one I want to I was gonna whatever this video is pulling apart but I saw this one online I thought it was nifty it's made from leather so there's that lever I kind of like how the joy constable it's supposed to you in some way there you go I put it in upside down but you can't see that um I like it yeah cool all right moving on you really like it you stop what these are so good but you're right you know we'll put them front and center so everyone remembers how amazing they are not at all I am 90% sure it is real wood wrong you remember this one you told me to buy this I like it so it's Mario's overalls yeah but it's like the big case that everybody likes it's got a nice texture of this bottom a nice smooth to this top but out of all the cases I've seen this is definitely one of the best for actually storing your switch look at that Oh smell that I don't know what that smells like really good though shoes yeah it does not sure but new shoes that smell of getting a crisp new shoes that are like walking into a Payless store or IP bailiffs never been really don't know what you talking yeah so there's a spa fee a switch and I love how snug and perfect in all this friggin padding here ain't nothing happened into that bad boy you can throw a pro controller in here your dock fits perfectly in here I'm gonna guess that that is for these it's literally there in your entire switch can fit in here and that would be for your charge cord yes what does it fit in here this is this is adorable it's not something I personally have a useful but if I ever end up taking my entire switch set up anywhere and I'm definitely taking it this way I'm saving my favorite until lost but my favorite might not even work I'm kind of expecting it not to work cuz it's one of the knockoffs from...
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