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    Can we ride Splash Mountain 100 times in just one day? We’re definitely going to try!

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    we're gonna ride Splash Mountain 100 times a day believe it baby we're gonna try maybe 50 times maybe 10 maybe 500 we're gonna break records let's do this I'm regretting everything I don't know whose idea this was to ride Splash Mountain a hundred times in one day but oh it was not my idea what it wasn't it I don't think it was my idea I don't know whose idea was probably the least out of every ride here the last time we rode it she got wet because I tried to drink water while we were going down and I'm gonna do that again today oh if we're hopping from Disney World to Disney World we're basically Kingdom Hearts right now and if we're Kingdom Hearts then I've got my dodge attacks no matter who owns a real Mountain found that out yesterday my great-uncle helped build the Matterhorn ride here and if he were alive today I tell him it's my least favorite ride but thank you for making it lobster place is closed all I wanted was some food and everyone told me Lobster d fastest as we walked by a cheeseburger place but no we had to go get this and now it's closed and now I'm gonna die on Splash Mountain everybody knows it I think it's been over a year since I've ridden this ride it's been four months since I've ridden on this ride it was very meaningful to me I opened up to you about my family we're gonna find out who's gonna get the most first okay I put working today I'm not gonna wet a lot of like creepypasta post on ready to help things that happen on this improve that's gonna happen I'm gonna crap my pants on this ride today that's gonna happen on purpose Kevin is walking up backwards while filming it's fairly impressive history behind this ride it's based on the movie so man it's not you can't find it but they stowed it around for it baby first of all someone's not having a CPD doo-dah day that was the best joke we're gonna hear all day Oh this is a water ride we could just take stairs I was thinking of doing like this I won't lose count this is demonetized right now because this music no one is listening dreamers oh I'm good I'm gonna I'm nowhere I'm not wet the Bandra we still have 99 more number one down I'm giving just the one he took the bullets that we may live question stand for the realm of man keeping us Dre these are my friends don't be don't be humble that's the mob you can tell by the feathers for you kind of bird because one that can fly to their bodies of boat oh my god are you guys Smosh don't you do that don't you do that how could you I get it get over here and give me a hug buddy nice your body's a boat on God I'm a little scared I could never really not be filming definitely don't hold it i angered the gods of the siege and this is my wrist oh my god do I say what no even for like a bad decision that's like that the wait time is up to all minutes that's an hour 40 that's a movie okay guys new plan we're doing the single rider line computer relationship eat and get out of this line I'm going to concentrate all of my Chi around me in a bubble and it will keep me protected from the haters aka Mordor two rides in it she's gone and look at that fries the babies but actually very drop dearest mother I write you from the trenches knowing full well my lives are about to be a that's the jacuzzi the whole cult is here wife I accidentally peed myself today I really don't know the boys are getting to go together I'm so jealous it's it's a lot more difficult than I thought I'm starting to think this wasn't a good idea ready Oh where okay so okay I'm thinking about this we had four all together so that makes five six seven Kevin challenges eight so we've got eight rides now and we're not going to count all the together ones is four unless we really have to wait so if we do we've got we've got 20 rides altogether all right so the rides closed right now I don't know why that's gonna happen I'm gonna crap my pants on this ride today that's cuz you're gonna perfect and that person was being how are we gonna make our goal of we were so close to a hundred now we're literally so close it's very obvious thing that could have really happened and we didn't plan on the ride being closed at any point and this is the only reason we're not gonna make a hundred let's find we were so close to a hundred we're at we're at six rides game playing we're gonna read Winnie the Pooh instead because there's so much funny that counts as water anything if anything he counts as five rides the Pooh is technically Splash Mountain this ride is this right is actually acid if you want to get off none of us will judge you are you scared no scared I think you're scared of them we need a favor do I like horses no but until I confront them better save the funsies yes governing for the scariest ride called give me less scariest ride oh did I we did it wait run Splash Mountain again guys that's number six for Splash Mountain what's up funny boys it's so close they're supposed to fix it oops we don't listen we don't wait we use tickets here that we need to get as much big out of our buck just because of one ride is down does it mean our whole days wrecked I've got it we're gonna find and kill was like no let's think let's think real hard on what we're gonna do next no-no-no corny blows and they say they are still on that boat to this day if you guys liked our Disneyland vlog let us know and maybe we'll do a little bit more in the future also check out our merch at Smosh dot store if you want to see what we did last time Courtney's diary number two the return of Johnny click this video up here otherwise YouTube has picked out something special just for you down here toodles
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