Meet Dubai's RICHEST Kid , $130 million Mansion (17 years old)

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    yeah this is not my future house man there you know 17 years old making money this is this what happens you got to spoil yourself everyone welcome back to another video oh boy do we have a special day for you so first things first I want to say good morning if you want to have energy you need to wake up to some coffee okay this is Spanish latte and you know how much I like my Spanish women so today we have a very special video because pretty good so as I was trying to say before a car cut me off today we have a very special video because I am going to see one of the wise most expensive properties the property I'm about to show you is a hundred and thirty million dirhams it is one of the craziest properties I've seen it had to take me there I'm here on my boy get ready because today is gonna be a special day let's go oh my god guys we just made it to the mansion and we're about to go check it out and see what it's about guys it has a private beach the future like a home cinema it's insane you have to go check it out now let's go it is the only person to come to a hundred and thirty million house and really not care I said this is the man himself bad yeah he's gonna be taking us property I'm just going to let him take over hi guys were in Palm tomorrow and we're gonna look at his six-bedroom mansion six bathrooms 11,000 square foot built up and a 16,000 square foot Lots let's check it out and a cinema I will then tell you what this place has does there is a ton of things over yeah so we got six bedrooms six bathrooms we have a cinema privacy all placing on to the bring a skyline Wow and you have your own private beach so it can anyone else come to this beach this Beach is only for you so this is an area with people so this is listed out hundred thirteen hundred thousand in there and this is the most unique selling point of the house because you have your own private beach this is a private beach and pool an amazing view of the skyline now this is what you call a house Wow this entire beach is just for you like nobody else can come here guys no one I need your friends my oh yeah my friends can come my family like anyone you invite guys but that is one crazy thing about this property it's kind of like your own mini Island yeah 100% guys this place has a max is doing pool too so come check this out one of the unique selling points of this house is is the swimming pool because you're on the tip of the palm anything Finity style and I would say it's one of the biggest swimming pools in the Palm Jumeirah residential villas so guys one thing I love you can actually see like the entire view from here you can 100% and you can see the blue waters island and the marina skyline and this is your own private beach like you don't have anyone you know bothering you bothering ya wow this is crazy this is something really cool you have like steps in the middle of your same pool oh my god this entire place is your private beach this is all your land could you make like your own basketball court here you could like this whatever it was you can do I've never seen a villa this big right next to the beach bro that's crazy as you can see guys welcome to the crib guys this is amaz future house man there you know 17 years old making money is this what happens you got to spoil yourself guys more surprises we're gonna take you inside and show you some of the coolest things about the help please come in right now we're in the kitchen of this mansion and we have more the marble kitchen would fitted appliances from Miele you have your own coffee machine you got oven wow that is a lot of bottles in there water you can actually prepare everything in here and they'll be the show kitchen whoa weird flex but okay so we're inside the living room right now and they actually have some really cool furniture guys it's like a Sun bed inside your house like I don't even know how to explain like camping from Italy custom made only for this villa we're already keep talking you guys have seen downstairs but right now it's time to take you upstairs to where the real deal is I just remembered there's an elevator inside this house I mean sometimes you got to do it man you don't walk man walking it's like what 2015 this is the 2019 you play Mitsubishi seem like your car guys so this is actually a Mitsubishi electronic eight persons okay raising up you can see what's wrong once more oh hello aria sorry you were standing on the door over the nice I've annoyed so guys we can control this full villa with this panel right here so we're not gonna open these blinds right here okay so I've had a little bit of a mistake there's actually two fours over here the top floor is just for your master bedroom so we're gonna leave that until the end right now we're on the first floor so right here we have is a TV area I get most important guys there's a cinema area over here come check this out somebody this is the best thing about the house is the cinema room nine people ten people guys you have your own indoor cinema check this out today guys yeah this is like a sewer line King just came out biking and you have the movie on CD you can have like a good 10 12 guests in here just chill y'all projector and it's curved you guys can see look John me guess what John wick oh it is the only person to wear sunglasses inside a cinema brightest bright not good fries man so this is like your own cinema area but what do you think guys I think it's okay I can get used to this you know sometimes coming here your Netflix and chill I know the cool thing about this thing is guys this actually has hand recognition so you can actually control the TV with your hand check this out whoa this is yeah already oh the other way now so how would allow they're doing it right now the cool thing about this cinema room is you can actually control everything from this iPad so you can choose the movie from the iPad even if you're not at home say you're for example driving and you want to come home in the next 30 minutes you can actually turn on your TV turn all the lights on all you have to do is just come and sit down so even when you're outside you can prepare it from outside yeah even the AC even they see ya guys this is insane this is like your cinema at home pretty pretty awesome 100% is one thing I love is your tablet is attached to the wall so like once you're done you stick it back here and it's good to go yeah we're gonna go upstairs now is the master bedroom and the balcony doing the cool things about this house it's got a cigar room as well so we're going to the top floor right now it's actually kind of cool having your own elevator at the house there's not many villas on the pond that has this common elevator and this is a G+ - villa honestly this is probably one of the best views you're gonna get in this area guy you have like the entire marina view from here you have all the buildings and Dubai you're right at the end of like the beach so you're not really gonna get a view like this anywhere else anyways Rob stairs this is the view bub we're gonna take you to the master bedroom right now let's go the biggest bedroom of the house which is the last event group the most unique point that this is actually this limited Wow this is what you call a walk-in wardrobe wow this is more than enough for you an apartment but anyway you were at the same thing reason I mean I wanna say to you every day if my future wife is watching this video I do not want you to have any expectations yeah easily like 20 cabinets in here no by the way rock shirts shoes probably won't fit here yeah makeup makeup now that you've seen the walking order which is massive a coolest part about this bedroom is actually the bathroom it's entirely Versace come check this out yeah as welcome to the bathroom to the purse Archy bathroom like water if you buy this house you get all of this by the way like the resulting robes the versace Tamino versace pillow and who shower the showers of the villa my pooja is that one really cool thing about this place villa is locked on even us to have a 180 degree view so you can see around the whole beach Vicky's is wholly yours it's all yours just casually using my Versace time you know dry my hair and you guys want me to put Gucci logos on my eyebrows hit the like button this is the master bedroom over here there's one thing in here that I've never seen before and it's that and no it's not a mirror before you start roasting you realize oh you've never seen a mirror good boy so this is actually pretty cool at first I was like yo why do they have such a massive like mirror in their master bedroom I just pointing at the buck so it's actually a TV inside the mirror as you can see you can't see it I mean I think we found the remote for it ready here's the thing we don't know exactly how to turn on the TV right now but trust us when we say there's a TV inside this mirror this place actually has a cigar room okay I've never seen one because I don't smoke but it sounds pretty cool so that's y'all this is the office on the second floor you had your custom-made furniture so if you do work from home this is an ideal place ection best part is you can see the ocean in your office so there you go that has been one of the most expensive properties in Dubai guys honestly it was such an experience checking it out now I want to give a big shout out to my man bard here for showing us around a pleasure this thing is actually for sale 100% a hundred and thirteen million we're not making it up it's actually listed for that guys and it's worth there like this is a massive lot and he's guys for now I said goodbye to h...
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