Ellen KICKS OUT Guests For Not Following The Rules

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    Ellen KICKS OUT Guests For Not Following The Rules. Thanks for watching this video: Ellen KICKS OUT Guests For Not Following The Rules. For more ellen degeneres content, and billie eilish content be sure to subscribe to the channel.

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    Ellen seems like the most laid-back person in showbusiness, but don’t let that fool you – when it comes to her show, this lady has rules. The audience always looks super happy on Ellen, which is surprising given how much they have to go through to simply get a seat. It’s not all plain sailing and a lot is required of the guests that you might have realized. So, before you try and get a spot in the audience, check out these Rules Ellen Makes Her Guests Follow. This video includes billie eilish and ellen.

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    Ellen DeGeneres loses it with her guests before we begin yet another fun and interesting video today we hope to see you stay until the very end please do not forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking that notification belt to be notified of other interesting and fun videos and comment Ellen to be entered into our $100 Amazon giftcard giveaway you may be the next lucky winner Ellen DeGeneres is known for her rather bold personality and fun-loving spirit that doesn't mean that she is exempt from feeling the same emotions that the rest of us humans do throughout the duration of her show Ellen has had many famous actors singers sports players and more on our daytime talk show most of these interactions turn out to be harmless and provides some nice entertainment for the people at home while this is the case for the majority of the gas that come on Ellen there are times when she can't help but lose her cool when certain guests act weird on her show the amount of times this has happened is legendary and while some instances were harmless others came from a heartfelt place from wild rants and crazy outbursts to pranks gone wrong we're going to detail the top moments when Ellen lost it with her guests Ellen hosts so many different guests that there is no shortage of material when it comes to her losing it live on air we think some of the best moments when Ellen lost it to share with you we are sure you will enjoy these moments as much as we do below we're going to give detailed summaries of each moment Ellen lost it on her show to give you a first-hand account of what went down number 1 Kanye West going on a rant during his Ellen appearance when Kanye West was scheduled to appear on The Ellen Show everyone knew that something crazy was about to happen what people didn't expect was his intense outbursts caused by a series of questions Ellen asked him when Ellen began asking him about his latest plans and situations happening in his life kanye west proceeded to go on a very long read about his genius mentioning people like Walt Disney and Steve Jobs to compare himself to in relation to their intelligence and world contributions while Kanye West was ranting Ellen completely lost it trying to find calm ground with the artists bringing up counter-arguments to virtually each of his points ellen was trying to diffuse an already out-of-control situation the segment ended with Alan laughing and a seemingly dissatisfied ton and rightfully so Alan invited Kanye on the show to talk about his latest projects the fact that he hijacked the opportunity to go on a selfish rant about his ideas and how he plans to change the world was just rude this is Japanese lost it with one of her gasps number two audience member gets caught stealing from the Ellen pre-show during one of Ellen's shows she decided to test how trustworthy her audience was by playing a little game with them before the show she set up a souvenir room with multiple items from the shop including branded mugs and t-shirts she told the audience members that they could choose one item to take with them but no more than one to make sure the audience followed her instructions Ellen's set up a camera in the room to monitor what each audience member took without a doubt her cameras caught one of the audience members taking two items which she knew that she shouldn't have in the ultimate moment of Alan losing it she blasts the audience member by playing the cameras footage on live TV while playing the footage she called out the audience member and made her come onstage to revel in her shame this is one of those moments where Ellen completely lost it and for a good reason number three Oprah going to the bank to deposit two million dollars during the airing of one of her episodes Ellen invited her longtime friend Oprah on the show to have a talk while discussing her recent activities and what she plans on doing in the future Oprah mentioned a time when she took a trip to the bank Oprah continues to tell Alan about how she received a large sum of two million dollars like someone would expect a casual day for Oprah to be she proceeds to visit a local branch for a banking institution to deposit the funds upon hearing how casually Oprah deposited the large sum Ellen loses it with laughter and shock she looks directly at Oprah's eyes and asked her with a sense of sarcasm if whether or not she thinks that's normal Oprah responds laughing and Alan loses it with a consistent bout of laughter for at least a minute this is one of the more fun loving times that Ellen lost it on air with one of her guests number four Ellen tries to get Kris Jenner to reveal Chloe and Kylie's pregnancies during one of the episodes of The Ellen Show Ellen invited Kris Jenner onto the platform while on the show Ellen and Kris discussed various topics ranging from situations that her kids were involved with amongst their other subjects at one point during the interview Ellen proceeds to ask Kris Jenner about Chloe and Kylie the conversation gets weird when Ellen attempts to probe Kris for information regarding the two previously mentioned individuals pregnancy rumors at first Kris doesn't know exactly what Ellen is alluding to however it becomes very clear later in the conversation once she realized what Alan was insinuating Kris begins to laughingly resist telling Alan any important information regarding the pregnancies of Chloe and Kylie after a good amount of time trying to gather the juicy details Ellen loses it in a fit of laughter realizing that she's not getting anything out of Kris anytime soon this is definitely one of the funniest times when Ellen totally lost it on air number five Kristen Bell tells Ellen about the time she got caught breastfeeding during one episode of Alan Kristen Bell was on the show and mentioned a rather embarrassing moment while having a conversation with Alan Kristen proceeds to tell her about that moment when she got caught breastfeeding on a jumbo screen during the filming of a movie Kristen was in the room for a table reading of the script while reading the script Kristen felt the need to begin breastfeeding her baby what she didn't know was that the entire time she was being broadcast on a large screen in the room by the time she finally realized that she was being broadcast it was too late upon telling Ellen about this horrendous incident Ellen looked into her eyes with a blank stare of shocked that stare was swiftly followed with a quick chuckle that continued with Alan laughing hysterically aloud is one of the funniest moments when Ellen totally lost it on her television show number six Reese Witherspoon and pink play would you rather on Ellen during the premiere of one of her live episodes Ellen had Reese Witherspoon and pink on his gas during her appearance on the show Ellen had them play a game of would you rather which is essentially a question-and-answer game Ellen asked a particular question related to procreative human relationships and Reese Witherspoon got noticeably uncomfortable while pink decides to answer the rather explicit question quite calmly Reese continues to persist that she doesn't know what sex is at all resisting the question Ellen loses it and tries to force the answer out of her but still she was not successful this is one of those memorable moments when Allen totally lost it on her show number seven Allen makes emma watson hire a personal nanny for herself during his segment of the Allen show Allen invited emma watson to appear on the show however there was a slight twist she made Emma hire a nanny for herself to poke fun at how hard it is for her to juggle the multiple tasks she had to deal with on a daily basis once am I hired the nanny Allen broadcasted the meeting between Emma on live television asking her random questions to get giggles out of Emma even though she was reluctant to do the entire segment made Ellen totally lose it the segment continues with Ellen asking him on more questions to see what sort of reaction she can get out of her while this segment was entertaining and made Ellen totally lose it Emma didn't seem so happy about the situation number eight Ellen and Chris Pratt can't stop laughing while playing speak out Allen invited Chris Pratt onto her show one airing and decided to play a game of speak out with him the game consists of contestants wearing a dental device that fixes the mouth in an open position while their mouth is essentially held open unwillingly the contestants must answer several random questions during this particular episode Ellen and Chris couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous both of them looked and sounded the segment that was followed by enormous amounts of laughter from both Alan and Chris which went on several minutes this is one of those times when Alan lost it on air in hysteria and we couldn't stop laughing right along with her number nine Ellen repeatedly scares Sarah Paulson on live television during one episode of The Ellen Show airing she had Sarah Paulson on the set for a quick interview segment what Sarah didn't know was that Ellen had much more than a simple interview in mind throughout the course of this particular episode Ellen repeatedly pulls pranks on Sarah these pranks include things like clowns popping out of boxes and liquids randomly being poured from the ceiling during standing segments Sarah Paulsen's reactions to these various pranks ranged from pure shock to completely losing it Alan also was having a blast laughing uncontrollably at all of the pranks she was able to get past Sarah this segment was full of fun and laughter that no one expected Alan completely lost it during this moment number ten Alan takes Oprah to the supermarket and things get a little spicy during one of her episodes Alan invited Oprah to go on a shopping spree with her at the supermarket during the trip Alan and Opra...
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