Stephen A.’s choosing Steph Curry over Magic Johnson sparks a heated debate | First Take

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    Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman break down Allen Iverson's All-Time NBA Starting Five, which includes Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal. Stephen A. disagrees with the list, saying Kevin Durant should be on it over Kobe Bryant and says Curry is a superior shooter to Johnson.

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    I have to be careful Max Kellerman because in the interest of full disclosure allen iverson just texted me he's watching me to make sure I agree with him I have to be very careful I don't agree with Allen Iverson on this Max Kellerman I'm being brave here because I'm the era's mouth the second this show is over here's the reality do I agree with him about Steph Curry you're damn right I do Steph Curry's the greatest shooter that I've ever seen and because of it his command in terms of his ability to spread the floor just opens the floodgates to everybody and Jay please he's number one on everybody's list we get that that's a given Allen Iverson had Kobe Bryant in there I do not here's why because I have them Jay you see what I'm saying Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest ever but he's not MJ and when you looking for the fact that his game Meera's MJ almost danced at a height and build by the way I don't need Kobe if I have MJ you know who I would go with Kevin Durant five hold on I let y'all speak five inches taller five five inches taller okay in the Moxon and one of the greatest scores we've ever seen so that my Kevin Durant then obviously LeBron and then I would put your keel O'Neal in there because the mass the girth the intimidation his ability to run the floor with those other four guys as well I think he'd beat people I came could do everything Shaq and doing more though no one was as dominant in the paint as Shaq in our lifetime let me see what you are doing and what AI is doing you got Steph and Kobe and a eyes got sorry you got Stefan KD who play on the same team now and he's got Steph and Kobe and I got instead of that tandem magic and bird who won eight championships without ever playing on the same team I'm just telling both of y'all right now do you take Stefan KD a Stephen a you take Stefan coaching I answer that I'll take magic right do you want me to leave it do you want an answer to that are you ready for this Magic's the greatest point guard that I've seen but whatever we're talking about because guess what y'all in this era of shooting Magic's not even in this conversation Oh not I said shooting I specifically said shooting conversation Greek freak shoot no and he's an MVP candidate timeout let's be clear magic had a decisive size advantage looking over the competition on often so he was a pastor extraordinaire one of the greatest point guys ever we know magic I'm not trying to feel but am I got a choice to pick between the greatest shooter we have ever seen to go along with those guys rather than magic I'm doing this see the universe on the line Game seven magical step to the ball magic or step fate of the universe on the line Steph Curry all day every day are you gonna sit up there and literally listen with a straight face toner listen to Max Kellerman say day the money around the motor listen max hold on coming to you you're trying to tell me that Magic Johnson you shooting the ball Robert suspect Max Kellerman today you're suspended for not having magic stop it doesn't none stop it you said the fate of use your word fate of the universe to the line who would I rather have shooting you take magical stop coming you had you should be suspended immediately okay so have you go ahead you and I saw each other at Game seven at Oracle the fate of the universe was on the line it was a 73 win team four and a half minutes ticked off the clock at the end of the game no matter and I wonder how many shots Steph Curry hit zero his team didn't score a point and they lost in the finals Game seven Magic Johnson on that team there is no way they lose periodic Magic Johnson came on the show you know well enough Magic Johnson's my brother we're very tight I'm getting in trouble here because it's forcing me there to be disrespectful Magic Johnson in terms of shooting the basketball does not belong in the same unless you think unless on Magic Johnson six now I could get to the hole famous shot going into the lane against Boston with the baby hook stuff please magic ain't even in the same universe as Steph Curry not shooting on a Monday a Tuesday a regular-season game no but now he's trying to say he wasn't talking about just shooting I said he's dead shooting he said shooting right what I'm saying is yes everything I want the ball in Magic's hands but that includes if they have to shoot it with the money on the line magic is not trying to miss period I don't care who shoots better than him with the money of July he didn't he didn't bring up the turnovers that cost the Lakers a championship one year by Magic Johnson three of them mad about it but at the end of the day the bottom I and Steph will have five take your time but the point is the greatest shooter we had ever seen in our lifetime the blasphemy coming you should not with the money on the line without pay immediately not with shooting he's not shooting by the way I'm gonna tell you right now the same team right now will do it you took so technically the special magic about it that's what you would have talked to him about basketball Haiti Japan it Stephen banished me you took our teams are similar but you took Stef and KD over magic and bird you go do that I'll take magic and bird you take Steph and KD we'll see what's what
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