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    Funny Moments on GTA 5 with playing modded races. If you enjoyed this video check out more here:

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    the ultimate the premium bike place he's just leaving on the plane there you go now he's holding a hand though right come on guys oh this is interesting I like the look of this oh yeah okay Geordie just make sure you don't crash scary man don't crash it to me Jordy oh my goodness make that turn Oh God Jesus oh we have to go through the other side guys don't slip stream Josh dreams are really dangerous already had a nice lips turn over there oh god what is this six Aggie dude I like the speed of this race come on guys already oh my god okay we got a zigzag again guys make sure you use the thing as a ram it's someone fail yeah Geordie Phil all right well that's the attempt that's the NF majority all right and I'm not worried oh my god Josh watch your speed there man I think you gotta break a little bit water landing hey what's the hard landing right yeah right okay here we go okay six and half out of this zigzagging deaf out of this Jesus Christ you how was bunny hopping like a little rabbit oh there was a little creek down oh my god I thought with Josh how did I do that yeah because I was jumping weirdly I don't know how what the hell slipstream might be a very bad idea right yeah excellent idea no I don't think so don't take the rap Josh don't take the back oh my god Jesus Christ we can't stop bitch work before Judy and Josh dirty how you doing I'm doing oh man don't be cold and everybody yeah they're vicious somewhere over here if you crash now you're screwed are you but you won't crash the biggest bike we'll all right are y'all doing it's jelly in the house all right that ain't healthy bro let's go in Cynthiana for Delhi wait guys oh my god guys screw each other I wouldn't have a chance to catch up all right it okay it doesn't go like whatever is gonna happen I'm just gonna concentrate at this all right hey you guys love touching each other I know that stop it with the slipstream hey guys there's only two checkpoints please screw up you won't be able to get there anymore 30 Justino you're probably in DNF territory right now right this is gonna be interesting because it's Josh gonna be able to make me fail no you're not closing over right what if you drive slowly Josh no I think you should just do it for the fun it's okay buddy you love getting sat on your face you did pretty much okay I'm about 30 seconds away from him how do you know that oh you're a minute going oh yeah I'm a minute but if I fail Jordy you still have this all right if one of one of you two feels like I mean I'm not gonna fail it gets hard moving on to the other one guys wait dozen oh yeah and that was that was quite close okay wait I'm easy gosh it's easy I see another wall right in front of me I think I have this when you joined 100 oh gosh you're right I seen in front of me no Jesus Christ then if this gets tough but I fail that I'm done this one left jelly you see no no yes I do are you on the blue part no I'm orange whatever the orange yellow all right so you're not even that far in front of me I can see you behind me I can't see you you're is that the finish line back there does bends off okay before the finish yeah directly Tony do you worry about it man don't you know I'm gonna try and not give you a D enough right cuz I'm a good guy Thank You Julie I'm very worried guys I'm very well all right you you be worried man he's descending be worried all right I'm on the blue part oh I see you Josh I see you I think my god I didn't you just killed my though I had a finger yeah my finger is starting to hurt now all right Josh Josh you just enter the green part than you oh yeah yeah I'm like a couple blocks behind you it's not that far away all right all right oh look at this big coming out legit I think I'm catching up with you Josh opportunity for me to bail oh my god oh my god I am literally catching up with you you got your eye getting bigger and bigger okay that's way too easy hey Josh how about you fail alright will not do well not do Josh you're literally right in front of me if I had like 30 more seconds I think I would have been able to catch up with you I think you're right yeah I think some cat I think I got some catch a mess Josh cracks up might be a crash I don't think I can crash it I see Josh yeah there's a tunnel in the end oh yeah you don't want to finish it for you Geordi do you like a little DNF dirty jelly wait no all right will not do such things early these on green where is he I'm green these I gotta see yes he's on the bitch okay no not not close at all wait wait very close oh all right Georgie they just entered the orange part oh yeah you can finish now oh you think interesting how am I supposed to make this interesting I don't have gonna race him racer did the guy is so much speed I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it I'm like come here dirty you're got the story nice dirty it's a boy jelly saga man are you doing yeah body anyone is that supposed to be looping that's not gonna end well guys sorry you are so screwed well we so fast you can't connect yourself I correct myself I feel Josh don't worry about FL as well yeah good job not the bike though no okay yeah I landed next to the fucking thing man not allowed to Jamie that's hey I know I'm not allowed to do it I didn't get a checkpoint a little a cheater trade is really hard really super fuck oh what's going on Jordi oh I think he's failing well not doing will not do such thing alright what are you here we go Jordi just please fail me and Josh you really want to catch up with okay let me feel free I'm scared about this one Oh God go back won the round yeah I was hoping for it I'm dead time to stop first I was going way too fast what's going on Jordi what do you want something about it yeah in the mocking oh is it a long tightrope Jordi IDs attorney hey guys hey I got this time I haven't even been there I got oh wow this is Oh God okay Josh I'm just driving is it a straight line oh it's straight but it's so they just went up I'm so scared guys I'm on the orange part of this tightrope Jesus do this this is not made for me are you doing any adjustments a little bit are you going full-speed I want to do it to the point where I don't need to adjust it oh yeah hey just all the time Josh yo I'm so confused man okay come I can't do this oh my god do this full speed at this point are you going full speed Jordan yes I'm going full speed oh my god I'm going full speed now I think I have the perfect angle this is fucking crazy this is insane me neither where's that far ahead of me for a second shut up dude I can't even make the first hundred meters oh my god bah alright Jory is definitely going to make boys guys hi could even make the first 20 meters alright I'm doing this I am NOT doing this what's going on I think that he made it he's quiet now Jordi's cries Jesus Christ oh dude Jordy how am I supposed to do this okay I can't do this literally Jordy how about keyboard no no no just no that is the worst that is the worst I thought you finished dirty I made the checkpoint oh you didn't even finish it not yet all right it's me oh my oh my god this is the first this is the furthest of Ben guys guys you got these okay I'm gonna take a little break and then I'm gonna do it but then I'm gonna go again guys this is the furthest of and I'm like maybe a couple under now I was a couple hundred meters away for the maze bags okay there we go I finished Oh Geordi finished it you have to go all the way to mount chilliad right Josh where are you I can't I can't dude you are really far ahead of me oh yeah I'm gonna go really slowly okay that's really slowly really slowly actually I think I have the angle no I don't even the tiniest adjustment yep the tiniest adjustment is fucked me over do it even on full speed a slight adjustment yeah Oh God oh I've got to stretch myself oh did you fall off I can't make this I'm giving up Josh did you fell off Christ use your thumb a little bit to correct do you know looking at me why go full-speed why it's fucking up now and then go just twist a little bit but don't even know who push this thing just touch it just touch it I am touching the stick I'll touch it with my fingers good what I know why I was even touching you with my toes the slightest touch he fucks me up in the middle all the time ah I'm on the edge chilly what position your back hole in the middle dude it's so hard go full speed you got this purple hey I'm doing good so f jet equally well in the middle at all times I'm not touching anything that's concentrating deer that fuck I deserve this kind of right time for the super fund for fun hey I like super fun do you guys like it alright Jordi's and a drag bike Josh what about you I'm on the drag bike - really I'm on I'm the only one other body anyone yeah we're just gonna test that who's faster oh yeah hey Dean up jelly took the highway the arrow was pointing that way so I was like might as well go in there well there's 0% chance that I can catch up with those fast bikes of yours no do you remember this race yeah really I don't remember it actually I do remember it get over here oh oh but now they're boosters what nice hey I just fucked it up again guys isn't that just great get that so that's amazing you can still catch up or just accepted in it whatever you want whatever tickles your fancy I can't get the checkpoint how do I get there hey don't worry about it guys we get the great sir dang it the feudalist is insane th...
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