Fixing 10 Broken Nintendo Switches - Salvage Liquidation Lot

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    Fixing 10 Broken Nintendo Switches - Salvage Liquidation Lot. I bought 10 more Switches - this time from a Liquidation website for $75 each. Now it's time to find out how these compare to the 8 Switches I previously bought from eBay. And it's time to answer two of my favorite questions: how many can I fix AND can I make money?

    Here's the Thermal Paste I use in the video:

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    Tools I use:
    -Protech Toolkit:
    -Torx Security T8:
    -PH00 Phillips:
    -Tweezer Set:
    -Electric Screwdriver:
    -Thermal Paste:
    -Canned Air:

    Equipment Used:
    -Hakko Hot Air Station:
    -Nozzle for hot air station:
    -Hakko Soldering Station:
    -Hakko Air Filter:
    -Kester Solder:

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    About This Video: In this video I'm diagnosing 10 Nintendo Switches that I purchased from a liquidation website. I'll show you how I replace old, dried-out thermal paste. I'll also show you some problems that can happen when testing if a Switch is charging. This is part 1 so check back next week for Part 2.


    I bought ten broken Nintendo switches I need to see if one I can fix them and two I can make money on them let's get started all right and first things first we always want to check the charge ports first to see if those are faulty okay that one looks fine we're just gonna go through and check all the charge ports real quick that one looks fine really hard to show you guys that one's got some bent pins right in there so that one's faulty that one looks fine keep in mind these are just kind of from what they look like sometimes you can't really tell until you get really close look in there that one looks fine that one looks okay so this lot has a lot of charge ports that look like they're just fine so this should be an interesting one now any of you guys that watch my previous two videos about these know that I had several charge ports bad on the first lot of ten that I bought of these these ones look like most of the charge ports are fine this one's got a bend in it for sure you can probably see that on camera hopefully that one will be okay we'll see so far only one has a charge port issue so the next thing we need to do is plug these all in and see if they charge and here we go oh here we go this one actually charges this is the bent one so this one charges at 0.96 that's usually charges a little more than that oh there we go 1.76 that's about a normal charge so this one is fast charging this one might actually just have a bent case and maybe that's the only problem hopefully keep our fingers crossed there that will be number one let's try another one hopefully have as much good luck on this as we did the last one oh here we go okay so this one looks like it charges it turns on has a good display we'll need to plug some joy cons on to this and see what all works and what all doesn't hopefully this one will be good hopefully it's not banned but we'll take a look at that a little bit the first thing I want to do is just get these all diagnosed so I know what exactly I need to do on all of them okay let's see what happens with this one we've got point for charging good and it also shows charging here those are both great news so this one since it's slow charging it's not gonna show a display so I'm gonna have to charge this one up and then after it's charge up then we can diagnose it further so the first three are looking really good hopefully these keep going well I'm sure that there's gonna be quite a few that doesn't work that don't work but we'll take as many good ones as we can okay this one charges normally but it does have a bad display okay and this one is number five let's see what happens oh we got a blue screen that's bad news I don't think I've ever fixed a blue screen it does charge normally which is good but I'm gonna have to do some reading up on the blue screen and here we have number six so we have normal charging and we have a charge icon and the display does work it's not going to turn on all the way because it is not charged enough to turn on all the way but so far this one's good news as well here we have number seven and we have zero charging on number seven and obviously we can't see a display the good news about a zero on the charge meter is that hopefully it's just a bad fuse if it's just a bad fuse it's super easy fix and gets it going real quick so hopefully that's what it is I'm gonna have my fingers crossed I love easy fixes okay this one number eight has a bad charge port and let's check number nine we've got normal charging and we have a charge icon so far good news for number nine we will need to let this one charge up as well and here we go let's see if number ten is going to be lucky for us and you can see we've still got zero on the meter so hopefully this one will also be a fuse okay so there we have an initial diagnosis on these tendon Tendo switches put a timestamp in the comments and let me know how many you think are gonna be fixable and let me know if you think I'll be able to make money on these I purchased these for $75 each these ones are not from ebay these four are from a different liquidation site and I unfortunately will not be giving that site out at this time I'm sorry about that but obviously I do have to keep some of these things secret where I buy some stuff or else you guys will go and buy them all before I can get to them so I'm gonna get these all charged up so then we can further diagnose them and see what all's wrong and then we'll get everything else fixed on our list I'm almost constantly being asked Steve where is the best place to buy parts for my console do you guys sell parts where can I get parts so I reached out to one of my favorite parts suppliers on eBay to see if they would like to sponsor this video so this video is sponsored by ep game supply ep game supply has all sorts of parts and accessories for almost any game console anywhere from the Xbox 360 all the way up to the Nintendo switches and Xbox one X if you're looking to get to their store on eBay you can just type into Google ep game supply and you will find them come up on the first listing and you can see they have parts for pretty much anything you're gonna need on any of the consoles you're working on so I will leave a link for EP game supply the top link in the description will be for EP game supply and you just click on that link and it'll take you right to their ebay store so you can get the part that you need there also when I contacted them about sponsoring this Nintendo switch video they said they would be happy to send me out some accessories for Nintendo switches and I told them what I do is just put these accessories in random Nintendo switch orders that come off of my websites from you guys so when you purchase a Nintendo switch off of my website you may just get one of these free accessories from ep game supply so while those other switches are charging I'm gonna take these two apart and we'll see what the problem is and see why they're not charging at all okay what we see under these plates is gonna tell us how easy the thickets fix it's gonna be let's hope there's no liquid damage okay no liquid damage on this one so far that I see and let's check the other one and no liquid damage on this one okay this is great news let me zoom in on the fuse and we'll test it and see what it looks like now before we test this in my last Nintendo switch video I said that oels stick stood for overload I'm not sure why I said that sometimes my mind just gets busy thinking about it the cameras in focus and if you can if everything's in frame and stuff like that and I say things that I don't mean to this stands for open-loop it also means that there is basically means there's no connection no continuity so when these are touched together that means there is continuity there's electricity flowing through each of these leads when I make a connection like that oh well means that there is no connection there so let's check this fuse so I'm putting one probe on one end of the fuse and the other on the other end okay so there is connection through the fuse the bad news is that the fuse is just fine I'm going to take a look at the charge port again make sure all the pins look good because that could be if the pins are messed up then that could cause a no charge condition now I'm also going to check these capacitors over here to see if any of them are shorted that will help me narrow down if this chip is faulty or if there's another problem so there is no short on this capacitor let's check this one no short there no short on any of those let's try these down here no short there and that guy's good so so far this entire section right here looks fine which it couldn't make it for an interesting repair as I can't think of a time where I've had zero charging zero amps charging through the port and had this fuse be good so I'm gonna have to take a look at this further and see what we can figure out let's check the other one and see if the fuse is good on that one so this is number 10 and here we go let's check the fuse please be bad it would be a super easy fix if it was bad oh it's good okay let's check these and capacitors are fine as well okay so the capacitors are all fine let's check the battery next now I do have a known good battery so I'm gonna unplug this battery plug the known good battery in and then we'll see if it charges and here is the good battery or we're plugging in and we'll just fold it up there like that now watch the charged numbers here and we just get hope there we go and I just see the backlight come on over here okay so let's plug the battery back in now and let's see if maybe I just didn't have the charge port the charge cable plugged in far enough last time here we go okay so it looks like maybe I just didn't have that charge cable plugged in enough let's see yeah here we go so we do see that it is charging - and it's charging at point four that's about right okay so maybe this one is easier than I thought as well let's cross this out and it is charging normally the other thing that I thought is maybe possible is if this battery was really low voltage or something I plugged a known good one in maybe that told the logic on this this motherboard to go ahead and charge this battery possibly I don't really know I know there are a bunch of components on the battery and I know that this motherboard will decide when to charge it or not charge it so that's possible I guess let's take a look at number seven that we just looked at and see if we have the same problem with that one okay and here...
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