Nintendo Switch Parental Controls - Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer

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it's good to play games the parents sometimes wonder is my child playing too much and what kind of games is my child playing that's why Nintendo created an app to help monitor your child's game Pyke intend us which parental controls games are supposed to be fun but sometimes a source of friction Nintendo switched parental controls to the rescue just set an amount of playtime and the system will let your child know when time is up even when they're busy leading the pack and dodging banana peels just keep in mind your parental control settings apply to the system not individual players uh-oh looks like the message didn't quite get through but the parent can see that he's not following the rules there is a function to have the system go into sleep mode when it hits the time limit but it's kind of a last resort you can also set playtime limits for each day of the week so there can be more time on the weekends for example maybe there can be a little something extra for good behavior you'll get a report showing how much time your child spent playing which games so there's no need to peek over any shoulders knowing what kind of games your child likes to play can make it easier for you to talk to them of course you'll still have access to standard parental controls you can set restrictions based on a games age ratings as well as online communication and social media posting until your child is more prepared for online play once you've established the rules of the road you and your child can enjoy gaming together Nintendo switched parental controls
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