50 Cent Speaks On ‘Power’, Wendy Williams, Megan Thee Stallion + More

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50 Cent drops in to talk the sequel to 'Power' called 'Power Book II' and whether he's team Tommy or team Ghost. The rapper also touches on Wendy Williams, his recent drinking habits and the new special woman in his life.

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50 Cent Speaks On ‘Power’, Wendy Williams, Megan Thee Stallion + More

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breakfast one morning border we are the breakfast club we got a special guest in the building yeah man happy to be in - he said the legendary 50-cent man waited for you to come because powers back on I know you directed an episode last night and we got to see that which was great everywhere else they bossed me around a little bit one night on the remix because it was six years but there was time to freshen it up and it was like nah ain't really bad it just shocked us it wasn't much of a surprise I was making it now trey songz ago a boogie you know I'm sanding it and then they want the old version back because it felt like it was a little more joe was classic though you give it a classic fish tray how did you call train Blair Jamie you're not using it I just came in the studio the to get him to do it can you studio I was like yo we do a remix like I'm all wrong like redo the song he's like did what like he really was like why you want to do that and I was like nah but listen to the joint when I played it for him I already a boogie already did his part I had already laid you know it's just like a filler the old course was playing in the filler spot and he was like okay yeah cuz it just felt good right hey you know and then but I got him to do it and then when he did he's like I told you I got a text right away I told your ass I told you that to do that right that's why I kept saying that like every time also he told you he didn't wanna do it he was like why do you wanna do that and then when I played he was like all Cassie what you saying but he didn't want to do that theme song that we're used to from the very people wanted to get in the mix oh the social network because it was like everybody wants me like everybody said me me yeah put mines back boys you'll have your number okay we had no discussion about songs they were like classics from TV shows that we loved growing up and how would you feel if they switch the song yes not too many people have done that except like the Cosby's like the Sanford and Son type of thing like you need that record that if it doesn't play like that then you don't even know the shows coming but because it's gonna continue the continuation like power will power we would say that this is the finale when it ends it starts 48 hours later so it's not like a new introduction of a whole new show probable - there's new characters because Mary is starring it and probable - but there's this it's just a continuation it's the aftermath of everything that you see in the finale No so it's a prequel or aftermath yeah it's coming right after like it's not gonna cuz whenever like when everybody when he's talking about Indonesia shouldn't in it you should intention in the show I'm like it why I got in show I see what you're doing because you're setting Tariq and his little white friend up and in the girl to beat a new Tommy ghost in Tasha it's starting to evolve I see what you are you team Tommy you're team goes right now I've always been team Tom he's been really solid you worried I hold on a sec I'm going on there like it's just it's just I know that Doris is watching it's bigger than just the inner cities so they they pardon things the neighborhood won't pardon like he's calling the cops when he feels like it that way he's gonna by any means yeah and then they understand why Tasha was like more angry than he was cuz she wanted him to be who beyond be thorough yeah then she like moved him into that position even not i dissident can in the jail was Tasha's idea this is why when we actually get back on the street and we start talking we can end up working together again but she's still angry now what about first of all I want to say tycoon weekend explain what cycle week in it and what it is cuz I don't even know what it is but it's just like I very windy winds can get into when you kick it she got it we got to talk first you can't just come to my party man that tacos I'm aunt started it ladies man he we did it in Atlanta Atlanta like a concert piece and then we went with afterwards we was all a compound in the following day it was a pool party right I say yo we need to move that to New York and then I went through the Hamptons they kept they had limited amounts of people that you could have on all those facilities on his property because that residential and then I went to it's like a spa Jersey oh yeah I've been over there the big joint what's it called then I wanted to buy the place they call me I said that's not a good idea everybody knows what that is yeah but that's what I wanted to get everybody's good show up I know it's a location anybody comfortable going to well everybody will be there you know and then they was acting funny I was gonna buy the admission for each person right you know say like make it a corporate event when they start like the funny they wanted to do it I was like I will forget them and then we was looking for a new location to do it and then barkow had the second side with the pool is perfectly in Jersey and then we took it out there so school for to get 3,000 people into an event have a party and have everybody go home without problem situations well there are people who couldn't get in there like Wendy how does security know not to let Wendy in do you have a list like okay this person is present if you know you gave you see the cameras can't get in there was taping and doing the lighting but she didn't yeah yes you got into the doors who should get snoots to lobby to see snoop and stuff like that and feeling good like I told you this was the first time and I called FIF and I was like I never see a party with so many artists so many celebrities and the celebrities were running around and was it like they were stuck in the center you fuck the section yeah no such as such is here that you gotta do they don't tell you you don't see him right yeah that now he's running around my brows brain people in the face with water guns like it was people have fun yeah everybody loved I was like this the first time I seen is in at least 15 years did you get sprayed at me in the face trey songz Wow so definitely yeah we had a ball I got you and that came from what happened in Atlanta who because we was out there was just running around and then I seen little videos was making it a hotel playing with training and different people around so it's like it's just the energy was just he was not invited this time to which a strip club I did look out there and we brought so much money to throw it and it was not issue for you to go in your pocket so everybody just have a good time that works out as long as you throw the money to just for what we intended yeah this is the entertainment budget we bought this to entertain the room and everybody has a good time because as well as things with the girls don't feel pressured this is not desperation twerk right this is what's working because we're having a great time you know he's just trying to change that vibe and then when you see him go home and a snap like you're somebody better come get this somebody pocketed the money discussion about something completely unrelated to this and Sean I'm Anna Envy both would pocket the money to with you that was my money dough I could leave with my money give me some money you decide this is not entertaining enough for me I feel like I'm already entertained myself but if there's a corporate budget or entertainment but you're already for the women in your pocket there no Charlotte me I don't even believe that you do it thank you bring somebody you know out to dinner and they want to take a box doggy box like and you know this is like this is like a buffet but you want a doggy box at the buffet yeah yeah someplace you're not supposed to do that right now it will use on probation he can come to the next one when we announce the next location but he definitely couldn't come to New York a lot of people don't know and I was talking to Renee about this that you always looked at as the villain I understand the bad guy you claimed that years ago a lot of people out you learned a lot of people money you support a lot of people money from 1500 1593 come hard on the ground no you left out a lot of money to regular people to artists to athletes to DJs - is it lending or giving well it's Linda if it's like with business stuff around it mm-hm you know saying you expect returns on whatever you put in but like a lot of times if they my instincts are to do it like I think to be honest with you I view money is freedom it's the freedom to invest in myself for whatever my ideas at the time and they'll come we'll have a conversation and it just feels like something to do you know so you see even when we talk about like like television or different things I'm like cuz it's just I see the qualities that people have that don't have that points that stands out to me i watch them and then I'm like you don't want to work with that this cuz it's different it's what I don't have at points you know say other people they look at it and if they see if they haven't felt it enough for themselves they can't help other people be what they need be you know so they like it's like a selfish nature of people if they haven't felt that comfortable had confirmation I felt those feelings for themselves you know and I'm what the things they can't see in you too though yeah like it's just it's another one is when we couldn't make what I have mmm it may be the other person has it I'm like yo it's different it like when your book come on I'm I got the book looking at Re...
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