I Survived On $0.01 For 3 Days - Episode 3

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oh my gosh here I have to give you this cutting if you guys like to buy some mints Thanks nice and gum come on yeah Gabe hang on have you looked at the comments the food-truck can wait this is this is important this is a big deal this people are calling us liars they're saying we cheated on the challenge OD pizza said I survived off of a penny for three days drives car around change his clothes use his phone we didn't think about that Gabe everyone is upsetting me I'm not I'm not a bad person right Ryan Honest Abe also Ryan we're doing an entrepreneurship class I I did say that tonight I said that and I said I was gonna be like on a stamp Abrams where is he oh my god no wonder it mmm Austin says rule number three I can't lie to the first person he trades with I'm doing an entrepreneurship class oh my god just got Ally to make it but the rule is be honest time to delete your YouTube channel oh my god Andy called me buddy I hate when people call me buddy there this is bad this is bad this is bad am ia lot and my a liar no rule number three I must be honest proceeds to tell everyone it's for his entrepreneurship oh I did it because I was uncomfortable I didn't want to tell him hey were filming YouTube video I don't wanna go on a five-minute monologue explaining to this guy why he should buy this pen for me why you had to bring it up what I gotta bring it all up man I'm getting enough flak in this comment section cancel the food truck cancel the food truck here cancel it rule number 3 equals be honest I'm sure I'm trying to think right now if I actually broke the rule it you know what a B stands for always be honest maybe right I think they're right are we liars am i a liar on the video the penny challenge that we filmed do you think I like I mean you did kind of tell that guy that it was for an entrepreneurial class was I was I supposed to say just tell the truth and be honest and literally those girls came up to us and like freaked out because they knew who you were and then you told them to pretend like you hadn't previously talked to them okay but like that's not like lying because like if you I didn't I didn't lie to them it's not like I'm it's not like I'm telling everyone that they're not subscribers and then I didn't ask them to buy I mean if you really think about it this whole conversation we've been having is a complete lie Dave told me every single word to say shut that off oh my god oh my god Haley do you think I'm a liar now that that's done I just use my credit card to fill up the gas can you even use cat on these things is it I'm not going inside it's not part of the challenge am i bad person the challenge is practically over dude at this point I'm just making these right and I want more money to make things right I'm gonna miss this fat wad of cash he look so disappointed in me I'm not a bad person okay after oh my god someone's at 34 dollars it would have been all of my money not really $34 and 34 cents on gas the money counter didn't go down either that's crazy I can't believe how that worked I could have just been doing that all the time let's go to Target and get some gifts we've arrived to charge a I never thought I would be ending this challenge by getting people gifts especially big guy who says wait did he buy the bitters he bought the pen from us we're getting him a gift this is the exit only never understood that so just to be clear the reason I'm like getting in this gift is to say sorry for yeah well for lying to him because I told them it was for an entrepreneurship class or it's not for that I'm just trying to make things right what should we get him dude a beach ball no he's like 50 maybe get him a card he's gonna think this is so funny okay be honest what should I get him you guys are no help well he's a financial manager so I was thinking like maybe a calculator but like it probably has one no for sure thanks a lot or nothing Congrats I believe in you any time any reason sympathy there's one that just says I'm sorry sorry for your loss saying I'm sorry will never be enough and while I might not have the words so we'll always be a shoulder you can lean on I'm here if you need me you know should we just get candy I feel like people would like that a lot more this is gonna be pretty fun actually skittles Mike and Ike quick hashtag making things right this is the best Redemption story the world has ever seen I'm honestly on top of the world right now look at it look at me I'm sorry we'll never be enough and my shirt is filled with candy oh good oh geez I hope this doesn't come across as creepy like pulling up this guy's house again yeah it seemed like we had a pretty wholesome interaction so we're back in the neighborhood where it all started hi how's it going long story but we're doing an asura project the man the myth the legend who bought our pin for a dollar is about to get a very wholesome gift he bought the pin for us for a dollar and that allowed us to pretty much complete this entire challenge so I mean do we have any other use for all this money I'm just gonna count a real quick so we have 9 10 11 12 13 14 imma give him ten which is a thousand percent I'm gonna ask him to tell me what the mark-up from $1 to $10 is and if he gets it correct then I have a surprise for him sorry for lying thanks for believing in me well maybe you don't either way thx mm do this thing I'm back I I just need to say sorry I got a complaint so I told you we were doing an entrepreneur project which is total I totally I actually do YouTube but you actually helped me go from $1 to over $50 so I wanted to give you a return on your investment I have a sorry card what is the mark-up from $1 to $10 then I'll give you this yeah I'm gonna take your word for it because I don't know you can take the card at least thanks so much appreciate it take care he's a good sport wait what's what's that vanos line we get to watch the sunset on a grateful universe we have returned back to rainy street ladies and gentlemen you're the best our old stomping grounds I don't know how much candy we have here but I do know that we're gonna give it away to some drunk people this should be an entertaining next minute or two also I'm a little nervous I hope I don't get attacked I feel like drunk people love candy my stomach showing right now a little bit fantastic it's like no one here yeah was this where we were last time oh my gosh hey does anybody want some candy Ferg Andy I feel like it's very kind of awkward and like the one thing that people tell you not to trust except I'm a young guy hey guys I'm giving away candy because I did a bad thing yeah go for the skittles go oh it's not a prank or anything i living my supposed gang or what I mean you can if you're affiliated but I'm not yeah you guys want candy yeah I wouldn't trust it I wouldn't get candy for me god why am I doing this this is so awkward maybe what if I just made a trail of it that's even sketchy or if you just find a bunch of candy leading to something you guys want some candy I know it's so weird I'm sorry it's so weird oh geez no one's even drunk dude hey man what up trying to give out candy right now but it's so weird because like I didn't think about the fact that like hey do you want some candy is weird well be one more walk back and then maybe we'll just give it away Joker or something hey guys I'm giving away candy if you guys once yeah there's on some candy sorry I don't even I think I'm just gonna give it to like a vendor or something gonna be like hey if you want to like give some free stuff out I wouldn't trust me is the thing in fact I don't think I do trust me I can't get myself to do it anymore I can't ask any money I tried my best you have to be kidding me are you seeing this you're telling me I came here trying to sell lemonade in the heat when there was no one here i man hey name your price there's literally no one out here and now that I'm gonna pour this on my face the entire city of Austin is here right now no no way dude it's a Tuesday oh my gosh honestly what better conclusion to this entire series and to come out to the very place where I felt the most pain holding the very thing that made us the most money looking at the very things that provides the earth life I don't know I was just trying to have this like epic monologue but the sun's setting and there's a lot of people here it'll been so much better if we were here like now with that lemonade stand oh my god seems so heavy guys oh you know how sticky it's gonna be right what did I learn from this series Fame it's gonna kind of reflect a little bit you know I think I learned pennies a single cent it can go a long way just the other day we were out in the h-e-b parking lot trying to build up the courage to talk to people and then we got a pin from that nice lady and then the dollar from the financial manager I think what I've learned today is that pennies I don't know if I've learned anything I'm really trying to think here there's got to be some sort of nugget of wisdom I can share with this audience right now tell the truth you know it goes a long way it really does and you can sleep better at night you won't have to suffer later if you tell the truth now a penny saved is a penny earned that's a fact dude yesterday when we owned to sell lemonade we spent about 50 bucks on the lemonade right six hours of labor later we had like fifty dollars well I guess we had fifty dollars and then some stuff valueless stuff I feel like I want to mi...
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