My First Attempt at Singing Professionally (Help)

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twinkle twinkle little star how I watch you alright guys welcome back to my channel today's gonna be a really fun video because I'm going to see a vocal teacher you are a singer baby you have a gift girls it's like Altos and Sopranos for men it's ace antennas like so what so this vocal teacher she's very special because she's from the voice oh she she's all of what she's filming for the voice right now I'm gonna kind of crunch down all the classes that she gets gonna compress it down to one we're gonna do warm-ups and then we're gonna sing the national anthem and that I just hope that you'll be really good with lessons like you're already good what can we set up buzzers I think chair I think it was a tweet it was like what if the voice the chairs were turned toward them and then when they did like they returned around where you guys ever in the choir you know like when you're in like middle school yeah make all the kids do it and it just sounds good can't remember music plus yeah I think I was gonna mute I wasn't I was in lame as a Rob how to succeed in business Oklahoma ok we're here in the studio we have a lovely audience Carly and Aaron who's gonna be just kind of their support you have my lovely assistant Matthew psoriasis and we have a lovely lovely sorry I can't speak lovely Tamera from The Voice correct she actually cancelled the entire season of The Voice because she heard that seems to be coming to me today do you want to introduce yourself I'm Tamera having a voice coach for a long time and I love working people to help them bring out their magic and as they work with people to do the ability to get there and that's what Mimi you see I do you have a voice what we're gonna do is try to find have you heard boom number two and mommy tarts for three days you can sing you need to go to a vocal coach just to see what they would say no I'm gonna take this seriously like I actually I want to see if I can say what you know my number two how many charts hit people really enjoyed that song I think so I want to see if I can release another song you know I really want to release something else and I this time I don't want to put so much auto-tune what song I forget the words I'll sing the national anthem I know right Oh looking at the arena oh say can you see by the dawn's early light it's okay but that note there we don't want to use our abs so we don't want to go bye-bye the dawn bye-bye we're just going to make a sound like that Wow thank you so much singing a song on the radio I can get to their level of soon as you hear Ariana I just like comes out yeah I think I could sing ariana grande's on this that has to have to sing it with Oh baby you and I you and I you and I baby you and I yeah that sounds a lot better everybody a whole bunch of tension in it so we're gonna do a Lady gaga singing national anthem youtuber hijazi by the twilight's last gleaming I feel more flexible in them I feel like my voice is clear when David asked to come over because he wants your reaction for something now take everything you've learned and give it all you've got you ready not yep twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are thing just goes on tauron sings from nursery rhyme like a diamond in the sky twinkle twinkle little star how I what you are get the girls to do some background vocals oh yeah let's do that though I wonder what you are my good time in Chile good job yeah we're gonna see if that works ladies and gentlemen twinkle twinkle little star like do you feel like you've been proved like do you can't you have a better understanding at least ya have a better understanding I feel like I'm able to hit my notes better yeah I think you have like a much better sense of your range and like how your voice should sound so maybe I can be on the next season of The Voice that's amazing
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